Rebel Squadrons

IBG NL April 2006

By GEN Anton "Ups" Nels
Unit: Intrepid Battle Group
Fleet NL, Apr 12, 2006
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IBG NL April 2006

1.IBG 6.01
3.IBG 6.02

1. IBG 6.01

Well the 1st mission of tour 6 is over with and we had a total of 16 Pilots reporting
not as many as i had hoped but not bad non the otherless the score's go as following

1.CMDR Shaolin 5,188
2.COL Anton       3,815
3.LGN Himm       3,774
4.1LT Adumar       3,725
5.BGN James D 3,271
6.CPT Kain             3,140
7.VA Spokes            3,110
8.2LT Takina            2,755
9.MAJ Jelf                  1,835
10.COL TonM       1,730
11.BGN JoshH       1,650
12.CPT Galic            1,649
13.BGN Kicks       1,562
14.1LT Lukus            1,350
15.1LT Ciber             1,321
16.LCM RedB                   0

those are the final results medal's will be awarded to the top 3 pilots..etc

sadley there was no Mp matches this last few rounds so no medal's or anythingf

3.IBG 6.02
Well currently 6.02 is still in testing stage but should be done soon! Untill then i encouarge pilots to
fly some MP matche's or review past mission in the flight sim for extra merit points.


all right lets kick to medal's off.

for placing 1st place in 6.01 CMDR Shaolin is herby awared his gold wings his 1st congrats
now followng a old tradition the IBG CO will not accept any of the medal's for the top 3 so
next in line for silver is LGN Himm El-syna congrat's himm
for bronze we BGN James D Nightwolf. congrats as well.
And finally we have Dagger taking home the commanders golden chalice for 54% reporting congrats.

5. News
well not much to report right now everything seems to be picking up and activity is slowly gaining speed
there is a small MP tournament being held by a CDT ryan i do encourage you all to preticipate in it. You can find Info on the forums.
Well that seems to be all for now i do hope to see more actvity within the next few Missions,
with that in mind .....good flying out there pilot's!

IBG CO COL Anton "Ups" Nels.


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