Rebel Squadrons

End of Tour 9 Report

By MGN Max Cal
Unit: Patriot Starfighter Group
Fleet NL, Aug 03, 2006
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A pungent aroma of roast pig, pineapple, and booze assailed the noses of all who entered the Flight Deck. “The Commander really knows how to throw a great party,” thought Markus Jarnhann, “Great food, full-service bar, pleasurable company, RS people abound- this is great.” The CO, Max, was off entertaining the higher-ups in the RS while others were devouring succulent slices of sautéed and seasoned Hawaiian pork. “Makes my mouth water just thinking about it,” continued Markus, “I gotta get some of that hog.” Markus got in line as the chef was doling out slices of roast pork and pineapple. “Need booze… need booze, come to Markus.” During his semi-zombie walk to the bar, he neglected to see Vason Senmic delicately balancing his near-full glass of punch. Just as it appeared to be balanced, Markus stumbled into him and sent the red punch all over Vason’s dress uniform. “Whoops, sorry about that Vason.” Vason, speechless, immediately left the dinner to go for a new uniform. Markus got a nice bottle of bourbon to go with his pig and settled down with the other rank and file who were eating. Across from him sat an NCO who was carefully eating his pork. Markus got to talking with the NCO, swapping stories over the mission and of battle scars. Noticing fresh burn marks by the NCO’s mouth, Markus had asked how he got those.

“You won’t believe this, but remember that time when we had that ship-wide freeze?”
“Well, I burned my mouth on an over-heated piece of synthosteak that had been served.”
“Ouch, that’s not a good way to get it.”
“No, but it does present a great story.”
“So, how does it feel to have the R2W in with you guys?”
“Pretty good, we kinda have to get used to flying those fast, unshielded tin cans that you guys always fly.”
“Yeah, I thought I would never see an X-wing again…”

The conversation drifted off as pieces of food drifted off their plates only to quickly fall back to their plates.

“That was weird.”
“I think I got a new battle wound.”

Markus looked up to see the NCO’s steak knife had shot clear through his palm. “You need to go to sick bay, man.” The NCO quickly left. “Ah well, let’s see who else is here- hey Max, hey Eric.”

Max and Eric, SO and XO respectively, were sitting down together eating and drinking. Markus felt his datapad vibrate with an incoming message. Markus looked to see that Max had sent him a message saying that he was going to get Eric totally wasted and try to make him do funny drunk things. Five rounds later, Eric was jumping up and down on the table, like a monkey, waving his shirt around his head. Max and Markus just looked on with smirks on their faces, Josh- who had been stuffing his face with pork- laughed really hard. After the humor subsided a little bit, Max got to the podium and called for everyone’s attention. Everyone reluctantly sat down and Max began his address.

“Hello everyone, we have a lot to talk about now. Yes, Eric, put the shirt down. Thank you, Eric. Now, we would like to announce that the R2W is formally moving out of the RF and into the PBF. Here to celebrate the transfer is RFCO Gen. Leonard Cable, recently installed as the RSXO, and PBFCO Maj. Gen. Joshua Hawkins. We also have quite a few notables from the R2W/R2F past who are here tonight also. We have the newly elected FC Rear Admiral Licah Fox, Fleet Admiral “Biggie” Darklighter…”
That comment drew some chuckles from the older members.
“Admiral Kaz Falcion, and a few others. Next, we’re moving into new command appointments. Cmdr. Alex Vandross is in the XO slot, as normal. We also have a new SO, Maj. Galic Mars. Congrats Galic, you might want to stay here however as we’re headed into promotions. Galic, for your “stepping-up-to-the-plate” attitude and for being for me at a crucial time, I hereby promote you to Lieutenant Commander. Congrats. Next, we have Lieutenant Junior Grade Cantor Jon, a relatively new-comer to the RS and to the R2W. For participation on missions, I hereby promote you to 2nd Lieutenant. Congrats for everything and for your participation so far. Now, for our next promotion we have Lt. Commander Vaughan. David Vaughan came back to us from inactivity; he’s now with Intel, and doing some help with us. He also has been quite active in the Logistics Office, reaching a level of activity the likes of which are quite similar to Ayddar Nylykerka. It is for this that I hereby promote you to Commander. Congrats. And now we’re going…”
Eric Reagan and Josh stormed the stage and took the mike from him. “We now have a promotion to announce. Colonel Max Cal, please set up to the platform. I would like to announce that we have promoted you to the rank of Brigadier General. Congrats.”
“Wow, that’s great. Thanks so much. Anyway, on to medals. First, we have three Daggers of Courage to hand out- one to Galic Mars, Joshua Hawkins, and Mathow Bizegar for helping this pilot in keeping this wing together. For assembling and testing missions, I award the Golden Eyes to Argon Viper, Joshua Hawkins, and Mathow Bizegar. For participating in any mission for ITOD 9, all of you have been given the R2F Wing Combat Award. For the members of Wraith Squadron, for winning the Tour, I award you all the R2F Squadron Tour Champions. Now, onto the more important medals. The Dantooine Key, awarded for 100% participation in the tour, is to be awarded to Shaolin and Max Cal. A Unit Commander’s Commendation is to be given to Ste T, Jack Barnes, Joshua Hawkins, Calista Fairbright, Anton Nels, Licah Fox, Phil Darkfire, for participating in the R2W’s mission even though you are PBF Fliers. Also, I award the same medal to Galic Mars for being there for me when I needed him most. The R2F Pilot Award goes to Cantor Jon for his first mission. Now, on to the medals for the mission. We have Top Gun going to Licah Fox; the top squadron is Wraith by 56 points (a close race for first in quite some time). Also, the Mission Report goes to Col. Ste T, an old R2F flier who has apparently come back to his roots. And, last but not least, the Tour Champion goes to shaolin, smoking me, the second place pilot, by a whopping 200,000 points. Congrats to all. Merit points for this mission will be awarded shortly. Also, due to the extremely large number of medals that have been awarded, I may have failed to report them here. If I have forgotten a medal, please do not hesitate to let me know. Now, have fun with that pork and have a great time, as our next mission will begin shortly.”


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