Rebel Squadrons

PBF 6.12 Narrative &News

By FA Joshua Hawkins
Unit: Patriot Starfighter Group
Fleet NL, Apr 30, 2006
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Josh enters the hangar shortly after transport Reliant docks with its cargo. "What have we got here, Captain?"

"Haven't looked yet, sir; was waiting for you to do the honors," the captain of the Reliant said.

"Chief lets get these containers open and see what our guests tried to steal." With that, the crew chief and some men opened up the containers and were shocked to see what was inside. Once the shock wore off though, huge smiles were painted on their faces. "Sir, I think you might want to see this."

As Josh walks over to the open container, he too smiles. "Great work gentlemen; this will give the BattleKing an unexpected surprise. Give them a look over and make sure they are in good working order. I want these ready ASAP. Oh, and gentlemen, keep this quiet please." With that he salutes everyone and walks off to his office on board the McGrath.


Sitting in his office talking with Eric, Josh goes over some details of the coming battle. "Intel has informed us of the BattleKing's location and situation. It seems they were waiting for us. I didn't think our plan would work, but our new acquisition might be just enough to turn the tide of battle." Josh says as he hands a datapad over to Eric.

Eric takes the datapad and reads the Intel information. "Well, we knew the battle was coming; there was no avoiding it."

"Yeah, I know. It's just I don't want to put us at this big of a risk. Our ranks are thin as it is, and I don't want to loose any good pilots. With any luck we'll be able to keep our cargo for a bit, before the Republic wants them back. Make sure we have a good smoke screen setup for them if they inquire. I'll take the responsibility if they want someone to blame. Still, shouldn't be too long; with any luck, the battle will be over before the Republic finds out. After this we're heading home for some repairs and retrofits. I've also received word that we'll be meeting up with on old fleet. Seems Retribution is coming to us to roost for a while. Guess there's something going on that we'll need their help with. So with that, Max Cal is now the PBF's SO. He should be meeting us at HQ when we arrive. Then we'll transfer everything around and figure out our new OOB"

"Sounds great to me; I think they'll make a fine addition to our ranks....and we could use the strength in numbers since our fleet is growing thin."

"Indeed they will....we have lost too many good pilots...but let us focus on the task at hand. Shall we alert the pilots and give them the good news?"

"Right away, sir!" That said, Eric opens a ship-wide channel and broadcasts a short message. "ALL PILOTS, REPORT TO THE MAIN BRIEFING ROOM ASAP!"

As the pilots come scurrying from their daily grind, Eric and Josh head out and make their way towards the meeting room to go over the battle plan once more.


"Ok, settle down. We have a lot to go over and not much time," Josh says as he hits the lights and the

Seconds later, the image of the BattleKing appears, as well as its escorts. Eric takes the pointer and begins the briefing. "Intel has informed us that the BattleKing is expecting us. They have also brought with them two frigates and two corvettes. Expect fighters from the BattleKing and two frigates. We don't know what kind of fighters they will be, but we expect eyeballs and squints. Your mission, obviously, is to destroy the BattleKing."

"What will we be flying," a voice from the crowd asks.

"Ah, that's the good news. Our last mission with the White Guard saw them toss some containers overboard in an effort to get away from us. Those containers contained four B-Wings," Josh says with a smile.

Once the cheers and conversations calm down, Eric begins again. "That's right, 4 of you will be in B-Wings flying into this mission. FireClaw, you will be on alert should the 4 B-Wings need help, or should the Windstorm get attacked. My advice is to try and take out the frigates, but any help will be appreciated."

"Once more thing pilots," Josh starts. "Try not to get yourself killed. The people in charge of the depot don't know we have these, and I don't want them taken away before we can use them. So please keep this low key. Also, we will have to return them to the depot eventually, so let’s not go and get ourselves killed. Are there any other questions?"

Eric and Josh field any questions that the pilots may have, and then Josh gives a nod. "Alright pilots, you have your orders. Get yourself a few drinks in downtime, and then a good night sleep. We launch at 0800 tomorrow. You are dismissed," The assembled pilots quickly exit the briefing room, and return to their daily lives.


Night shift. Eric sits on the bridge of the McGrath, since he and Josh took shifts; it’s about 0400. He’s wide awake, strangely enough; it must have been all the caf that he drank. The lieutenant that sat at the helm of the ship was beginning to doze off, until his console began to beep. Eric heard this, and looked up. “What is it lieutenant?”

“Sir, I think you should come see this…..”

Eric walked over to the console and looked at the readings. “Bring it onto the view screen.” The lieutenant quickly did as he was told, and Eric couldn’t believe his eyes. It was the BattleKing and its escorts!!

“Lieutenant, how far are they from us?”

“Sir, long range sensors picked them up about 2 minutes ago. They’re about 2000 kilometers from our current position and closing.”

Eric quickly activated the ship-wide alert system, and klaxxons began to buzz very loudly. He then activated the ship’s comm: “ALL HANDS, THIS IS THE COMMANDER. GET TO YOUR SHIPS!!!” As the klaxxons ring out and Eric closes the channel, the pilots aboard the McGrath jump out of their beds and rush to their ships! As all of this is going on, a very sleepy Josh stumbles on to the bridge quickly. Eric snaps up and salutes him. “Sir, it’s the BattleKing…he’s here, and he’s early.” Josh waves off the salute and stifles a yawn instead, and just stares at the view screen, shaking his head. “I hope those pilots are ready for what they are about to face.”



Greetings pilots! Welcome to the end of the tour! Thank you all who stuck with us until the end. According to our new Logistics officer, Major David Vaughan, this shall be a mission for the records. This will be the first PBF tour mission that you will be flying Bwings. It might also be the last, I realized now why no one uses them LOL. Anyway, please make sure that if you're running the DOS version, you have the Bwing update. If you need it, please email me, we can get it to you.

With that, lets get on with the 6.11 news. Top Gun goes to Gavin Phalon! Congrats Gav, and welcome back. The mission report medal was tough to decide this time around, so I'm making it a tie. David Vaughan, and Reb Jackson, congrats on both getting the Mission Report Medal! Sabre wins the Medal of Activity for having 72% reporting.

Fleet activity was at about 46%, which given the bug 6.11 had, and spring break, it's pretty good. So with the Spring break in mind, 6.12 will be due Sunday May 28th, and narrative due the saturday after. I'de like to see you all fly this time around. I know some of you are working on getting every mission is, so here's your chance. For the record, the 2 week historical filler mission does not count for the Dantooine Key medal. So if you didn't fly it, don't worry.

Also, some sad news to report. Red squadron will make it's final run this mission. At the end of the mission the pilots of Red will be moved to another squad, and the squad will be retiring. What that means is, Blue will be
moved into Hope wing to balance the wings out. Valor wing, will be retired at that point as well. I'll be writing up a special section for Red squadron at the end of tour ceremonies. So any pilot past or present who wishes to contribute anything to Red Squad or Valor wing, please feel free to leave me an email.

As you have read in the newsletter, Retribution wing will be joining us here in the PBF. This will give you a whole new dimention of gaming. As it stands now, we'll be releasing two missions a month (With luck at the same time) So you'll have a choice of missions to fly. The missions will be changing and dynamic. You may not always fly from an RS point of view. We'll give you more details at a later time. There is a forum thread in the PBF section should you have any questions.

I'de like to thank Eric Reagan, for helping to write the majority of this newsletter.

Pilots! To your ships!

The current Patriot Battle Fleet mission is:

PBF 6.12

The deadline for the current mission is:

Sunday May 28th 11:59 pm EDT

You can download the current mission at:

Send reports with pilot files attached to:

Plus your own squadron CO and/or squadron egroup.

The rules for flying the mission are:

1) You may run this mission as many times as you like but you MUST get the MISSION COMPLETE message and have a valid *.plt file in order to be eligible for the PBF Medal of victory. In addition, any score not accompanied by a pilot file for verification will NOT be counted by the PBF Command Staff.

2) Run the mission as "defect.xwi" ( this will place it as X-Wing X-Wing TOD 1 Mission 1 ) so that your stats will be recorded in your *.plt file.

3) Make a new pilot file to run the mission. If you fail the mission and wish to run it again make sure to use a new pilot file instead of re-running it with the same pilot. Any pilot file found to be "unclean" will result in the score NOT being counted by the PBF Command Staff.

4) Destroying "Friendly" craft to pad ones stats is strictly prohibited. *.plt files containing "Rebel" craft kills will be considered invalid.

5) You should also include a written report with your score laser/ion shots and hits, missile shots and hits and kill totals in the email.

6) Pilot files will be manually calculated using the Official PBF Standard scoring chart for X-wing. Anyone interested in obtaining a copy of this chart, can email me to do so.

7) No individual scores will be changed after the deadline! If a report is submitted that is never received at the report address given above, it will not be added after the deadline. Neither will the PBF CO accept a late pilot file. The only thing that can be changed afterwards are errors made by the Command Staff.

8) Mail problems including undelivered mail and corrupted *.plt files are not the responsibility of the PBF command staff. If your *.plt file becomes corrupted and you do not include a written accounting, then your score will be counted as "0".

9) If a pilot retires from the PBF at any time during the course of an active mission after having submitted a report, his report will no longer count for his former squadron.

10) If a pilot transfers from one PBF squadron to another (such as attaining a squadron CO position) during the course of an active mission after having submitted a report, his report will now count towards the newfound squadron.

You may ask, "What is required for the reporting.

1) A valid mission file and physical report (same as normal)

2) We know some people can't report in some instances. This will not beheld against squads. If it comes to pass that you could not report for any reason, such as computer issues, you were gone...A properly written narrative will suffice for the flying report. This does not cover, "Oh, I forgot tofly" Or, "I didn't want to fly." These narratives are for the use of people who cannot fly the mission, and need another method of counting a report.

Guidelines for narratives:
The narrative needs to be more then "I got in my ship, launched, flewaround, shot this and this up, went home and drank beers." A qualitywritten narrative (Under the discretion of PBF command staff looking at reports) needs toconsist of some bulk. It can be, however, a report of anything. Sinceby using this method of reporting, you weren't able to fly for whatever reason, the narrative DOES NOT have to be about the mission directly. You could write asubstantial narrative about since your hip was damaged, you stuck back to make repairs to join the second wave. Or, since you couldn't fly, you volunteered to join the rescue shuttle to help an EVA pilot. What you write about is up to you. However, we have command people watching these reports, and they need to be involved, decent reports, or they will not be counted to the squad total.

Also note: If a squad is at say 10 pilots....the 75% rule would apply to 7 pilots minimum...the 12 pilots per squadron will have no effect.The 75% and 100% requirements will be based off of the current squad roster...for those that were curious about that.

-----PBF Information-----

1) IRC---

I'd like to invite all pilots, new and old, to take part in whatever activities they have running in the Rebel Squadron's Bar and Grill, on the Undernet IRC network; #RS_Bar_and_Grill is the name of the channel. The Patriot Battle Fleet has it's own channel as well, #PBF. I spend a lot of time on these channels, and it's a good way to contact me if you have problems. It's also a good way to meet new people and gather information about the RS. Make sure you're connected to an Undernet server, and if you have trouble connecting to the Undernet, visit the Undernet homepage at:

To download an IRC program for Windows PCs, and also learn a lot about how IRC works, visit the homepage of the program mIRC at:

To download an IRC program for macintosh, visit the ircle homepage at:

2) Masters of Combat Tactics---
Do you think you're the best? If so, then ComTac might be for you! ComTac is a set of missions that you can run to increase your ability level and gain fame! You can download the ComTac missions at:

BGN Joshua Hawkins
PBF - Sabre 4
IBG - Phalcun 8


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