Rebel Squadrons

PBF Narrative

By FA Joshua Hawkins
Unit: Patriot Starfighter Group
Fleet NL, Nov 13, 2006
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Josh was sitting at his desk staring at reports of all types including damage and casualties, of which there were many. "How could I have been so foolish?" A question asked to no one but yes he still expected an answer. Letting out a long sigh he dipped into his bottle that he brought back from Derra IV, a bottle that is almost empty he noticed. He shrugs and downs what's left in the bottle and tosses the empty into the trash been at his feet. "Now what do I do?"

Not hearing the door alarm, and not seeing MacMan walk in made for an interesting kick start of Josh's heart. Especially when Mac answered, "We send the Injured ships and people back to Greeop and continue our search."

Josh snapped out of his own thoughts and almost reached for his blaster, that conveniently he doesn't carry anymore for this reason. "Aye, Load up the Hawk with all the casualties, and have them escort the Ghost and the Warden back home. I'll let the old folks home know what's going on."

"So what's our plan now? Everyone's here except Max and the retribution crew, any idea what's holding them up?" Mac asked as he took a chair and started looking at all the casualties and frowning.

"Max made mention that they found a convoy that heavily guarded. he's going to check it out real quick and then report back. We should begin repairs as soon as we can here. That attack was too well thought out and too easy. We're lucky to come out alive."

"Aye, and Biggie's X-wing was miss wired, we're looking into now. There might be a spy on board, or it could be coincidence. I won't know until the report comes in."

"I guess I never took these guys serious enough, I didn't expect anything like this to happen. If I still have my job after this it'll be amazing. The pilots did a great job defending us, they prevented a lot more damage than we could have sustained. Now we get to rebuild the fighters."

"We'd be fools to think they won't attack now. They were using imperial tactics, and that means they'll try and put down the injured animal."

"Aye, well get a couple pilots out in yacks and have them escort the Hawk and company until they hit hyperspace. Have them also keep an eye on the McGrath too, her shield generator took a hit. Contact Haven if we need anything, there should still be some folks friendly to the new republic there who are willing to help."

"Shall do chief." Mac got up and snapped a quick salute and started to walk out.

Josh returned the salute, "Hey mac?", when Mac turns back to face Josh he continues, "Thanks for everything Mac."

Mac smiles, "No problem." and turns to walk out and head back to the bridge to give the orders needed to get us out of this mess.

"Ugh, I've been a fool. That General told us what he knew, but they didn't tell him everything. They must have known he would defect. A pilot of the Derra IV massacre, one that just wants to retire. So who would his boss be?" Another statement to the absent air around him. This time an answer didn't come. So now Josh was left to his thoughts and an empty bottle to find a replacement for. Plus he needs to send a message to the old folks home, they won't be happy.
Pressing a couple of buttons on a computer Josh begins recording his message.

++++Priority Code: Beta+++
---Encryption: Yes, Access: RS Command----

===Begin Message:====

      Report from the Cluster, LGN Joshua Hawkins PBF CO.

Taken casualties and damage by ambush. Sending Crimson Ghost back to Eagles Nest for repairs. Sending Echo Hawk back with casualties, and having the Warden escort both. Request they be sent back immediately upon completion of repairs and their current mission.

Ambush imperial in tactics, we're not dealing with a simple pirate group. Defecting General Kinneer not told everything about strength. He told what he knew, but they didn't tell him everything.

Request any information on the attack at Derra IV. General Kinneer believes the people involved here were also involved in the ambush.

With regrets, report end.

====End of line======


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