Rebel Squadrons

Dispatches from the Front - Aurora Force (October 24, 2006)

By ADM Indiana Bridger
Unit: Aurora Force
Platform NL, Oct 24, 2006
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Dateline – Xenen, Kartuiin Sector

All is mostly quiet at Shay Memorial, home to the Aurora Force and seat of New Republic operations in the Kartuiin Sector. Recovering from losses suffered at Ketaris and Vormari III, most of the personnel in the fleet are enjoying a well-deserved rest. Elements of the fleet, however, are still on assignment; a volunteer-only mission organized by Col. Carlos DeLong has recently returned from areas unknown at this time.

Elements of the fleet have reportedly made forays deeper into the sector, though their exact destinations and activities are classified at this time. Isolated reports out of the furthest Rimside reaches of the sector indicate a new warlord is rising in power there, having blockaded the world of Tlir. All information coming out of the region is sketchy, at best.

With the recent death of Derik Bel Iblis at Vormari III, the naval forces attached to the Aurora Force are currently commanded by General Garan-Dur, a recently recovered asset lost during the Clone Wars. General Dur could not be reached for comment on his new position at this time.

Further updates will be made as information becomes available.

This is Taymie Dargan, NRNet, signing off.


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