Rebel Squadrons

Fleet Commander's Resignation

By FA Licah Fox
Unit: The Rebel Squadrons
General Announcement, Sep 30, 2006
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Greetings all,

With the advent of significant changes in my life, it's become apparent to me, and perhaps some of you, that I'm no longer able to properly serve the Rebel Squadrons in the position of Fleet Commander. I've always strived to give to the RS what I was able to, but it seems that, for the foreseeable future, that is not going to be enough to lead all of you into better and more enjoyable places. In the general interest of the RS, therefore, I hereby step down as Rebel Squadrons Fleet Commander in the hope that someone else can make this place into the best club that we can hope to be.

I'll keep this brief-- to individually thank each of you would take days, and still not be sufficient. Rest assured that every contribution that every one of you has made towards this club has warmed my heart and made this place more enjoyable to be in. Take care-- reach for the stars and you will find that you can often catch them! Give those Impies what-for. Thank you for allowing me to serve with each of you.

Rear Admiral Licah Fox
Former Rebel Squadrons Fleet Commander


COL Luren "DaLe" Ketan - Sun Oct 08 2006, 6:09am
I waited a bit to see if this news didn't turn out to be imperial propaganda, but it doesn't seem so.
It's bad to see you resign from the FC spot. I hope you will still be around a bit though!?
FA Joshua Hawkins - Mon Oct 09 2006, 8:36am
Unfortunately no one has seen or heard from licah since this email. I'm afraid he might be gone for good. I hope I'm wrong though.