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Commando Division June Newsletter

By FA Super
Unit: Redemption Fleet
Fleet NL, Jun 18, 2006
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Word First by FA Super
Recent Grads
Space Week 3 by FA Super
MMOC BF 3.3 by FA Super
RS Ladder by FA Super
Website and Wiki by FA Super
Commando Division Structure by FA Super
Submissions by FA Super
Resources by FA Super
Graduation Requirements by FA Super

*Word First*

I’m have excited about the level of activity I’m seeing in the Commando Division! Our showing in Space Week 3 was a big step forward for the CD and the RS itself. Good work to everyone. Also, with the recent graduations from the CD Academic System, I’m encouraged by the results of our disconcerting, yet apparently success changes to our roster. Too everyone, keep up the good work!

Recent Graduates

Lord_Jim, Cadet with Honors
Keldar “Whisper” Wenn, Master Cadet with Honors

Space Week 3

Our group's performance in Space Week 3 (on Ecliptical Realms) put the Rebel Squadrons back on the map for online gaming. Although we didn’t show in the top 5, we did place 8th overall, with a much improved victory ratio over past events. I’m proud of our participation, and look forward to fight along side each of you in our next event, Conquest Week 5 (also on Ecliptical Realms). It starts 6/30/06. If you haven’t already done so, please sign up on with the Rebel Squadrons so we can have as many people as possible in the competition!

Special thank you belongs to DaLe for battling in 115 games. DaLe has been recognized for this endeavor in this and previous competitions with the Alliance Dagger and New Republic Medal of Honor. Others to be recognized include REB JAXRA, Lord_Jim, Spokes, and Fragtility.

Mod Map Offline Competition for Battlefront, Season 3, Map 3

REB JAXRA dominated MMOC BF 3.3 with 60 Victory Points. The rest of us were left scratching our heads on how he accomplished this on such a tough (and for some, laggy) map. He earned both the First Place Ribbon and the Master Commando Ribbon. Super (hey, that’s me) earned the Second Place Ribbon with only 6 Victory Points. Super also earned the Master Sniper Ribbon for a Sniper score of 84 (including 6 headshots).

To everyone that tried to play this map but couldn’t, please email to let me know. You also have earned 2 merit points for trying. This is because some members found the map to be too laggy on their computers.

BattleStats RS Ladder

Well, this Battlefront ladder started off strong, but ended without being noticed. Super earned the top spot with a rating of 1001. Primlar had a score of 992. Jeff Bloom had a score of 993, but 3rd place (I’m not sure why, but ladders are crazy like that). And REB JAXRA had a score of 977.

I look forward to a time when the CD has an internal ongoing ladder. I’ve not been able to get such an area set up on the RS website yet. The RS does not have many webmasters right now, so anyone that can help out in this area, please contact me.

Website and Wiki

I’m working on a three stage place to get the CD website up to speed. This plan is laid out on our wiki at I encourage everyone to check out our wiki and leave comments in the Discussion tab.

Commando Division Structure

The CD has recently been restructured. We now have three levels of squadrons (platoons).

Boot Camp is for new members to the CD before they graduate. To graduate, each member must earn 10 merit points. If these 10 merit points are earned within the first two weeks, the Cadet earns the Master Cadet with Honors medal. All graduates are transferred a Commando level squadron.

Commando Level is for all members of the CD. Here, members earn recognition for their achievements, grew their career and promote the CD and the RS. Activities are/well be set up to allow members to participate in a way that best suits them. Normally, activities are run on a monthly basis in a Commando Level squadron.

Once in awhile, a very active member will be recommended by their Commanding Officer for placement in a Katarn Level squadron. There are no special previledges associate with being in a Katarn Level squadron. But very active members are placed there to be paired up with other similarly active members. Normally, activity is run on a weekly (and sometimes daily) basis in Katarn Level. Acceptance into a Katarn Level squadron is determined by the CD CO and XO, and/or the Katarn Level Squadron Commander.


Anyone in the CD can make a submission. We are looking for fictional stories, squadron reports (preferably from squadron leaders), competition reports about personal successes, editorials, humorous material, photos, rendered pictures, screen shots, etc etc. Any submission should have something to do with CD activities. Anything appropriate will be published in the Newsletter, I don't care how long it gets! Just email me directly with you submissions attached! I look forward to seeing what I receive!


By FA Super

The CD has several online resources available to us.
Rebel Squadrons website: Rebel Squadrons. The website is the core of the Rebel Squadrons. It manages the rosters, main message forum, ranks, medals, standings, news, joining, etc. I invite everyone to wander through the Bylaws section to go over ranks and club medals and other interesting information.

RS Commando Division website: RSCD. It serves as an introduction to the RSCD and has the link to our official roster. Much of this website is outdated. Updating this website is a lower priority right now.

Paladin Company Yahoo Group website: Paladin Company Yahoo! Group. It has its own message board, frequently updated links, frequently updated events calendar, an on-going poll and CD related file(s). This website is serving as the hub for CD activities.

Graduation Requirements

By FA Super

In the CD, we have an Academic System. We place new Cadets into one of our Boot Camp level squadrons. To graduate, they must simple participate in that group’s activities like everyone else. Each of us earns Merit Points for our activity.

When a Cadet earns 10 Merit Points total, they graduate and are promoted to LJG (if they haven’t reached that rank or higher already). The Cadet also earns the Cadet with Honors medal.

Special: If a Cadet earns 10 Merit Points total within their first two week of joining, they graduate and earn the Master Cadet with Honors medal.

That is all.

FA Super
Warrior Guild Platoon CO


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