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Mini News Letter IBG May 2006

By GEN Anton "Ups" Nels
Unit: Intrepid Battle Group
Fleet NL, May 31, 2006
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Well i will keep this news lettter short so lets get down to bussiness.

1.ITOD 6.02
3.General stuff

1.ITOD 6.02

Well ITOD 6.02 is out and so far only 12 pilots have reported,thats not very many i would really
like to see a lot more reports than that, the IBG has a lot of dedicated pilots that have reported
in the past so lets keep up the activty in this fleet,yes real life can be a hinderance but with like litteraly 4 weeks to fly a pilot should be able to fly and report in that time line. so set a fly date and get to it pilot!


Mp has been pretty quiet lately due to LIC being broken and mystic being AWOL
even with that still fly mp in either ICTE or just for fun and ill make sure you get
accounted for.

3.General stuff

Well to much to chat about Phalcun made thier move and is succesfully part of titan wing
The Logistics office is open and rejumpstarted so if you have any thing you would like to submit to them
or bring up to topic feel free to do so,same goes with the historical office,i do encourage the squad leaders to prepare,collect and submit ibg squad history to the historcial office for record purpose's
same can go with Wing CO's,talks about the IBG/RgF merger are slowly getting back to full swing i will let you know if anything changes or is applied.
Remeber if you want to earn some bonus merits you can always fly the older missions and tours
for extra merit points,Also the ITOD team is in need of new members so if your good at writing story lines for new tours and missions,Or can use the x-wing allaince mission editor ALLIED,also i have made a discion to re-open the Mission making academy for ALLIED if you have intrest in joing notify me or one of the command staff.

well thats all i have for now pilots i will have a full report for june and i hope to see you flying out there for the current and future tours.

May the force be with you.

IBG CO Brigadier General Anton "Ups" Nels


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