Rebel Squadrons

PBF Narrative and news

By FA Joshua Hawkins
Unit: Patriot Starfighter Group
Fleet NL, Oct 02, 2006
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Local time: 1450
On board the ISD Acrimonious

Jeran Zeto looks over a list of ships and fighters he has and makes some final touches on his plan. The PBF has seen part of the fleet. The part that General Kinneer knew. "We'll deal with that traitor later". A knock at the door brings a smile to Jeran's face, "Enter". Walking in, is a member of intel with the latest details on the PBF's locations. "This is all of it?" Jeran asks

"This is the latest intel we have, nothing has changed in some time. Chances are they don't suspect we are watching them."

"Excellent. Thank you for your work. If any change occurs report to me immediately. "

"Understood Sir." The intel officer salutes and walks out leaving Jeran to his thoughts and plans.

Local time: 1450
On board the WindStorm

Josh is looking at the latest intel report and has discovered that the folks there don't have any more of a clue than we do out here. "Figures, they're just as clueless as we are." Josh hands the datapad back to a crewman and watches the routine maneuvers of the fighter pilots. "Comm, pass the word along to keep their eyes open and report on anything suspicious before following up on it."

"Aye sir, but communications are difficult right now. We're not getting the best of signals."

Josh turns quickly to the com, "Are we being jammed?"

"Doesn't appear to be sir, might be some technical glitch. I've got someone working on it now."

"Keep me informed if things get worse. I don't want to be stranded out here without communications." With that thought, Josh shakes his head and goes back watching the fighters.

Local time: 1600
Bridge of the ISD Acrimonious

Jeran stares out of the windows on the bridge of the ISD Acrimonious going through every detail of this plan. One of the bridge crew breaks Jeran out of his thoughts and informs him that everything is ready. "Commence the attack." The crewman nods and passes the command around to everyone and the operation begins. "They'll never expect what we're about to hit them with."

Jeran turns and addresses the communications officer, "Comm, inform Admiral Tavus that we are ready to begin. Also inform the other task force to begin operations. Soon the PBF will be no more. Once all the reports have been sent, make the calculations and prepare for hyperspace."

"Understood Sir." The comm officer replies. "Reports sent"

"Navigation reports that the co-ordinates are locked in and read"

"Begin the operation, make the jump now." Jeran command and within seconds the stars become white lines and the Acrimonious enters hyperspace for Yeslain and the part of the RF they call Hope Wing. "This should be enough to take them by surprise" Jeran says to no one in particular and makes his way off the bridge to his office.


Sorry for the delay in this mission folks, my free time was removed from me by real life. This mission is different from the usual missions, as this time it is from the point of view of the enemy. That's right, now you get to see what it's like dogfighting yourselves. :) We all know computer AI is no replacement for you all, but hopefully this will be a challange. As a note, the Xwing Mission has Probes in it. DO NOT DESTROY THEM!!!!!!! Point mongers. Anyway, you'll be in an Xwing, and for the TIE mission you'll be in a T/A. Special thanks goes to Hermann for creating the TIE Mission. As a side note, the TIE mission has not been coded for difficulty levels, so you all might as well run it on hard and get the difficulty bonus. Oh, and one more thing, I know it's a downright pain in the tail, but please, please please either give us a detailed report of the mission, or preferrably take screenshots. TIE pilot files do NOT save scores when you fail a mission. So without a detailed report/screen shots we have no way of telling your score. Fraps is the easiest thing to take screenshots with. Just alt-tab out of TIE and run it while your at the debriefing screen and then you can take all the screenshots you need with a button. (

Merits and Medals will be updated shortly, I wanted to get the mission out first. Top Guns are: Damon Lightwind for the TIE mission and Mike "Macman" McEwen for the TIE. Congrats!

The Mission Report medal goes to: Dave Tebonious-Astrois for TIE, and to Majore Bonaparte. Congrats, and Welcome back Major.

Top Squads for the missions are Blue Squadron in the TIE mission, and breaking Sabre's streak in the Xwing mission is Gold Squadron! Congrats to you all. For the Record, Sabre has won 11 of the last 12 missions. Because of that impressive record, Sabre has been the first recipients of the Valourous Unit Commendation. Congrats to each of you. Gold squadron has earned the Unit Commendation for this mission, for their excellence in the mission and for finally toppling Sabre squadron. Congrats to everyone!!

Other news at this time. The members of Sabre are transferring to Red Squadron with the return of some of their old squadmates. So now, instead of Sabre gunning for the top spot, it'll be Red. Whcih to me, feels a little bit better. This has nothing to do with their Loss by the way, this was agreed upon a few missions ago, but took this long for the wheels to turn. So with that said, let us welcome back Red Squadron, and let us retire Sabre back to the shadows.

Let's see what else is there, ahh yes. Please welcome Macman as the PBF SO. His years of service and dedication will undoubtably help with the goings on in the PBF. On other news, Hydra is in need of people, so if you know anyone else who needs a squad to fly in, please get them to Hydra as soon as possible. We're working on cadets as well, but things are slowling down a bit. We're doing what we can, but we need you're help. Anyone who's interested in being an instructor for either game please feel free to contact me, I'll get you setup.

I would like to thank everyone on a job well done this mission, and I hope to see more participation i nthe next one! Thank you one and all!!

Pilots! To your ships!


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