Rebel Squadrons

RgF Mid-Month Notice

By ADM David "Heavy" Pasiechnyk
Unit: Renegade Fleet
Basic Announcement, Mar 15, 2006
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Hello there RgFers. I hope you are enjoying the current mission built by the one and only Cable. And if you are looking for something else to fill your XvT desires, then I have something for you.

Starting this Friday is the monthly XvT Week of War (WoW). We have a number of regular pilots looking to have some multiplayer fun with all of you so it would be nice to see some more faces out to fly with us. Last month we had some decent results for the club and this could very easily be improved with a few more pilots. I hope to see you out there shooting up some other teams! If you need information on how to get involved, check out

Recently a squadron CO has stepped down opening up a command spot for an aspiring young commander. If you are interested in commanding a squad and think that you have what it takes to run a squad, then I would like you to apply for the position of Ragnarok Squadron CO. And squadron CO's, if you have an XO that you feel has learned all that can be learned from you and is biting at the reins for their own command spot, then send in your suggestion for the new RnK CO. When applying, please email me directly, and CC Rekio as well. I hope to have this position filled by the end of the current mission so please send in your requests by the 24th of March. This will give you a little over a week to apply.

As a side note to the RnK CO position, if you have just recently joined the fleet or have been around for a while but don't have any command experience and are interested in learning the command ropes, there are a few squadrons without XOs. Anyone interested please email the squadron's CO and CC myself as well so that I know what is happening.

So far this is all I have to let you guys know about. Anything else and I will send it out to you. Happy flying!



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