Rebel Squadrons

ABG NL, August 19-20, 2006.

By FA Michael Raven
Unit: Alliegiance Battle Group
Fleet NL, Aug 20, 2006
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As many of you know (And those of you that don't know are still living under a rock) a RSHC vote was recently concluded that has readmitted the Allegiance Battle Group to fleet status. As such, anyone that wishes to reset the ABG back to their primary fleet can do so by going to the main RS site, and under the Menu command, editing their profile and requesting such a change. With that out of the way, lets get into the meat of this newsletter.

I. Wing/Squad reorganization
II. Imperial Wing
III. Jedi Wing/Notes
IV. Graphic Design Contest
V. The Search For an IO
VI. The ABG Wiki
VII. Ongoing Campaigns
VIII. ABG Get-Together (Con :P)
X. Other notes/projects
XI. Promotions/Medals (Don't skip to this part!!!)

I. Wing/Squad reorganization

Now that we're a Fleet, it is necessary to revamp the structure we currently have; as such, I have decided to go with the following wings; with commanders listed.

ABG Proper (This wing will include Lancer, Commando simming, the ABG academy, etc. The 'normal' ABG operations.) This wing will consist of at least four squadrons (Commanders TBA shortly), to deal with Starfighter simming, Renegade-Era simming, Commando simming, and infiltration simming. To command this wing, I am hereby requesting the services of Commander Markus Jarnhann. Commander, please get back to me with your acceptance/denial as soon as possible.

Jedi Praxeum (This wing deals with... Jedi stuff, durh) This wing will consist of at least three squadrons, mainly because that is the sheer size of our Jedi division. I am also hereby LIFTING the restriction off Jedi characters until this wing is completely full; after which, a fourth squadron will be added for Jedi-hopefuls that will be dealt with by our esteemed Jedi CO... Brigadier General Cyrel Vandroth. (Carl you suck for changing your name :P)

Imperial Wing (To be explained more in depth in the next section) This wing will consist of at least three squadrons, dealing with Imperial Starfighter/Space, Ground, and Commando operations. Currently, due to it's youth and in order to form a coherent storyline, I will be personally commanding this wing until it is solidified; at which point I will appoint a new commander.

Please note, I will be trimming all of the rosters, I would prefer that people restrict themselves to one position per wing; mainly for bookkeeping purposes. This *IN NO WAY* will restrict your ability to sim in *ANY SIM*; it's just for roster cohesion.

I would like all wing COs to set sim times and ACTUALLY GO THROUGH WITH THEM. Failure to do so will not look good. You may impose further things on a squadron level (IE: A squad CO must have a set sim time once a week); but my overall thing will be *AT A MINIMUM* one sim per wing per week (1 Jedi, 1 Regular ABG, 1 Imperial); I do not think this is all that unreasonable. All GMs please IM or E-mail me with requested sim times that you KNOW you can make. Anyone that wishes to volunteer to run sims (That has a GM patch; IE: Giz, Rhu, etc.) feel free to do so. Please note; this is just a minimum requirement, the more we sim the better off we'll be. Thank you.

II. Imperial Wing

Yes, indeed; here is your chance to get out that evil inner bastard by simming in the ABG's Imperial aligned wing. Based off the Constrainer-class Star Destroyer 'Termination' and a small task force inside Rebel Squadron's space, you are cut off from supply lines; deep in enemy territory. Fighting for survival is your only recourse from the cold vacuum of space... A mistake means death... victory means the eradication of the Allegiance Battle Group and the destruction of the Rebel Squadrons...

That being said... we're now opening the Imperial wing to all takers, all I'll need will be a PM from interested parties with what you'd like to do (Stormtrooper, space ops, commando, etc) and we'll get you setup. Be sure to tell your friends that might be looking for an Imperial aligned simming environment about our new Imperial Wing... and recruit for it!

III. Jedi Wing/Notes

Our Jedi CO (BGN Cyrel Vandroth) has been hard at work re-syncing the Jedi with the rest of the Allegiance Battle Group. Changes to powers have been made and you can check all these out on the soon-to-be-revamped Jedi page. He is currently working on looking through all of the powers to fix descriptions, remove redundant powers, and re-write the Force tree to be more coherent to an actual tree (One branch to two/three, etc.).

As stated above, the restriction on Jedi characters has been temporarily lifted; just contact our Jedi CO for approval before creating a Jedi character. Please note that we take our Jedi division seriously, you should act at least somewhat like a Jedi, unless there is a special circumstance. Characters wishing to BECOME Force sensitive after creation must go through the Jedi CO in order to attain their new status; please note that the old 'cost' of becoming Force sensitive of 20 CP is a bit... outdated. Due to the ease of garnering CP, the cost has been raised to 35 CP. Also, because non-FS characters garner an additional 7D for their skills; in order to attain 1D for the Sense, Control, and Alter attributes, they must reduce three skills possessed by 1D to represent the shock to their system of their transcendence to the ranks of the Jedi. (Note: This might be subject to change)

In the interests of continuing to rebalance the overpowering nature of the force, the following change has been proposed and approved by the Jedi CO: From now on, Force Points only work for one single skill check. This skill check can be made at +3D to it's base roll. This bonus only applies to one weapon/hand in a two weapon fighting attack. Force points can still be used at any point during a character's turn, or when reacting to an attack. This rule is also subject to change; as it is more a trial thing than anything.

The Jedi are currently based out of the Temple on the ABG's command world, Bethlamore. The Jedi of the Allegiance Battle group, fresh multiple missions demanding their attention, have begun to turn back to the Rebel Squadrons for support and a mutually beneficial working relationship. Currently, the Jedi have been peacekeeping in the Greeop sector and surrounding sectors of space; along with a few treks to Wild Space where the discovery of a strange Force sensitive female has thrown the temple asunder... Little do the Jedi realize, their lives are all about to change...

IV. Graphic Design Contest

The ABG site needs another makeover! Our site looks old, dilapidated; and not as freaking cool as the rest of the RS sites. Therefore, I am going to start a graphic design contest for the best layout for a new site; with the winner receiving a reward of 25 CP for any character of their choosing. Runner-ups will receive variable rewards of 5-10 CP, and just for attempting to create a (serious) new layout, submitters will receive 2-5 CP based off quality.

V. The Search for an IO

This of course brings me to the search for an Internet Officer... the ABG desperately needs one in order to update our site, fix things that are broken; and work on a few new projects that I have planned. If anyone would like to volunteer to be the ABG's IO; please contact me either on IRC or at If you know someone who would be interested in the position... send them my way.

While Licah is awesome... I hate to keep bugging him for our stuff. :P

Please, think of the poor simmers... GIVE US AN IO!

VI. The ABG Wiki

The ABG wiki is coming along fine, but I would appreciate more input on individual members of the ABG. Currently, I am looking for entries on any ships that we use (in order to attempt to bring us in line with the logistics project that is ongoing), major sims, major villains, etc. People who contribute will be rewarded on a regular basis. Unfortunately, because I can not access the Wiki at the moment, I can not personally contribute anything but I am working on the problem and hope to have it solved soon.

VII. Ongoing Campaigns

Sword of Torment - The prelude to this campaign is currently on the ABG IC forums. Currently, our characters have infiltrated an Imperial Dungeon Ship where Captain Ramses is being held captive. After being discovered (due to a massive sensor ping that was accidentally shot off, and a demolitions expert causing random explosions around the craft) our group has congregated in an attempt to find the good Captain and escape from the titanic vessel. Elements from the 501st Stormtrooper Legion are present onboard the ship, attempting to quell the uprising of thousands of prisoners that were set free after the power onboard the ship went out. Our heroes have precious little time remaining to extract the captain and make it out before reinforcements from escorting starships arrive to make their lives a complete hell...

Raptus: The Awakening - Meanwhile, strange humanoids assaulted the Jedi Temple to mask a lone infiltrator seeking to pilfer it's deepest secrets. Locked away in the Temple's vaults, the agent found the information he sought. Though defeated, he hinted he was but a pawn of a greater foe: One that was loose on the galaxy armed with deadly knowledge, and the ability to command legions of reanimated assassins.

VIII. The ABG Get-Together (Con)

While a certain RFCO and King (coughKazcough) claims it wasn't a con... it's the easiest way to describe the recently concluded ABG get-together. I'd have to say it was a smashing success, I'd like to thank everyone that attended for making my 9 hour drive worth it. A special thanks to Amber, Sean, Eric, and Greg for allowing us the use of their domiciles, and a big thank you to Carl, Marcella, Eric, Tiff, and Paul for showing up and making the second installment of our insanity a smashing success. From risk to table-top, to Greg's stories, and to the downing of too many energy drinks and bouncing in my GM chair while trying to RP certain NPCs; I'd have to say that was one of the most fun times I've had in a long time. I hope to see you all again, and it is times like this that I realize that our community really does go beyond the confines of the RS and that most of us can forge working friendships with each other.

Thank you all for being the great people that you are, and I hope to see you all next time we decide to defile Ohio with our combined presence.


Now, this is a bit touchy, but necessary. As it currently stands, Commander Vason Semnic is on a weird LoA due to his parents (I believe); and their control over his internet access. I BELIEVE that once he goes back to college that the vice-grip will be lifted and he will be back with us (hopefully if he gets this he can verify). If not, if he is unable to continue his duties; I will be looking for a new XO. HOWEVER, I will not be accepting applications, IF NECESSARY (and I hope it is not; Vason, please respond to this ASAP) I will pick a new XO based on the person that steps up their activity and takes on appropriate jobs within the next month. So, if you want to apply... Do stuff that helps the ABG! Weee!

X. Other Notes/Projects

Recruitment - RECRUIT peoples! We're going to have quite a bit of empty space and we'll need to fill. For every player that you recruit that stays in the ABG (Clears the academy, and is active for at least one month) you'll be rewarded with 5 CP to any character of your choosing.

ABG History - I'm currently writing up some ABG history, if you have anything to add (Battles, campaigns, etc) please write up a DETAILED explanation along with a DETAILED listing of ships and what they did and send it to with the title: Logistics. Thank you.

ABG OOB - Someone please send me the most recently made ABG OOB; I intend to revamp it a bit to get us more coherent to what the rest of the RS is downsizing to. This will include assets that the Jedi Temple has, along with munitions, troops, etc. Weeee!

ABG Store - I'm currently working on expanding the store, and once we get an IO; splitting the store into one that will be perpetually open, and one that will be open only during select times for all of your explosives and more black-marketish needs.

XI. Promotions/Medals (If you skipped here, you suck)

Please be patient with this section, I have been waiting to do a mound of medal nominations/awards/promotions/etc. for this first NL; so... this will be long.

First, let me make public my policy on promotions. This is what I ACTUALLY do, this WILL NOT CHANGE, it is just fair warning to those of you that want to ascend the ranks of the RS.

1. I look at everyone that has simmed since the last batch of promotions I did (once a month).

2. I ask the following questions:

A. Is this person active?
B. Does this person contribute?
C. Does this person promote a positive environment?
D. Has this person done something that made them stick out?

A 'no' to any of these questions disqualifies someone from a promotion.

3. I check my recommendations. Recommendations for promotions are GOOD things, I hope to receive quite a few of them, normally this is the strongest category (except for the next one) that I use to determine if I should promote someone or not.

4. Has the person asked for a promotion?

I don't care if you gripe to others, I don't care if you tell others I'm not fair, I don't care what you do behind my back when it comes to asking for promotions; but if you ask ME for a promotion... you won't get one for that cycle. Period.

That being said...

For participation in the Allegiance Battle Group convention's largest two sims, aside from the in-house awards that were given, I am hereby awarding the following people:

1LT Rhuryc
1LT Kailen
CMDR Eric Reagan
CMDR Markus Jarnhann
LCL Triani Sovak
COL Eric Skrevski
BGN Cyrel Vandroth
LGN Michael Raven

The ABG Sim Marathon Medal, =[h4rdc0re 5!mm3r]=. Thank you for your outstanding participation.

Don't sit down just yet, fellas.

For hosting the convention; allowing us to use their homes, and being awesome hosts I am awarding the following people a Merit Commendation =*= to the following people:

1LT Rhuryc
CPT Kiera
COL Eric Skrevski
MGN Randy "Archangel" Starkiller

Thank you guys for being our hosts and allowing us to use your homes. (Aside from a thank you... you gets a medal! WOOT!)

BGN Cyrel Vandroth, for bailing us all out of what would have been a rather crappy situation at the supermarket (Read: Possible supply disruption), I hereby award you a Merit Commendation =*=.

Convention awards aside; I must drop down to a more serious tone.

CMDR Eric Reagan, under recommendation from your commanding officer; I hereby award you with a Merit Commendation =*= for your work in the ABG Academy. Hopefully you will be back with us soon, good luck in Iraq my friend.

General Leonard Cable, I have known you for many years now; back in old AOL chat rooms where we used to run around bashing each other’s heads in with starships. I have known you through the RS as a competent leader, and am proud to say that I served under you. Whenever I got frustrated with things; you were standing there to give a bit of advice, or guide me in the right direction. Through your guidance and intervention; we were able to push past the problems that we had within our group and achieve the position we've been longing for so long. Cable, you are an example to the whole of the Rebel Squadrons of what an officer should be; and as your friend, I thank you. As the commander that has witnessed all of this... I hereby nominate you for the for the Distinguished Service Cross |_/= ?=_|; thank you.

On that same note, I must give proper credit to one member of the ABG whom has been with us for... as long as I can remember. Right from the start of my term as CO of the ABG, he was right next to me helping me with rules, HTML coding, and being a bouncing board for the multitude of ideas that were flung across the floor. He was also the sole undertaker of the massive project of adjusting the values for starships in our library, along with updating it with new vessels. For his amazing service and attitude, in combination with his service record for the ABG; I hereby award LGN Wes Belden the Excellency of Duty Medal.

1LT Rhuryc, for your abilities at storytelling, your way of mixing things up for the ABG; and your willingness to do things that other people would cringe at, I hereby make you a full Game Master of the Allegiance Battle Group. =[GM]=

CMDR Markus Jarnhann, though you are still working on the finer points of GMing sims, I am proud to award you with your Assistant Game Master Patch =[aGM]=; thank you for your service to the ABG.

Long, ain't it?

1LT Kailen, for your service, dedication, and rather... happy attitude which enriches our normally downtrodden mindset; not to mention the actual ability to befriend Kaz. I hereby promote you to the rank of Captain.

1LT Rhuryc, for your ability to bring a new spin to the ABG, along with your skills and tenacity as a Game Master, I hereby promote you to the rank of Captain.

CPT Kiera, for your continued service to the ABG; not to mention your hospitality, interesting characters, and attempt at revitalizing the board sims when it seemed lost, I hereby promote you to the rank of Major.

While the list of promotions may be short this time, I am REALLY looking for who steps up the most here, now that the ABG is a Fleet again. I will take every little thing under advisement, every little recommendation. For all for your continued support and activity as your CO and (For most of you) your friend, thank you.


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