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RID Newsletter September

By COL Luren "DaLe" Ketan
Unit: Redemption Fleet
Wing NL, Sep 12, 2006
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Hello all!

I hope you are doing well whereever you are. Today topics are:

1) ITOD 002
2) 1v1 ladder
3) Merits
4) STE
5) Galaxy Week I
6) New members
7) Links

1) ITOD 002
The ITOD 002 is over with 14 reporting players. This is not so much as last time, but it is still a good outcome. I hope everybody enjoyed the mission. Everybody who wrote a narrative has been nominated for the Battle Report Bronze Star. The narratives can be found in the appropriate thread.

ITOD 003 will be released soon.

2) 1v1 ladder
The first round of the 1v1 ladder is over. We had a total of 15 participating players. Most matches have been scored by LGN Michael Raven who won all of his 25 matches!! Lets wish him that he will do as good in the upcoming GW!

The 1v1 ladder is reset and the second round will end 31st October.

3) Merits
The RID merits for the ITOD and the ladder have been updated. You can check the merits standings in the appropriate thread.

4) STE
The Space Training Event is still going on until thursday, so you can still get matches in. Use Xfire or go to the IRC channel #RID to arrange matches.

5) Galaxy Week I
As you should know by now, the Galaxy Week hosted by starts this friday. A lot of you already signed up for the RebelSquadrons EaW roster on ER.

The rules for this event are now set.
To get matches arranged you can use Xfire or try to hang out in the various channels of the US server lobby in game. To get Xfire IDs of other clan players, contact me or check out the Xfire friends of friends list when you are online.
Try to use Teamspeak if you should do a 2v2+ match with a fellow RS member.

Remember that you need to use the same nick in game that you are registered at EclipticalRealms with! Also, you need to wear a RS_ tag in game!
In game, create a RS_nick (eg. RS_DaLe), where the nick will be the same (or a shorter version) of your name on ER, if you haven't done so yet!

6) New members
Welcome to LJG Melissa D Hawk, LJG TK48529 and CDT Lance. All three joined the Rebel Squadrons recently and are now part of the Usagi Task Force. I hope you will enjoy your time in the RS.

7) Links

Galaxy Week I homepage:

On the left bar you can check the rules(!!!!), report matches and check the results during and after the event.

RID forum:

RID Yahoo Group(why haven't you joined the group yet?):

RID 1v1 ladder

That's it for now. Good luck everyone in Galaxy Week!

MAJ Luren "DaLe" Ketan
Righteous Indignation Division CO
Usagi Task Force CO


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