Rebel Squadrons

June NL 2006 IBG

By GEN Anton "Ups" Nels
Unit: Intrepid Battle Group
Fleet NL, Jun 12, 2006
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1.ITOD 602

1.ITOD 602

Well ITOD 602 is now over with a total of 14 pilots reporting
now that is a serious loss of reports there and i hope to
see more reports in the future so here's the following standings

1.CMDR Shaolin 9,668
2.MGN Chris Horn 8,355
3.VA Tyrell Spokes 8,015
4.BGN Anton Nels 7,665
5.MAJ David Vaughn 7,138
6.BGN Josh Hawkins 6,538
7.1LT Takina             6,465
8.LGN Hymm El-synna 6,314
9.MAJ Galic Mars       6,078
10.CPT Lukus Harman 5,386
11.BGN Ton Matty      5,365
12.LCL JcMcgoo 4,389
13.MAJ Jelf Bloom 2,443
14.2LT Phelan Kell 1,168

Squad standing are as followed

Dagger squad 43,708
Phalcun squad 29,257
Draco squad      12,022
Wildcard             0
so as you see Dagger squad Places 1st in 602
With Shaolin taking Gold agian 2 away from a PW
Chris takes the silver wings
and our FC spokes takes Bronze
Dagger of course will go away with the commanders golden chalice for
having the most pilots reporting.
ITOD 6.03 should be out soon so keep a eye out for it.


So far no new MP actvity has taken place hopefully that will change soon
remember MP is highly encourged there's always the ICTE and just getting to gether on the
#ibg IRC room anyways lets see some MP out there soon.


CMDR Shaolin for placing 1st place in ITOD 6.02 you are herby awarded the Gold wings
MGN Chris 'Kicks" Horn you are herby awarded the silver wings for 2nd in ITOD 602
VA Tyrell "Spokes" borran for placing third you are herby awarded Bronze wings for 6.02

Pilots of dagger squad for having the highest precentage of pilots reporting you are herby awarded
the commanders golden chalice
and for the few pilots who reported on 602 i have nominated you for a Merit Commendation
MAJ David Vaugh and Maj Galic mars have both been awarded the mission report medal
for the excellent narritives.


Lieutenant Colonel JcMcgoo for your hard work as draco co i herby promote you to Colonel congrats.
1st Lieutenant Takina for your steady flying in draco and tour 6 you are herby promoted to Captian congrats!
Commander shaolin for your hard work as part of the IBG staff i herby promote you to Lieutenant Colonel Congrats.

Well not much to talk about here except i would love to see more reports on the ITOD's
See a few more more MP games out there as well
and remember join up in #IBG to find and chat with many fellow IBG members.
Well as i mentioned before ITOD 603 will be done soon so keep a eye out for it.

May the force be with you .

Brigadier General Anton "Ups" Nels Intrepid Battle Group Commanding Officer.


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