Rebel Squadrons

Intrepid Battle Group News Letter July 2006

By GEN Anton "Ups" Nels
Unit: Intrepid Battle Group
Fleet NL, Jul 28, 2006
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Brigadier General Anton Nels clears his throat and looks around at the pilots gathered in the briefing room. “At ease,” he allows, and the room relaxes noticeably.

“All right pilots — after this last attack by the pirates we have had the Centrino depot put under watch. After many man-hours of data collection and numerous other types of intelligence gathering from the boys at Intel, we have made a startling discovery of why the pirates seem so keen to pick a fight with the Centrino colonists.

“It seems the depot was in actual fact a staging ground for the pirates’ illegal activities in the past . . . as far as Intel can make out, they would willingly pretend to be victims of the pirate ‘raids’, and allow the pirates to secure cargo and supplies. It seems that over time the depot’s supervisor may have become a little greedy and decided to start taking a cut of the stolen supplies and goods. The pirates caught wind of this, and decided to retaliate against the depot.”

Anton paused for a moment, taking stock of the reactions of his assembled pilots.

“However, what the pirates didn’t count on was the depot calling for our assistance, so here we are now faced with a messy situation. It seems the depot has been using us to help protect them against the people they screwed over. Intel have also informed me that the depot is more than likely deeply paranoid about us discovering their illicit activities, and fearful of the possibility that we might step in and shut them down.”

Pressing a button, the holoprojector lit up the briefing room as the lights dimmed, and the now-familiar configuration of the Centrino colony, supply depot and defences shimmered in the air in front of the assembly.

“So we stand now at an uncertain point. There is a chance that Intelligence has this wrong, and the depot and colonists may simply be innocent victims of the pillaging pirate raiders, so we cannot simply sit tight and allow the marauding forces to slaughter innocents and steal valuable cargo. But if they’re right then we don’t want to put our personnel and forces at risk in the middle of a crime war, either.”

Anton stops and gestures towards an officer standing near the back. “Commander Vaughan, if you’d please . . .”

Commander David Vaughan walks around the assembled pilots and takes the podium, exchanging a nod with General Nels as he steps to the side.

“As the General said, this is a very delicate situation. It is possible that we may be completely wrong about the past involvement between the pirates and the colonists. While I’d personally wager that we’re fairly spot-on with our findings, I’m not willing to bet your lives, and the lives of the Centrino colonists, on what might be an incorrect assumption.”

The gathered pilots murmured in assent with the comment.

“Therefore our priority course of action is to find out for sure what the depot is up to. Which means reconnaissance. General Nels informs me that the mechanics have rustled up a number of A-wing interceptors which are prepped and read to go. Your mission objectives are to inspect any and all supply-carrying vessels or cargo containers in the vicinity of the Centrino depot, to see if your sensors can pick up anything anomalous.

“Now, it’s possible that the colonists might not be too happy with you poking your noses into their stuff, but hopefully their need for our continued protection against the pirate threat will temper any negative reactions somewhat. If you are overtly attacked for whatever reason, you have authorisation to retaliate, but only enough as necessary to make it back alive. We need you and the information in your sensor packages to make it back here intact.”

David makes eye contact with several of the more zealous pilots before continuing.

“We are counting on you to get in, scan the area, and get back without causing any kind of diplomatic incident. Especially since we’re trying to be the good guys here,” he concluded dryly.

One or two of the veterans in the group found that amusing.

“General?” David summoned Anton back to the podium.

The General walked back to the podium as David moved past.

“We must be very careful with this operation, as we don’t want to unnecessarily anger the colonists — it’s just bad for our public image and allies are hard to come by . . . But, if they have nothing to hide, then all should be well. Any questions?”

Captain Lukus Harman raises his hand.

“Yes, Captain?”

“So what if the pirates happen to . . . I don’t know, stage a full-out assault on the base while we’re running our scans?”

The assembled pilots chuckled, familiar with the pilot adage that simple missions had a penchant for turning complicated . . .

“Hm. If the pirates do happen to attack the depot during your mission, you are not to mount a major rescue operation. Your primary objective is to complete your scanning operation and return to the fleet safely. If the colony becomes vulnerable to another follow-up attack, we will mobilise elements of the fleet to deal with the colony’s defence.”

“So no unnecessary heroics.” Kicks, the Dagger Squadron commander clarified sardonically.

“Anything else? Very well. Best of luck, pilots, and may the Force be with you all.”

All right pilots we had pretty good turn out with 17 pilot’s reporting not to bad,
But I hope to do better in this next mission so lets begin shall we?

4.Promotions & Medal’s


Well we had a good turn out with 17 reports we had quite the battle going! I hope to see even more reports as the tour continues so lets get to the standings, the standings for 603 is as followed

1.BGN Anton “Ups” Nels 10,204
2.LCM David Vaughan       9,420
3.MGN James Davidson       8,523
4.LGN Himm El-Syna       5,770
5.MGN Chris Kicks            5,043
6.COL Reabel                   4,720
7.1LT Calista Fairbright 4,635
8.MGN Phil DarkFire       4,622
9.BGN Ton Matty             4,458
10.CPT AkinaMaru             4,450
11.LCL Shaolin             4,266
12.2Lt Phelan Kell       4,062
13.MGN Josh Hawkins       3,861
14.CPT Lukus Harman       3,837
15.MAJ Galic Mars            3,668
16.2LT Elena                   3,621
17.VA Spokes                         0

All in all not a bad showing squad ranking’s are as followed

1.Dagger squadron 31,980
2.Phalcun squadron 31,523
3,Wildcard squadron 13,145
4.Draco Squadron       8,512

Well we defiantly had improvements from 602 so lets keep this up and get the reports following.


IBG 604 is complete and will be out shortly expect a lot of quick paced action in this one.


LIC Has been repaired and is open for reporting matches so I do recommend on getting out there and flying some matches. Always good for keeping a pilot on his toes.

4.Promotions & Medal’s

Well not to much medal’s and Promotions going on, so lets get started with the medal’s

LCM David Vaughan for your superb flying in ITOD 603 I herby award you the Gold wings for 603 congrats and enjoy your 1st gold wing

MGN James Davidson for your excellent flying in ITOD 603 you are herby awarded the Silver wings!! Keep up the good work .
LGN Himm El-Syna for your outstanding flying in ITOD 603 I herby award you the Bronze Wings keep up the good work.

Phalcun Squadron For having 66% reporting you are herby awarded the IBG Commanders Golden Chalice keep up the good work.

Dagger Squadron for you superb flying for this season you are herby awarded The elite squadron of the season Medal! Congrats and drinks all around

Dagger Squadron for your High amount of kills in the last season you are herby awarded the KillBoard Cup congrats as well.

Dagger & Phalcun squadron due to your extreme dedication and your unbeatable Rivalry I herby award you the Unit Commendation keep up the good work

MGN Chris Horn Kicks
BGN Anton Ups Nels
Due to your excellent squad Leadership I herby award you both the Unit Commanders Commendation Superb Work out there.

LCM David Vaughan Once again with your superb Narrative you are awarded The IBG Mission report medal Drink on you.

BGN Ton Matty as long as I have flown you have always reported with your over enthusiastic demeanor! for that high amount of activity alone I am proud to award you the IBG Endor Citation congrats and keep at it!!

And for all the Pilots who reported on ITOD 603 will be awarded a Merit commendation For your excellent flying in ITOD 603.

Well that’s it for medal’s let’s move on to Promotions

LGN Himm El-Syna for your Long time dedication and missions flown I am proud to promote you to General congrats and you have earned this one.

LCM David Vaughan due to your superb flying in 603 and your helpfulness in creation of the ITOD’S I herby promote you to Commander!! Congrats.

Well not many promotions but I felt those were the most well deserved in this NL

With 604 coming very soon I hope to see 20+ reports this time around, not much to ask for is it? Anyways I hope everybody has a good month I will be away from the IBG august 1st thru 12th so please listen to James and Chris as they will be in charge while I am gone , anyways that is all for now you are dismissed.

IBG CO Anton Ups Nels


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