Rebel Squadrons

PBF Tour 7 mission 1 Narrative

By FA Joshua Hawkins
Unit: Patriot Starfighter Group
Fleet NL, Jul 02, 2006
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Relative Ship time: 0845
Location: Hyperspace en Route
Destination: Minos Cluster
Planet: Adarlon

Josh is still trying to get used to his new desk on the Windstorm suddenly feeling the weight of command on him. Sighing softly he picks up a datapad and reads the info contained on it again.

“Head to Adarlon and protect the Rimma Trade route there. Find out whatever you can about the Imperial Remnant in the area. Take whatever actions necessary. Good luck.”

*So we're back to being baby sitters again*, Josh thinks to himself. He puts down the datapad and punches up the latest Holonet news feed. “It has been reported by the New Republic that Zsinj, the Imperial Warlord, has died earlier in the year...” Josh sighs again and smiles a bit, *about time they got that bastard*. Changing channels he hopes find anything worth while from his home planet when Eric walks in with some more paper work. “What's up Eric?”

"Nothing much, just finishing up the paperwork from the last tour. We also got word from Max, something came up he's being detained a bit. Something about one final mission.” Eric says as he puts the datapad and paperwork on the desk in front of Josh.

“Good, we're not doing anything important out here yet, hell we could be on a wild mynock chase for all I know. Our orders are to start at Adarlon, the Entertainment capitol of the sector and watch for anything suspicious. Basically, we're babysitting a trade route looking for any information about some Grand Admiral in the area. I don't think one's around, but with Coruscant being liberated, one can never tell how the remnant will think.” Josh says as he peers over the new stack of paper work next to the two stacks already here.

“Oh, this should be great then, we just get off the ceremony, and now we get shore leave on a resort planet. I'm starting to like this tour,” Eric says.

“Don't get to attached, we're here on business not pleasure. We'll have to send someone down to the planet for intel eventually, but for right now we're going to patrol the trade route until something interesting arrives. I'm sure our presence here will be enough to panic someone.” Josh says with a smile as he looks back to the holonews and scans for something in particular.

“Anything interesting on the news yet? I heard about Zsinj, it's nice to hear he's finally gone.” Eric slowly leans across the desk to get a better look at the news.

“Nahh, just hoping for something about a certain system, but after one fateful event it's faded off the galaxy map again. No matter, how are we for the merger? Everything all set?. Josh shuts the news off and turns his full attention back to Eric.

“Yup, we're fine, just waiting for Max to get here. We have to remember to check the IFF for them though, don't want to accidentally start firing on them.” Eric sits back down in the chair and smiles at that thought of accidentally firing on our own fleet.

“Good point, Going to be very strange for our boys to be bunking with some TIE pilots. Should be a great time. Our boys can now jump into a TIE and start flying if they need to. We'll have a lot more ships to contend with. We should make sure that the mechanics are aware. We might have TIEs landing on the Windstorm every now and again with routine patrols. Imagine, and A-Wing and an Interceptor flying side by side on patrol. That though alone is priceless.”

“I can't wait, some of the boys are looking forward to flying the ships we keep shooting down.”

“I'm spoiled, I need shields.”

Eric laughs, “Yeah, but sometimes you don't need them.”

“Not me, I need shields” Josh laughs along with him."We should almost be in system soon, let's round up the boys and inform them of what's going on.”

“Right, off to babysit a convoy or two” Eric stands up and walks to the panel to hit the alarms for a general meeting."See you in the briefing room?”

“Yeah I'll be there in a moment, I just need to finish something up here.”

“Ok, see you there.”

As if on cue, the datapad beeps a couple times as Josh is waving Eric out. Once the door closes Josh picks up the pad, reads a bit and sighs heavily. After reading the whole thing he types in a response and sends a reply back. He turns his chair to look at a picture hanging of a distant planet, and a field he once called home before an invasion. Thoughts of that day, and thoughts of his life leading up until now give him some small smile as he begins to stand up and make his way out towards the briefing room. He swore he would get back at the empire for what happened at his home, and now he can. He sends Max one more message about the rendezvous later and heads out to see the pilots.

“Ok pilots, you're going to hate us for a bit, but we don't have much choice. Rumors are become more and more frequent that an Imperial admiral is gathering supplies in the area. We don't know if those rumors are true or not. Your mission, is to patrol the local trade route and look for anything suspicious. ID the convoys coming through, and be prepared for Pirates. This might be nothing more than a wild mynock chase, but it'll at least let the Remnant know we're here.” Eric says as he points to the holoprojector of the trade route we'll be patrolling.

“Keep in mind, the empire didn't completely let go of the Cluster last time we were here. Keep your eyes peeled for anything.”Josh says as he enters the room and waving to Eric to continue on. Josh makes his way to the corner of the room and crosses his arms and closes his eyes listening intently to the briefing.

“We will be stationed near Adarlon, the entertainment capitol of the cluster, and most of the region. This is not a chance to do some sight seeing unfortunately, we're here to patrol the trade routes. ID any convoy you come across, it might lead us to some bigger fish with more information. Once we contact the planet and inform them of our situation, the first patrol will be an A-Wing. ID everything you find and keep your eyes peeled.” Eric shuts off the holo projector and turns the lights back on, which wakes Josh out of his trance. “You have your orders, get some drinks in you and some shut eye. We'll be arriving in system in less than a day. Dismissed!”


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