Rebel Squadrons

RgF NL - Oct 11, 2006

By ADM David "Heavy" Pasiechnyk
Unit: Renegade Fleet
Fleet NL, Oct 11, 2006
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RgF NL - 11 October 2006

I watched as the pilots left for their fighters after Cable gave out the mission briefing. Once all of them had gone, I turned to GEN Cable and said, "Sir, I'm going to go prepare an X-wing for myself. This is an important strike and I feel a bout of good luck in my bones."

"Sir, you should stay on the command ship with the rest of the command staff." Was the gruff reply that I got from the old tactical officer.

"Don't you worry there. Just make sure the command chair is ready for me when I get back. Then I'll be on the command bridge with the rest of you." I saluted to him and started on my way over to the hangar bay.


"Is she prepped and ready to go?" I asked the mechanic.

"Just the way you like it, sir."

"Good." I swiftly got into the cockpit, did a quick scan over the X-wing's systems, and called in for departure clearance. As soon as I was clear of the hangar and ship, I entered into hyperspace to catch up to the rest of the pilots.


Exiting hyperspace, I could see the thick dogifighting going on amongst our pilots and numerous TIE Fighter and Gunboat craft. Harassing our Y-wings were another group of gunboats, and in the opposite direction were a number of TIE Fighter craft heading towards our starship control Transport. Knowing full well the abilities of our Y-wing pilots, I decided to first head over to clear the space around the transport.

With a few accurate shots, the TIE Fighters were eliminated and so I took a quick scan of the area again. The factory's shields were failing, and a few torpedoes were starting to slide past into the hull. While th gunboats harrassing the Y-wings had decreased in number, I decided that they should be permanently removed from the area so that our bombers could more easily concentrate on their primary targets.


I had drifted over to the dogfighting going on with the other X-wing pilots dragging my gunboats after me and there was much turning and firing going on between craft. I slid into a bit of a trance as I let my hand guide my jostick in a quick fluid motion of turning, juking, and firing, slowly decreasing the number of enemy craft.

After a while though, my R2 unit, Growl, let me know that I was starting to drift to close to the FRG Taurus and my shields were starting to get beaten down by its laser turrets. I swung out of the dogfight to gain some distance between me and the FRG so that it would be harder for them to hit me. However, a few of the enemy fighters noticed what I was doing and started targeting me. I threw myself into hard evasive maneouvers, but was still losing ground from their battering. Suddenly, out of nowhere one of the other X-wings zipped over me and took out the following TIEs. This gave me enough leeway to swing around and start returning punishment to the Gunboats. It couldn't have been much better timing as my shields had just failed and had taken two glancing hits to my hull. I dropped half of my laser power into my shields and sent the rest into the gunboats, taking them out with but minimal laser power to spare. I did a quick power shunt from my engines to both my shields and lasers to power myself up again, and after a decent increase in power I reverted power back to my engines and took off after some new arrivals.


Soon, the Y-wings had eliminated the Factory, STRKC Capricorn and the FRG Taurus, while the Sagittarius and Leo had taken off to hyperspace before they took too much damage from our VSDs. Our Victorys hadn't fared well either as both had lost shield power, with the Overseer taking heavy hull damage. It was hard to determine whether they would be repaired or used for parts.


Back on the CRS Ad Astra, I went to my office to prepare the pilot debriefing. There were a number of medals which needed preparation and a promotion or two to be awarded to the pilots, along with how the results of this mission will affect our next mission.

My XO, Rekio walked in as I was preparing. "I saw the damage to your fighter when you came in. You do know why there is a reason for having the command staff be in the tactical room during a battle, don't you?"

"Of course I do, but even though I took a heavy beating, didn't there seem to be a difference in the pilots' performance and the power shift in the battle when I was out there? Sometimes being out front there with them can have great effect on their responsiveness and ability out there. They see that their leaders are not stopped by fear of being taken down and it helps drive them."

"Or..." Rekio added, "they see a reckless leader who they need to protect out there."

"Heh, or that I suppose. Either way, they were great out there. Now, let's get to that debreifing."


"Welcome back pilots. You did a great job out there. We made some major accomplishments out there by taking down two more of the Zodiac Fleet ships, along with taking out their main factory. This will give us a strong upper hand now to take out or drive out the remainder of this Imperial fleet.

"From your performance during this last mission, there are a few well deserved medals, (a/two) promotion(s) for awarding, and a few announcements on current happenings. After this, you may move on to your basic duties until you are called to our next briefing. Now then..."


Hey there pilots. With the In Character portion bringing you up to speed on a few things, I can move on to the more or less interesting portion of the NL.

ITOD Results:

This month didn't quite show as strong of a participation as did last month, but we did have a decent number of high scoring reports come in this month.

This month we had a relatively difficult mission to contend with, with numerous fighters to keep off of our capital ships and if a person played on hard, there were T/A's to battle out. However, I did not see any reports on hard come in.

The top pilots in this round were all very close in score, with the top two pilots being separated by only 64 points! For being the pilot with the closest score to mine, MAJ Luren "DaLe" Ketan is hereby awarded the RgF Top Ace. Congratulations DaLe!

Taking the mission by a commanding lead, Dragon Squadron took RgF Top Squadron for 4.11. Congratulations to those pilots who participated!

By a small 35k, Guardian Wing was takes Top Wing this month. Congratulations pilots!

September Week of War Results:

In case you may have not followed along with the results of the last WoW, RS placed first amongst the ranking clubs. Now, it may seem small potatoes when one looks at the number of clubs participating, but when you look at the number of pilots that each of the other clubs has flying in the competition, you can see that it isn't quite as easy.

We had four pilots fly for us, including myself, DaLe, Whisper, and Hyde. Thanks for coming out and putting out the strong effort to bring our club to the top! I hope to see a few more people come out next WoW, starting on Friday the 20th. Get your BSC accounts up to date and registered with the RS before hand, as sometimes BSC can be a bit slow in the info transfer.


There is a young member amongst our ranks who has shown his dedication to the fleet since his joining us. He has reported on the missions in due time and also participated in the recent Week of War. For his dedication as a new member, I would like to promote 2LT Hyde to the rank of 1LT. Congratulations 1LT Hyde!


We have a new member to the fleet. Joining from the PBF and CD is MAJ Bonaparte. He shall be joining Ressurection squadron as he completes his last requirement for an honors pin. I am sure that he will be welcomed in with the usual drinks.

This month we're going to be doing something a little bit newer with the way in which reports are to be submitted. We're going to be making a few modifications to the reporter page so that you will be able to report your FIRST RUN for the mission. This FIRST RUN report will in the future be used for guiding the ITODs more along the events of how well we do in the mission, and give the possibility of a "failed" mission. This is to add some more interactivity to the tours. These first runs will be sent to the Logistics Officer, CMDR Vaughan and the fleet CO for TOD purposes, and will only be counted towards the scoreboard should you choose so. After your first run, you may continue to achieve that targeted or perfect score. For this mission, reporting your first run will be optional, and simply used to get you aqcuainted with the system.

Last is a reminder that we are coming close to the merger between the IBG and RgF Fleets. After the merger, we shall be doing joint missions and competitions between platforms, guided along with the knowledgeable hand of CMDR Vaughan. A few more details about how this merger will occur will become available a little bit closer to the date.

Well, that is my long-winded NL for the month. Cable has not yet provided the next mission, so I shall have it released ASAP for you guys and gals. In the meantime, have fun with your classes or jobs, and keep flying to keep your skills sharp.



COL Kane "Kid" Dev Redron - Thu Oct 19 2006, 4:55pm
What happened to the narative merits & medals?