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Righteous Indignation Division (EaW) Newsletter 2/18/06

By FA Danny "David Lee Japan" Qatar
Unit: Redemption Fleet
Wing NL, Feb 18, 2006
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Well folks, the time has come and this game has hit the shelves. I sucked it up and found the Collector's Edition at Best Buy for ten dollars off (well, you get a ten dollar gift card). I'm playing around with the single player campaign right now, didn't get a chance to try the MP yet, looking to give that a shot tonight. If you see me on IRC or Xfire, I'll be down for a few rounds or skirmishes.

So here's the agenda:

1) The games is out, go get it if you plan on being a part of this unit. I'm not one to keep folks on rosters that join things and never get the game for them.

2) There is already a patch out there that you can grab via our site, at Actually, there's a 1.01 patch that fixes a few things and a 1.02 patch that they released shortly after that fixed a MP issue. I had the 1.01 patch installed before I fired up the game, but I'm fairly sure the game detects for new patches and gives you the option to install, cause it did that for me with 1.02. So there's probably no need to really search.

3) But check the site anyway:
Giz did a wonderful job, and he's keeping it up to date with news. Also, check out the RS wiki at: It has about as much Empire at War information as you could ever possibly need, including stuff on the various mods that are being worked on out there. This game is seriously mod-able, so get ready for a lot of em. There's a NJO mod being worked on out there that I'm pretty pumped about. Feel free to add to the wiki or suggest an addition if you see anything missing. The guy who did the EaW part is completely insane and has a lot of free time on his hands right now.

4) The game comes with a free installation of Xfire. I'd SERIOUSLY recommend using it, as it'll probably be the way we find one another and play against each other.

5) When I hear that more of you have the game, I'm going to push forward with a week long Inter-task force competition, details will come soon, but it'll tide us over until some of the major ladders get geared up. Also, do tell me if you spot any venues where you'd like to see the RS compete with EaW.

6) Keep hitting the boards and recruiting, I'd like to fill our our two task forces with some new blood.

7) So what do I think so far? I dig it. I like how you have a large pool of reserves, but have to commit a fairly small number to the initial attack. It keeps you watching over your units and protecting them, instead of just carelessly throwing them away (although tie mauler suicide runs are a blast, literally). Heroes aren't as overpowered as they seemed in the demo, they kick ass, but I've nearly lost one or two on occasion when I overestimated their power. Managing the galactic map is seriously stressful (in a good way) as I try to manage my main fleet, keep them supplied, figure out what planets to best put down certain things, and figure out how best to garrison and defend their space while my war fleet moves. Bringing your assault force to bare is a really fun feeling, but you're always worried that maybe you've stretched your lines to far and left something undefended. Everything seems a bit finer tuned than in the demo as well. If you just try and rush things and don't move strategically or tactically, you'll die. Things constantly change as well, since units have such big strengths and weaknesses. I'll advance with ATSTs on infantry and hover tanks, but then get bogged down by Plex Solider and need to move my infantry in (Heh, Imperial Campaign, oops... :-P ). So yeah, I'm enjoying the game. They captured the spirit of each side fairly well too and the way they fight.

8) So to sum it up: Get the game, get the patches, check your RS resources, keep your eyes open for any ladders/matches, get Xfire going, keep recruiting, and well, tell us all your experiences with the game on the RS boards.

Good Luck Troops!

MGN Cody "Danny ""David Lee Japan"" Qatar" Qel-Droma
Righteous Indignation Division
THE Rebel Squadrons


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