Rebel Squadrons

Intrepid Battle Group News Letter November 2006 Final Edition

By GEN Anton "Ups" Nels
Unit: The Rebel Squadrons
Fleet NL, Nov 21, 2006
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Intrepid Battle Group News Letter November 2006 Final Edition
             Brigadier General Anton "Ups" Nels

Section A: ITOD 605
Section B: ITOD 606
Section C: Medal's
Section D: Promotion’s
Section E: Final Words

My fellow pilot's we are gathered here to day, to pay tribute to the Fleet known as IBG (Intrepid Battle Group)
As you may have heard towards the end of this month the IBG & Rgf will be merged into a new fleet known
As the VSG (Vigilance Starfighter Group), so this newsletter I write to you is officially the last IBG news letter ever!
I am sure this merger will be one heck of a journey and I hope to see you all in the VSG (wink)
So with that out of the way let’s get on with our news letter :)

Section A: ITOD 605

Well we had a pretty good turn out with ITOD 605 with 16 reports that is not to bad,
It was a hard fight between Dagger and Phalcun as always, But in the end dagger pulled a last minute win
So please give them a round of applause for their hard work.

Here are the standings for 605 as followed

1. GEN Himm El-Syna                         15,511
2. LCL Shaolin                               14,796
3.2LT Olith Hesto                              8,357
4. BGN Anton "Ups" Nels                   6,735
5. MGN Chris Horn "Kicks"                  6,603
6. CPT Calista "Scarlet”: Fairbright 5,648
7. COL David Vaughan                         5,458
8. VA Spokes                                     5,448
9. CPT AkinaMaru                               5,306
10. BGN Ton Matty                              5,207
11. MGN Jon Anchorage                        4,889
12. MAJ Bonaparte                              3,114
13. LCM Galic Mars                         3,037
14. LGN Joshua Hawkins                   3,005
15. COL Reabel                               2,979
16.2LT Py Modus                                    430

Squadron Standings as Followed

1Dagger Squadron       41,264
2.Phalcun Squadron      38,070
3.Draco Squadron       17,207

Section B: ITOD 606

Due to current time restraints ITOD 606 will be downgraded to a bonus mission,
So you will be able to still fly it.. Just off the records, Once again I am sorry but the IBG needs to be ready on time for the merger.

Section C: Medal's

All right lets get down to the fun part, Yes that’s right Medal's!!!

GEN Himm El-Syna due to your superb Piloting in ITOD 605 and placing the top score you are herby awarded the IBG Gold Wings congrats!!!

LCL Shaolin For your outstanding flying in ITOD 605 and placing 2nd with the highest score I herby award you the IBG Silver Wings Congrats!!

2LT Olith Hesto for your excellent flying in ITOD 605 and placing 3rd you are herby awarded the IBG Bronze Wings Congrats!!!

Pilots of Phalcun Squadron which include the following: LCL Shaolin, LGN Joshua Hawkins, BGN Anton "Ups" Nels, COL Reabel, CPT Calista Fairbright, MGN Jon Anchorage
For having the highest percentage of reporting pilots in ITOD 605 you are herby awarded the IBG Commander's Golden Chalice Congrats!!

Pilots of Dagger squadron which Include the following: GEN Himm El-Syna, VA Spokes, LCM Galic Mars, COL David Vaughan, MGN Chris Horn "Kicks", BGN Ton Matty,
For your excellent piloting for the entire Tour 6 I herby award you the IBG Commander’s Unit Citation Congrats!!! Phalcun squadron will also receive this award as well.

BGN Ton Matty, VA Spokes, MGN Chris Horn "Kicks", MGN James Nightwolf Davidson, BGN Anton "Ups" Nels, GEN Himm El-Syna For helping to keep the IBG active and alive for the last 3 years i am honored to award you guys the IBG Cross Of Excellence, also these dedicated and longtime serving pilot's will be awarded the IBG Honorary Member Award as well.

LCL Shaolin,GEN Himm El-Syna,BGN Anton"Ups" Nels,VA Spokes,MGN Chris Horn "Kicks",LGN Joshua Hawkins,LCM Galic Mars,BGN Ton Matty for having 100% reporting on tour 6 you are herby awarded the Dantooine Key Congrats.

COL Reabel,CPT Calista Fairbright,CPT Lukus Harman,MGN James Nightwolf Davidson,CPT AkinaMaru,COL David Vaughan, for reporting more than 33% on tour 6 you are herby awarded the Dauntless Combat Citation Congrats!

LCL Shaolin, GEN Himm El-Syna, BGN Anton "Ups" Nels, for your hard work and superb flying and points amassed against the empire in tour 6 you are herby awarded the Golden Eyes Congrats!!!

LCL Shaolin for your unbelievable flying in tour 6 and having the highest score you are herby awarded the tour champions award congrats!!!

Well that’s all I have to cover in medals for right now, so let’s go head and move on to the next topic.

Section D: Promotion’s

Well since this the last time we will be called the IBG I figure we will have quite a few promotions, so here we go.

GEN Himm El-Syna for your everlasting impression in the IBG you are herby promoted to Commodore congrats!
MGN Chris Horn "Kicks" For always being there to support the IBG I herby promote you to Lieutenant General Congrats!
MGN James Nightwolf Davidson for always helping out the ibg when ever help was needed i herby promotes you to Lieutenant General congrats!
BGN Ton Matty you have been a prime example of what an IBG pilot should be Loyal, Fierce, and Good natured I herby promote you to Major General Congrats!
LCM Galic Mars you have always reported and flown quite a bit for your excellent service I herby promote you to Commander congrats!
LCL Shaolin for your dedication to the IBG and your willingness to step up as Phalcun CO I herby promote you to Colonel Congrats!!

Well I think that should cover promotions, Congratulations gentlemen and good luck!

Section E: Final Words

Well some times words just can't sum it all up, regardless here I go.

Pilot's looking back in my time in the IBG I can not tell you how proud I am to have served with such a great group! I hope to see you guys again once the merger has occurred,
You guys where more than just friends or commrad's you guys where family to me, I hope you all cherish on all the times we shared together, and never forget the many times we had together, as finish my last few days as IBG CO I would like to comment this.... you guys... are the best bunch of crazy pilots and CO would be proud to have, and I look forward to serving with you guys in the VSG!

So remember the IBG may not exist after a short while....but it will always live on in our hearts!

Pilots!!! You are dismissed.

Intrepid Battle Group Commanding officer BGN Anton "Ups" Nels


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