Rebel Squadrons

RgF NL - 05/03/06

By ADM David "Heavy" Pasiechnyk
Unit: Renegade Fleet
Fleet NL, Mar 05, 2006
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RgF NL – March 5, 2006

Walking towards the debriefing room I was going over everything that would be awarded and covered tonight. There were a number of pilots receiving medals and a couple who were getting promotions. The fleet for the most part had achieved my expectations and made me proud. There were a couple squads that didn’t make much of a show but still had some presence this mission, and that’s what I was looking for from them.

I had now come to the upper entrance to the briefing room, the one that led to the CS podium. I looked in and saw all of the pilots sitting and waiting. Rekio and Rahvin were sitting in there chairs just behind the podium. I adjusted the box in my hands, stood proper, and entered the room.


Hello pilots. That’s all the In Character I’ve got for today, my mind isn’t functioning quite as efficient as usual due to a cold. Also, my apologies for not getting this done till late in the evening. I’m happy to say that I’ve got a pile of awards to hand out and a couple of promotions, as well as a few announcements to make. So, to cut the length of this down to something readable, I’ll get right to the fun stuff.

February Week of War

This past month we had four pilots fly in the WoW and bring the club to a fourth position. This may not be a large accomplishment but it is still something worth noting for our pilots.

Those that flew in the WoW are:
2LT DaLe
2LT Jelf Boom
FC Spokes
COL David (myself)

This was Lt. DaLe’s first WoW with the RS and he put a very large score for his first time round. DaLe flew a total of 37 games, 7 of which he was on the winning side. For his first time, this is quite an accomplishment of will to fly this many games. For his effort, I am pleased to award you the Violet Cluster. Congratulations Lt. DaLe!

Lt. Jelf has flown with us in the past couple WoWs and has shown increasing skill and determination to fly continuously. Jelf flew a total of 45 games, 8 of which he got the W. Such determination in the face of such loss is a great achievement. For this, I am pleased to award you the Violet Cluster. Congratulations Lt. Jelf!

Spokes and I flew 10 and 8 missions each. I didn’t have much luck with my games however Spokes won 6 of his.

ITOD Bonus Mission

This past month had a decent turnout for the TOD mission with a total of 23 pilots submitting a report. This means we had a 52% turnout which is decent, but could be better. I hope to see a few more of you submit a report for the next mission.

As many of know, I had sent out individual squadron goals a week ago for you to accomplish. From these goals, two squadrons were able to accomplish their goal: Red Dragon Squadron and Dragon Squadron. (Whoa, that’s weird. Two Dragons.) Although the other squadrons didn’t achieve their goals they did make a decent showing.

RDS’s goal was to have a participation of 90%, and the squadron’s CO had an extra goal to try and get his squadron up to full participation. The squad was able to reach their 90% goal. For this, each of the reporting members will be receiving the Unit Commendation Award. Congratulations to all of you!

Dragon Squad’s goal was to have four reports (up from 1, and not including myself). By the luck of a last minute report from 1LT Juval Tiesler, they were able to achieve this goal. So, to the four of you, I award the Unit Commendation Award. Congratulations!

Now on to the main medals for the mission. Once again, CPT Carlos has come out with another large score to take Top Gun. Excellent work Carlos, you can sure get those high scores.

Top Wing goes to Guardian Wing. The wing had a total of 16 reports. Good job Guardian wing!

Top Squad shouldn’t come as a surprise to all of you seeing as you have already been let know that they had 90% participation on the mission. They had 9 of ten pilots report to bring in a total score of 217,940. Excellent work pilots!

For the ITOD mission we had a number of mission narratives, each unique and good in their own ways. However, one narrative really stuck out in my mind as an attention grabber and very well written. This narrative was written by 1LT Jair Karredo. Excellent writing there Jair!


This month we have two pilots up for promotion. First off is a promotion for CPT Asen, as recommended by MGN Phil Darkfire. Asen has proven himself a great asset to the fleet by his continued fleet activities. CPT Asen, I hereby promote you to the rank of Major. Congratulations!

Next up for promotion is 2LT John Rayovac. He has put considerable time and effort into this past month’s mission as well as helped to try and recruit a new member to the fleet. For your devotion to this fleet, I hereby promote you to the rank of 1LT. Congratulations!


The next mission, RgF 4.07, is in the final stages of testing and should be released either tomorrow or Tuesday. This will be the last mission we receive from Cable, and then we shall be having a new team working on missions headed by LCM Rahvin. On behalf of the entire fleet, we would like to thank you, Cable, for the time and effort that you have put into making the missions that we love to fly.

The March WoW will be starting up on Friday, the 17th of March. I hope to see a few more of you out this month so that we can put more of a punch into our presence.

Well, I guess that’s still a fair amount to be put down and said. Not too sure how to get around it though. But, I’m sure you’ve got a few better things to do other than read extensive NL’s, so I’ll now let you go. When the new mission gets sent out I’ll send a notice for you folk.

Now, to the drinks! All booze on RDS! ;)


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