Rebel Squadrons

Open Letter to the RS - New FC

By FA Michael Raven
Unit: The Rebel Squadrons
General Announcement, Oct 13, 2006
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Ladies and gentlemen of the Rebel Squadrons, just a friendly update from RSHC on the status of the RSFC. As you are all aware a short time ago Rear Admiral Licah Fox resigned from his post as RSFC and, while he will be missed, this has brought us back to a second round of FC elections. Nominations are currently open and we are looking closely at candidates so that whomever is elected can immediately pick up in the large shoes that Licah left behind to fill.

While we have been silent thus far, please be assured that the RSHC has been debating the topic of a new FC and other important RS-wide issues passionately so that we can continue to bring a better enviroment to the Rebel Squadrons. Should you have any questions or wish to bring a nomination to the floor, you can contact me personally on IRC (GEN_Raven) or ViA E-mail (, please make the tital RSFC nomination so that it does not get spammed). Once nominations have been completeted (likely within a few days, we wish to accelerate this process as much as possible) and all candidates state their acceptance/denial, we will immediately begin the process of electing a new FC. Thank you and have a fine weekend.


FA Joshua Hawkins - Sat Oct 14 2006, 1:03am
Also bring Pie with your nomination. We like pie.