Rebel Squadrons

RgF NL - April 16, 2006

By ADM David "Heavy" Pasiechnyk
Unit: Renegade Fleet
Fleet NL, Apr 17, 2006
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RgF NL – April 17, 2006

Hello there pilots, another month has gone by with another fun mission having come to a close. This month, Scorpion Wing showed a strong participation along with a number of strong pilots bringing the Wing to the top, trouncing Guardian, which might I add has a third squadron. Leading amongst the squadrons was Ragnarok with 75% of the squadron reporting on this mission. Dragon was close behind, short by one report and approx. 12k points.

This month has brought an upset to recent tradition on the scoreboard. Our top pilot for the last 4 missions, CPT Carlos, has been beaten by COL Anton “Ups” Nels. Congratulations Anton on your achievement.

The next mission is in the making by the wonderful Cable. Many thanks go to him for deciding to finish putting together the TOD for us.


This past month’s XvT WoW saw another young member join the ranks to fly for the RS in the monthly competition. 2LT Keldar “Whisper” Wenn has joined in on the multiplayer fun and flew a total of 17 melees in the war..

One of our recent regulars though has certainly brought a lot of gusto to his taking on the other clubs. 1LT Luren “DaLe” Ketan flew a total of 67 missions in the March WoW. This is an astonishing amount of games DaLe; I haven’t the slightest clue as to how you can find the time to play that much. Kudos goes to you.

VA Spokes and MAJ Jelf Boom were also present in the March WoW playing 8 and 27 melees.

Note: The next WoW starts this Friday. I hope to see many of you out to play with us.

Upcoming 1v1 Tourney

As some of you may have already heard from the boards or in a notice from Rekio, there is a new competition that we would like to see all of you come out for. 1LT DaLe has taken on the task of putting together a 1v1 knockout-style tournament. The details of this tournament are being worked out as we speak and will soon be available on the RgF website. There will be new medals and a trophy made for this tournament, so I would like to see all of you come out to compete to be the first ones to be awarded them.

To sign up for the tournament you can email me or DaLe, or you can post a message on the forum post at I hope to see many of you out to compete.

Command Staff Changes

This past month has seen a lot of squadron command changes with people coming and going. Resurrection Squadron has a new squadron XO. 1LT DaLe has stepped up to the plate here to start learning the ropes of command and leadership. In Ragnarok Squadron, LCL Jcmcgoo has returned from absence to lead the squadron to a stronger presence, and seeing as Ragnarok has put forward the best participation this month I would say that Jcmcgoo is making a good start. I would like to suggest that you may find a Squadron XO, I always like to see some younger pilots getting some experience from us older fellows (relatively and metaphorically) speaking. In Dragon Squadron, 1LT Jair Karredo was made XO, but within a couple weeks time MAJ Corut Po’Col informed me that he would not be able to continue service in the RS due to RL and so Jair was then moved up to CO position. Even with these quick transitions, I have no worries that Jair will put his full effort into making Dragon Squadron the best it can be. Jair, I would also like to ask you to consider finding an XO to work with you, it just makes things easier.

An unofficial position has arisen before me. I am in need of someone who has skills in making some fancy looking images. If you have some experience in this area and would like to put it to use, I have a few small requests that involve imaging. Anyone interested please contact me by email.

Roster Changes

Hello there pilots. With this newsletter also come some more changes to the Renegade Fleet Roster. Guardian Wing has been put under the microscope lately by LCL Rekio, and from checking activity records, unfortunately there were many who did not stay up to par with the fleet. As such, these inactive pilots were removed from the roster and the remaining pilots from Twilight were merged in with Dragon Squad. It’s not something I like to see happen, but we can’t keep our numbers bloated with dead weight.

Medals and Promotions

This month has a number of medals to go out to people and a promotion for a deserving person. I’ll start with the ITOD Medals.

COL Anton, congratulations on your success in the recent TOD mission. You are awarded the RgF Top Ace medal for RgF 4.07.

Ragnarok Squadron, congratulations on being the RgF Top Squad for RgF 4.07.

Scorpion Wing, good work in defeating Guardian for the RgF Top Wing medal for 4.07.

WoW Medals

First I would like to call up 1LT Luren “DaLe” Ketan. Your extreme dedication to flying in the monthly WoWs is quite apparent in the number of games you play, your drive to better your skills, and your nagging me to come fly. For this I will award you the Combat Medal for your accomplishments.

To MAJ Jelf Boom, I award the Violet Cluster for playing a full 27 games even though he was constantly beaten down in combat. Congratulations soldier for your determination.

To VA Spokes and 2LT Keldar “Whisper” Wenn, I award the Variance Combat Citation for flying strongly for the Rebel Squadrons in our past WoW.


Recently promoted is the now 1LT Guybrush Threepwood for his constant reporting on TOD missions and participation in RDS.


Well, that was a lot to say, and I won’t hold you any longer. RgF 408 is being tested currently and will be sent out by or before Thursday. Until then, flex your pilot skills and have some fun! And for those of you in the midst of finals, good luck!


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