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Righteous Indignation Newsletter 3/19/06

By FA Danny "David Lee Japan" Qatar
Unit: Redemption Fleet
Wing NL, Mar 19, 2006
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Rebel Squadrons: Righteous Indignation Division Newsletter 3/19/06

1) Merit System: Proposed by Anton, I’m going to get it rolling, so here we go:

Righteous Indignation Division Merit Structure

(RID-Trainee)- Minimum Merit Points:0
(RID-Cadet)- Minimum Merit Points:15
(RID-Pilot)- Minimum Merit Points:30
(RID-Vetran)- Minimum Merit Points:41
(RID-Ace)- Minimum Merit Points:51
(RID-Expert)- Minimum Merit Points:66
(RID-Hero)- Minimum Merit Points:80
(RID-Master)- Minimum Merit Points:110
(RID-Legend)- Minimum Merit Points:140

By totaling the matches you’ve all played in RID competitions (along with anything else I’ve given merit out for)

Raven: 15 (You may now use RID-Cadet in your sig)
Giz: 11
Eric: 8
Karredo: 8
Blastfire: 5
Kyle: 4
Jinx: 4
Feak: 2
Tracken: 1
Cody: 1
Barnes: 1

This week’s competition is King of the Hill. Through your valiant efforts, Raven, you’ve become a marked man. 3 merit points to anyone who beats Raven from now till the end of Saturday. He is still completely undefeated in RID. You can only get the points once, but anyone who beats him will get the 3 merit points between now and next Sunday. Hunt him down, he’s on IRC. And Raven, should you find yourself in constant war all week, maybe I’ll be nice and give you a purple heart or something. :-P

2) The Battle Royale has ended. I’m currently looking for a good ladder/tourney we can get involved in. I wanted to have a competition with some of the Imperial groups out there, but the ones I’ve talked to haven’t seemed to get off the ground very quickly with EaW. So here we go…I’m still searching via my own methods, but I’d like some of you to dig in as well and find some good leaders for some good tourneys we can do as a team. If you can find some for me that we can get in on, it’s worth 3 merit points to you.

3) Battle Royale Results:

Raven: 9
Giz: 7
Eric: 5.5
Kyle: 4
Sconn: 3.5
Cody: 1.5
Tracken: 1.5
Karredo: 1

EaW Battle Royale: 1st Raven (9) , 2nd Giz (7 ), 3rd Eric (5.5)

It went well, although people kind of died down a bit later in the week. There are a few folks that were still working out some MP bugs (hopefully the next patch will fix all of us). I also played a few matches with yall where we tackled some hard computer opponents, which was pretty fun.

3) I’ll be cleaning up the roster a bit, so if your designation changes, don’t worry. I’ll be getting rid of the folks who committed to the game long before its release that I haven’t heard from since. Those of you who are new additions that haven’t been to active, you get a pass, but I have my eye on you.

4) Still working out the idea of the ITOD, but the whole idea is nearly ironed out. If I have some extra time tonight I might be able to squash my final questions/problems with it and get it out to yall tonight or tomorrow.

5) Remember to look at our message boards where folks are posting their in-game MP names and their Xfire names (highly recommended to install this if you can, it actually comes with the game). The boards are at:

Please get on the boards and post your info ASAP. Using the game and Xfire to arrange matches with your fellow RSers is the best way to go outside of the ingame Buddy List.

6) You can also log on to IRC. Our chat channel for the whole RS is where a lot of the matches are currently being set up. Our channel is on the undernet at #RS_BAR_AND_GRILL

7) Mods: The spotlight is on:

Our own Wes Belden is working on this one, as you can see from his awesome Naboo Fighters on the main page. Check it out, it looks really promising.

<< Imperial Assault II: Rise of the Empire is a Clone Wars modification for Petroglyph's "Empire at War". It will add the Galactic Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems allowing players to experience both "The Rebellion" era as well as "The Rise of the Empire" era..>>

8) Also, if you’d like any general info on EaW, including tips and tactics, total conversions, mods, editing tools, or pretty much anything RS related beyond EaW, just check out the RS Wiki in general. It also has info on most anything I’ve mentioned here, including Xfire and IRC. Feel free to add to it, should you want to. Many of our Rsers have put up their bios there, or gotten into updating the sections they like the best.

9) Our main website is at: Wes is constantly updating the news, so be sure to check it often. (Giz, update with the Battle Royale info when you get the chance). The clubwide site is

10) Task Force Usagi welcomes news cadets under the command of Sconn. I’d like to welcome three new members aboard, CDT Calo Tyrnith, CDT Braigr Watel, and CDT Broca Tarven. Drinks are on them if you see them around.

Ninjin and Chisha welcome Super and Abi, longtime members of the RS, who are now setting their sites on Empire at War. Drinks are on them as well.

LGN Cody Qel-Droma
RID CO/Vanguard XO
THE Rebel Squadron


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