Rebel Squadrons

Intrepid Battle Group NL March 06

By GEN Anton "Ups" Nels
Unit: Intrepid Battle Group
Fleet NL, Mar 08, 2006
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1.Itod 6.01

Well after some hard work done by Chris the 1st mission for tour 6 is complete and should be out by tonight or tommorow, i do encouarge everybody to preticapate in this event as this is a very well made mission,also squadron CO's i expect some proding and pushing on your behalf to get your men flying.

2.Bonus Mission (The Ladder)

Well the bonus mission The Ladder is over and of all our pilots only 11 reported thats not very many pilots, but i am sure we will have a much bigger showing four next offical tour mission:) the standings for The Ladder is as followed

1. LGN Himm El-Syna Dagger 12,892 88
2. LCM shaolin Phalcun 12,802 87
3. COL Tech Krill Dagger 8,323 85
4. BGN Joshua Hawkins Phalcun 7,370
5. LCL Rakiki Phalcun 7,270
6. CPT jelf boom Dagger 7,233
7. 2LT Jarka Porkins Dagger 6,538
8. BGN Chris Horn "Kicks" Dagger 2,757
9. VA Tyrell "Spokes" Borran Dagger 510
10. 1LT Galic Mars Dagger 396
11. COL Anton "Ups" Nels Phalcun 0

Congrats on the top 3 pilots for this mission merits will be updated.


I must say i am very proud of our Pilots that decided to fly WoW this last event we had a very decent showing :) now i can't name thoase you preticpated at the moment but you will be awarded for your good preticapation in this WoW.

4.News Etc

Well due to some stuff mystic our current IO is gone on another journey :P Now mystic will still be the IO but i am looking for a somewhat experianced person to step up and become what i refer to as a IO XO so when mystic is gone we can have some still help maintain the site so to speak, if you are intrestead email me why you would like this postion and what your experiance's are.

another thing to remention is that the ITOD team has a lot of opening on the roster if you are experianced or have some knowledge with ALLIED send me a email as well with your prefences...etc.


Well that is all i can think of at the moment more will be sure to come in due time i would like to say i look forward to this upcoming new tour and i hope to see a lot of old and new faces flying this tour.
Remember its still ok to report a zero if you have to but still give the mission a try.

That is all for now pilots you are dissmissed.

IBG CO Anton "Ups" Nels


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