Rebel Squadrons

RID NL July 06

By COL Luren "DaLe" Ketan
Unit: Redemption Fleet
Wing NL, Jul 05, 2006
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Hello all!

I am glad to see you on this meeting here in the future base of the RID. The Righteous Indignation Division isn't fully operational yet, so I'll stick only to the important things for now.

1)RID roster
First of all, you may have noticed that there were recent changes to the RID roster. Because of increasing membership, we have a new Task Force called Shochu. For Shochu we are short of a CO and an XO right now. Feel free to apply for the job if you should be interested to do a more active role in the RID.

We also need a CO and an XO for the Usagi Task Force - the RID academy. Let me know if you should be interested in working with new members.

If you should be interested in being a CO/XO in the RID, but you don't have any commanding experience yet, feel free to apply for an XO spot. We'll help you to learn the necessary stuff.

2)Merit system and medals
The merit system will be posted until the end of the month. As for the medals we already have two graduation medals in the RS medal system. Those two medals are "Cadet with Honors" and "Master Cadet with Honors". Non-academy members, please read below how to achieve a graduation medal. More RID medals will be set up in the near future. (Please let me know if anyone should be interested in making pics for those medals.)

3)Combat time!
As you may have noticed by looking around, our RID base is still being in construction. We are actually out of construction parts. Our supply route is interrupted by pirates. Because of trouble elsewhere the supply convoys can't be provided with a regular escort. We need to take out the pirates base of operations. The base should be hidden in a nebula. The RID has received only a few ships so far and we have to keep most of these ships above us in orbit as we don't have any planetary defenses nor ground troops to defend our base. We believe that two corvettes will be enough for you to get rid of the pirates. The next convoy should be on its way in about one month. It will be enough if you can destroy the pirates base until the end of this month(July). Be sure to report me your sucessful mission until then. Feel free to post a battle report/narrative in the appropriate thread in the RID forum. Succesful missions will be awarded with 3 merits and battle reports will be awarded as well.

(To get into action you have to save the mission file to your EaW/GameData/Data/CustomMaps folder. In game choose single player - skirmish - custom maps and you are ready to go. Set the AI difficulty as you wish. Be sure to take a screen shot of the destroyed pirate base. Please make the screenshot a .jpg or .gif file and send it to me. Credits for the created mission go to FA Super.)

After you get back from your mission, you should spend some time in the simulator to prepare for future operations. Find some other RID member/s, play multiplayer with him/them and report the match/es in the appropriate thread in the RID forum. Feel free to use any game settings as agreed with your opponent/s. You will be awarded 1 merit for each reported match and you will be awarded 1 extra merit for each win.

(Best way to find someone to play is on the IRC channel #rs_bar_and_grill on Also Xfire is a good way to find someone. Please keep the screenshots of the played matches in case you should be asked for them. Take a screenshot of the destroyed base.)

I also would like to inform you that I am a person who really doesn't like rosters which are only a list of names. Therefore I will check the roster once in a while if all RID members are active. First of these checks will be on the end of this month. To make it easy, every non-academy member who won't have any graduation medal on the end of this month will have to inform me why he/she wasn't able to get the graduation medal to prevent removal from the RID roster. To achieve a graduation medal you will have to do the following:

- To achieve "Cadet with Honors" you have to report the SP mission.

- To achieve "Master Cadet with Honors" you have to report the SP mission and at least one MP match you did with a fellow RID member. Those of you who aren't able to do MP may report the SP mission and a battle report/narrative to achieve this graduation medal. (And those of you who already did MP with me will still have to do at least one MP match until the end of this month ;).

That is it for now. I have to leave for about two weeks and I'll be back on 16th July. I'll be checking my email inbox a few times. Feel free to email me your reports and any questions you might have.


MAJ Luren "DaLe" Ketan
Righteous Indignation Division CO


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