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Vanguard Fleet NL (3/20/06)

By FA Danny "David Lee Japan" Qatar
Unit: Vanguard Fleet
Fleet NL, Mar 20, 2006
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Events: The Saint Patrick’s Day Party was another great success. We had a ton of folks, we all got greened out and silly, and beat up and killed some imperials for not wearing green. Thanks to all of you who made it.

This Week:
Before Friday: The Great Space Race! (Contact Sandarie for info)
Who: 4 people with no more than two from a single faction will make up a team.
When: Sunday, March 26th. Start is approximately 4pm EST.
Deadline: Friday, March 24th

Friday: RID Acquaintance Celebration: Fort Oasis, Mospic High Range, Tatooine (registered on Nav-Map, west of Mos Espa) Begins officially at 7:30 PM EST, Friday of the 24th. They actually canceled their March 17th event so that people wouldn’t be torn between my party and theirs, so I own them one, stop by, it’s for everyone.

All of March: March Madness Tourney: xTekx is throwing together a massive pilot tourney for up to 64 of us to duke it out. He’s only up to about 30, I’d like to see more of the RS get involved. So contact him and throw yourself into the mix by March 30th.
Wednesday 22nd March 7:00PM EST: Convergence Event, continuing our current server plotlines.
Saturday 25th March 6:30 EST: Convergence Event, continuing the current server plot

RIOT owned SHC and we’re all back now in the RS. It was a nice little tune-up for us all, as some of us hadn’t really PvPed groundside in a while. We’re getting out there and shaking things up again. SHC didn’t really stand a chance, but we’re seeing a lot of Imperial squads out hunting these days. Mos Eisley always has something going and we’re back on the scene hunting near nightly. No scheduled events at this time, the RIOT war disrupted regular things for a bit, but I’m sure Nik will get us back on track with another scheduled night and time for patrols again.

New Horizon Designs: As always, we have the best and most dedicated crafters around. Josh has now taken to server transferring to find the best parts possible for all our ships and needs. The man is truly insane. All you NHD people pretty much help this guild going full steam. Good job all.

Overall: We’re still always running the various Kash/Mustafar/space missions that anyone needs. If you need any help, always be sure to ask on guildchat or contact Halyn, Adumar, Cody, Leaph, Jo’shua, Nikoial, Izossk…god, the list goes on.

The Basics (everyone needs to know, so PLEASE READ and CHECK OUT):

TeamSpeak Info: (Highly Recommended)

Password: rspaa

Our SWG forums are located at

Our club wide site is      

We play all the major Star Wars games out there, so if you're interesting in playing anything from Xwing (Monthly new custom missions) to the newer stuff (BF II), check it out. We also have a myspace site at

Also, to thump my own chest, I'm currently forming the RS's Empire at War section. If you're interested, do drop me a line. Here's the site:

We have an irc chat channel for both the RS and Vanguard Fleet (as we're known to the main body RS). It's on the undernet at

#RS_BAR_AND_GRILL and #Vanguard

And Finally, the Rebel Squadrons now has an wiki to help catalogue information on the various games we play. It’s pretty easy to edit and play with. You can also add your profile to it if you wish:

The wiki has all the info you need to get IRC, TS, Xfire, or anything else you need up and running that the RS might be using.

MGN Cody Qel'Droma
Your Neighborhood XO


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