Rebel Squadrons

Empire at War Battle Royale (Open to All)

By FA Danny "David Lee Japan" Qatar
Unit: The Rebel Squadrons
General Announcement, Mar 07, 2006
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Battle Royale!!!!

This is open to everyone that has EaW:

a) Every man for himself: There are no sides, it’s completely individual
b) To encourage play, you get 1 point for playing and .5 for winning (for 1.5 a match max)
c) No points for ties
d) You have until 12:00 AM Tues March 14th (Monday Night)
e)                   You can still do 2on2, 3on3, 4on4, but the points stay the same (each person gets point, .5 to winning side)
f)                   Report results to me via IRC, Xfire (codyman), or mail ( and include as much information as possible. If possible, have both sides report, but as long as I get the loser to tell me the reults, I'll take it.

So get to it folks! Every man for himself!

LGN Cody Qel-Droma
RID CO/Vanguard XO
THE Rebel Squadron


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