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RID ITOD 004 and News

By COL Luren "DaLe" Ketan
Unit: Redemption Fleet
Wing NL, Oct 28, 2006
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"Touchdown in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1...go go go!" came the voice of one of the pilots of the troop transport through the comlink. A few seconds later all troops were disembarked and the transport was leaving for orbit.
After a quick look on the surroundings the troop commander ordered: "Take position, Alpha squad head east to sc..."
"ENEMY SPOTTED!" one of the men yelled, "Incoming troops from north and east, sir!"
'It seems they noticed us coming' thought the troop commander while he automaticaly ordered: "Everyone hold position! Always concentrate your firepower on the nearest target!"
The following battle was very intense but over within a few minutes. The undisciplined pirate enemies were no match for the concentrated firepower of the RS troops.
"Sir, looks like this has been the last wave of that pirate scum."
"Alpha squad head east! We will be right behind you. Stick together everyone!"
After a few encounters with pirate mechanized units the RS troops reached the pirates base.
"Alpha guard the south entrance to the base, Beta you guard the west entrance! Everyone else, lets fire at that base until we blow it up!"
After one minute smoldering ruins were all what remained of the pirate base.
"Good job everyone. Lets head back to the landing zone. Lieutant, call the transporter down."


I am glad to see that you made it back from the mission in one piece. The destruction of the pirate base should be a hard blow to pirates activity in that sector.
As for the next mission, one of our scouts disappeared near one of our supply routes. We need you to take a small task force, check the area where our scout got lost and destroy all enemy ships you might encounter.

The task force is not prepared yet, so take a seat and read through the current news:

a) ITOD 004
b) ITOD 003
c) ITOD 1xx series
d) ITOD merit changes
2) MP events
a) Galaxy Week II
b) Invasion Week III
c) 1v1 ladder
3) New members
4) Promotion
5) RID Academy needs a CO/XO

1a) ITOD 004

One of the few changes to the current and future ITOD missions will be that you will now report your first try of an ITOD mission. It doesn't matter if you win or loss, just send me a screenshot of the kills/losses screen after you played the ITOD mission the first time.

To get into action you have to save the mission file to your EaW/GameData/Data/CustomMaps folder. (If you have saved the game into its default directory, you should find the EaW directory in the C:/Program Files/Lucasarts directory)

In game choose single player - skirmish - space - custom maps and you are ready to go.

- Set the AI difficulty as you wish.
- Heroes, starting units and superweapons off.
- Objective: destroy enemy
- Credits: 5000

Victory Conditions:
- Destroy all enemy ships

- Take a screenshot of the screen that appears after the battle ends - the screen where you can see your losses and kills!! Report your first run.
(A great screen capture utility is Fraps. Screenshots will be taken by fraps into a directory you define. You can get Fraps at this site: It is highly recommended.)

- Send me an email with the screenshot as a .jpg or .gif file.

The deadline for the ITOD 004 mission is 25th November.

1b) ITOD 003

Eight officers have reported the 003 mission, which is quite a decrease from the 002 mission. On the bright side, 6 of these 8 officers posted a narrative for the mission.

Merits have been updated and narrative medals should be awarded soon.

1c) ITOD 1xx series

With the 004 mission ends the pre-tour of the RID ITOD. Around 26th November the ITOD 101 will be released. With the ITOD 1xx series a new experience will be added to the ITOD missions. I don't want to nor am I allowed to spoil anything, but please remember that the necessity to report your first run of an ITOD mission will play an important role.

1d) ITOD merit changes

With the ITOD 004 mission RID merits will be awarded as follows:

- 5 merits for a report of the current ITOD mission
- 5 merits for a narrative of the current ITOD mission
- 3 merits for a report of an ITOD mission after the deadline of that mission (if that player hasn't reported that certain mission yet)

2a) GalaxyWeek II

The interclan GalaxyWeek II will be 10th - 17th November. GWII are space maps only. The event will be hosted as usualy by ER and the homesite of this event can be found here:

2b) InvasionWeek III

The land maps IWIII is over and the RS didn't get placed. The only RS player showing up at the event was Feak Duran who played two matches. Well, I hope the space maps GWII will be more attractive for everyone.

2c) 1v1 ladder

The RID internal 1v1 ladder is still running, but no matches have been reported so far. Feel free to do some matches for the 1v1 ladder. This round of the ladder will end 30th November. The 1v1 ladder can be found here:

3) New members - Admiral on deck!

I'd like to welcome to the Usagi Task Force ADM Rahj Tharen, MGN Chris Earthkeeper, CDT Jago Orion and CDT Sev who all joined the RID recently.
Two new members graduated with Master Cadet with Honors from the Usagi Task Force: 2LT Joak Drysso and 2LT Olith Hesto. Both have been placed on their request to the Chisha Task Force. The Xfire IDs of both can be found in the appropriate thread on the forums.

4) Promotion

Feak Duran, please step forward. For your constant activity in the RID ITOD and your appearance in MP events, you are hereby promoted to the rank of a Captain. Congratulations!

5) RID Academy needs a CO/XO

I am looking for someone to take over the RID Academy or at least someone who will help me as an XO. I will go semi-LOA in a bit more than a week, because I will be moving, which will prevent me from being online as often as necessary to welcome new RID members.

It doesn't matter if you don't have any command experience in the RS yet in case you want to apply for the Usagi XO spot. The few administrative things necessary are easy to learn and maintain.

The only requirement on the CO and XO spot is that an applicant should be able to check his/her email inbox regularly (and send emails and respond to new members if necessary).

That's all for today. Have fun with the ITOD 004 mission. Hopefully GalaxyWeek II will spawn some interest in MP activity through our ranks. I will post some kind of "how to get to play in ER events" guide on the forums in the next few days.
If you are interested in MP activity then be sure you have the other RID members in your xfire friends list. The Xfire IDs of RID members can be found in this thread:

Don't hesitate to contact me if you have questions or suggestions.

LCM Luren "DaLe" Ketan
Righteous Indignation Division CO
Usagi Task Force CO


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