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RID Newsletter - 6th August '06

By COL Luren "DaLe" Ketan
Unit: Redemption Fleet
Wing NL, Aug 06, 2006
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Hello everyone!

we have a lot of issues, so lets get straight to it.

1) ITOD 001

We had a total of 19 reporting officers for the ITOD 001 mission. Good job everyone! The number of reporting officers in each Task Force are:

Shochu: 7
Ninjin: 4
Chisha: 8

We also had a total of amazing 9 narratives! Thank you everyone who posted a narrative. I really enjoyed reading each of them.
In case you haven't read the narratives, I recommend that you do so. The narratives can be found on the RID board here:

ITOD 002 will be released soon. I hope that we will have an even better participation for it.

2) Roster changes

Because of inactivity, I had to remove 8 RID members from the RID roster. I hope that they will return though. Besides about 3 RID members (where I am not sure about their status), all main Task Force members are active and ready for more. :)

You can have a look at the current RID roster here:

3)RID IRC channel

The RID has now an officaly registered IRC channel on the undernet - #rid ! You can find all Task Force COs/XOs almost every day there, and the channel is probably the best place to hang out, to arrange matches or to find help.

Send me an email if you shouldn't know how to use IRC.

4) New members

Welcome to LJG Kevin higgins who has been assigned to Task Force Shochu recently.
Also welcome to the new members of Usagi, LJG Jace Horn and CDT Theep.

I hope you will enjoy your stay amongst our ranks.

5) Graduation award

The following officers have earned the Master Cadet with Honors award:

RA Kyle Tobarn
LGN Wes Belden
BGN Anton "Ups" Nels
BGN David "Tenacious 'D'"
COL Eric Skrevski
COL Mathow Bizegar
CMDR Tethran Cotec
CPT Jair Karredo
1LT Jaja Darksight
1LT Reb Lee Jackson
2LT Kane Redron
2LT Li' Coden
LJG Kevin Higgins

Congratulations to all of you!

6) Merits

Merits for the ITOD have been awarded. We have a lot of names in the RID merit standings now, so the current standings can be found on the RID board:

7) RID 1v1 ladder

Already 16 players signed up for the ladder and there have been 20 ladder matches played so far. Matches can be arranged almost every day on the IRC channel #rid . To see the standings or to sign up, go here:

More info on the ladder can be found on the RID board.

8) Inter-clan InvasionWeek II

The IW2 starts this Friday 11th August. Go and sign up for the RS RID roster on if you haven't done so yet.
Also, in case you want to participate in the event and you haven't play much land skirmishes so far, you should try to get to the #rid channel to get some training matches in. Participation is what counts!, but it is always more fun when you are a challenge to your enemy. ;-)

More info can be foud on the RID board:

9) Custom Map Contest

Just to remind you, we have a custom map contest. More info can be found on the RID board. Deadline is 31st August.

That is it for now. Feel free to visit the cantina and relax a bit before the next mission briefing.

In case of questions or concerns contact me or your Task Force CO/XO .

MAJ Luren "DaLe" Ketan
Righteous Indignation Division CO
Usagi CO


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