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State of the Rebel Squadrons, October 2006

By FA Dave Trebonious-Astoris
Unit: The Rebel Squadrons
SotRS, Oct 24, 2006
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State of the Rebel Squadrons
Tuesday, October 24, 2006

I. State of the RS
II. High Command
III. Fleet News Shorts
IV. ORW 3 Work
V. Executive Offices
VI. RSXO Applications Requested
VII. Recognitions
VIII. Miscellaneous

Greetings, Members of the Rebel Squadrons!

Welcome to my first SotRS address. I will be writing these to you all on a monthly basis. I'm going to begin this announcement, not surprisingly, by summarizing the state of the RS. To be honest with you all, the state of the RS is mixed at the moment. We have our high points - lots of them. The PBF's activity is high, the RgF is also doing well, and we're continuing to represent in many different multiplayer competitions. But there are several things that we could stand to be doing much better. The leadership of the RS is currently somewhat disoriented and is most certainly not operating at peak efficiency. High Command as a body is not as focused as I would like it to be and needs some direction so that it can get through issues more efficiently. Perhaps most distressing is the state of the Executive Offices of the RS, which need some help. Many of the offices seem to be doing literally nothing, although there are high points even here, including the Logistics Office, which is extremely active. So, the various fleets of the RS are in good shape, but to be honest, the leadership of the entire club (including both HC and the Executives) needs some work. I hope to be able to report progress on these issues to you all in next month's SotRS.

II. High Command

High Command is currently fully staffed. When I was elected FC, I forfeited my Alderman position. For now, this position is not going to be filled and HC will continue on with two Aldermen. If I do decide to fill this position, you will hear from me.

III. Fleet News Shorts

Patriot Battle Fleet: The PBF is going strong on Tour 7, currently in its fourth mission. The great thing about Tour 7 is that PBF Command is releasing both an X-Wing and a Tie Fighter version of the same mission each month. This provides plenty of opportunity for fun singleplayer flight sim gaming.

Renegade Fleet & Intrepid Battle Group: RgF is currently closing in on the completion of its Tour 4 and is sustaining high levels of activity. IBG is now on Tour 6 and its CO, BGN Anton Nels, has recently reworked the fleet's Training Office and appointed some new command staff. RgF and IBG are being addressed together here because when each fleet finishes its current tour, the two will be merging together. This will bring both of the RS' multiplayer flight sim fleets into one single group, currently called Vigilance Starfighter Group, which will allow for better coordination and a streamlined structure. You will be hearing more about this in the future.

Aurora Force: AF continues doing what it does best, namely writing. What more could you ask for?

Allegiance Battle Group: In ABG news, General Michael Raven is trying to increase activity for the fleet. One simming unit that is gaining popularity is the Imperial Wing, which does antagonist simming from the Imperial side against the RS and ABG. Any interested parties should contact Raven and join up!

Redemption Fleet: In RF news, the CO, Admiral Kaz Falcion went on a long LOA, and met Kailen. Kaz's writing group is tanking because Kaz has not had the time to devote a lot of attention to it. It also appears that everybody who runs the Jedi Division is cursed, because Kaz is having a hard time keeping a CO for the group. On the plus side, RID and the CD are both going strong, and Captain Kane Redron is attempting to revive the STC.

Vanguard Fleet: Our SWG Player Association has a new CO, General Richard Gross, and a new XO, Major Abi Ocopaqui. The SWG crew continues to tear it up in game and represents the RS name for us all.

IV. ORW 3 Work

One of my major goals is to bring Outer Rim War III to you all. There's been a lot of work put into this project already, and I'm going to continue to push it along until it is ready to start. MGN Jon Anchorage is currently assisting me in contacting all of the clubs that we are going to compete against. We will finalize the rules with these clubs and set a starting date and get this competition on the road. You will be hearing more about this as we get these things finalized so that we can start.

V. Executive Offices

As I said earlier, the Executive Offices need a little work. I am going to be conducting an extensive review, and if necessary, purge of the Executives to ensure that each member on staff is active and contributing. I will take this opportunity to compliment MGN Josh Hawkins and BGN Rekio Corsair for keeping the Internet Office running lately. Compliments are also due to the entire staff of the Logistics Office, led by LCL David Vaughan, who are still working on monumental projects that will be a major part of the RS soon.

VI. RSXO Applications Requested

Speaking of Executive Offices, I'm looking to fill the most important one. The RS Executive Officer is the second-highest officer in the RS. The RSXO is responsible for completing projects that I assign and for being in charge of the entire club when I am on leave. If you are interested in applying for this position, please send your application to me at Here are some items that you should include in your application:
- Your experience with the leadership of the RS, especially High Command.
- Your experience with the Executive Offices of the RS, and any thoughts you may have for streamlining them or improving their operation.
- Any previous command position within the fleets of the RS.
- Lastly, tell me why you want the job.

Please get your applications to me by the end of the day on Wednesday, October 25th.

VII. Recognitions

I would like to recognize the services of a couple of members. Josh Hawkins has been instrumental to the RS in a number of ways lately. First and foremost, he continues to do an excellent job leading the PBF, and is religious about getting new ITOD missions out on time and swiftly updating killboards and merits as soon as a mission is finished. Much of the credit for the shape the PBF is in today is due to Josh. Secondly, Josh has been a major help in the Internet Office. He has stepped in and learned enough to be able to keep everything running and to make various changes to the database. For all of his service to the RS in both the PBF and the IO, I'm happy to promote Josh to the rank of Lieutenant General. Congratulations, Josh!

I would also like to recognize BGN Rekio Corsair. As soon as my election to the FC position was announced, Rekio sent me a long email of suggestions of things that I should look into during my tenure as FC. This was extremely helpful and I'm very pleased that he was interested enough to share these suggestions with me. In recognition of his interest, I'm happy to present Rekio with a Merit Commenation. Thanks, Rekio!

VIII. Miscellaneous

Don't forget about our Wiki ( The Wiki is a valuable tool and will become more valuable the more we edit it. Put in an entry for yourself, and feel free to add to entries for your unit. You can also see progress on many projects on the Wiki, including the ORW 3 project, the RgF/IBG merger project, and a list of projects that the Logistics Office is working on.

I have not yet had a chance to update my FC webpage ( but I will be working on it over the next few days.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions.

Thank you all for your interest in the Rebel Squadrons. Reach for the stars, and you will find that you can often catch them!

Dave Trebonious-Astoris
Fleet Commander

=The Rebel Squadrons=
A H.I.E.R. Organization: Honesty, Integrity, Equanimity, Respect

"I want you to understand this, and I want future generations to believe it; you and they will do more than adequate service to my reputation if I am held to be worthy of my forebears, careful for your interests, steadfast in danger, and not afraid to be unpopular if I am serving the national good." -Tiberius Caesar Augustus


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