Rebel Squadrons

Commando Division gathering in the Knight Spire Garrison

By COL Luren "DaLe" Ketan
Unit: Redemption Fleet
Wing NL, Oct 30, 2006
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On board of the Lambda-class Shuttle Kamo, the newly appointed Commando Division CO LCM Luren "DaLe" Ketan was trying to order his thoughts after he reread the last sentences of Sector Admiral Super's message to the troops: ""It's been an honor to serve as the CD CO for this past year and a half. We've seen the CD grow from almost nothing to a force that has gained respect for the RS in the online gaming community. I'm proud of what we've accomplished and look forward to being an active member of this great organization at some point in the future! Good luck!"
'And there he went on some secret mission without any info on his whereabouts,' LCM Ketan thought, 'leaving me with the reins of the CD. I hope Super will do well and...'
"Leaving hyperspace in 3 minutes, sir." were Ketan's thoughts interupted by a voice from the shuttle's cockpit. "Thank you Lieutenant." responded Ketan as he was calling up the Commando Division roster on the screen in front of him.
'Let's have a look at it,' he thought, 'the Commando Division, short CD, in the past known also as RSCD. One of the oldest units in the Rebel Squadrons. Back in the days, the CD used to be at fleet status, twice. Today only a few of the veteran officers remained on the CD roster. Many of the command positions are and will be occupied by young, but promising officers. With the help of CD members we will hopefully be able to make the CD again more combat effective.'
"Leaving hyperspace." announced one of the Shuttle Kamo's pilots. Within seconds the Shuttle Kamo had been hailed: "Unknown shuttle, you have entered New Republic space. Identify yourself."
"Shuttle Kamo here. Sending identification."
"Welcome back Kamo. I hope you had a pleasant trip. You have clearance to land on the usual landing pad."

The Shuttle Kamo hadn't any usual landing pad. The landing pad Kamo was supposed to land on was determined each time by a programe that both the Shuttle and the fly control center had. In the shuttle's computer, this programe looked like a simple video game. Once the shuttle would enter the orbit of the moon Salsasia IVb, the gun emplacements of the Commando Division installation Knight Spire would keep tracking the shuttle and blow it apart within a second if it should try to land on the wrong landing pad. Voices can be modulated, transponder codes stolen, shuttles captured, so this landing pad measure increased the possibility that a non-authorized person wouldn't land. The reason for this and other security measures was to prevent any uninvited Jedi would set foot on the moon.
The Knight Spire installation was once home to the RS Jedi who were part of the Commando Division back then. Cirumstances drove the Jedi away from the CD and as rumors went through the Galaxy's cantinas, it was said that the Jedi left an amazing treasure in the mountains Knight Spire was placed in. Such treasure was unknown to the CD, but as the CD hadn't any Jedi left amongst it ranks, it had to prevent Knight Spire's infiltration otherwise.

"Entering orbit."
Luren Ketan turned around to look out of the window,
'Salsasia IVb, definitly not a place someone would like to retire on.' he thought, 'The only thing this harsh enviroment is good for is to train troops. The Gyna Terraforming Facility, which was built by the New Republic in an effort to improve the usefulness of the moon, didn't bring almost any positive results. Well, at least the CD doesn't have to play police for new colonists.'
Ketan checked if he had cleaned up all his belongings as the Kamo's pilot announced: "Landing procedure initiated."

A few minutes later LCM Ketan entered the Knight Spire Garrison, where CPT Keldar "Whisper" Wenn already impatiently waited for him.
"Sir, I need to talk to you." CPT Wenn said.
"Yes yes Captain. First call the officers together, I'll have to tell them a few things. After that we will get straight to work."



as you know by now, I have become the new CO of the Commando Division. I will struggle to ensure that the CD will be a place its members can be proud to be part of. I won't be able to manage that all alone though. Both, the help of the commanding officers in the CD and the interest of non-commanding members in CD activities, will be needed to make the CD a fun place to be.

Although SA Super isn't able to be here with us today, I'd like to say that it has been a honor to server under him. I hope he will make it back in one piece some day.

I'd like to announce a few changes that happened today on the Commando Division roster.

CPT Keldar "Whisper" Wenn is now the Commando Division Executive Officer. His activities will mainly concern the BFII MMOC and internal MP events. He will also take care of the CD for a few weeks during my semi-LOA which I will go to in one week.

CPT James "Corsair" Folen is now the Commando Division Second Officer. He will concentrate on BFI activities, mainly the BFI MMOC, but also BFI MP events if interest should be present amongst the ranks of the CD.

MAJ Bonaparte is now the Commando Division Training Officer. He is in charge of the boot camp platoon Warrior Guard and he will take care of new cadets.

The two boot camps have been merged into the Warrior Guard boot camp.

As for now, the BFII Conquest Week and the RC Delta Week are on untill Thursday, so don't be shy to get some matches in. Until these ER events end, I will get back to you with more news.

LCM Luren "DaLe" Ketan
Commando Division CO


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