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The VSG Explained

By MGN Rekio Corsair
Unit: Vigilance Starfighter Group
General Announcement, Nov 24, 2006
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Greetings Everyone,

Welcome to the Vigilance Strike Fleet. Now that the merger as been successfully competed, I thought I would take the time to explain some of the new policies as well as hopefully clarify some confusing topics.

VSG 101
First and foremost, please the note that VSG 101 hasn't been released yet. It will be out shortly, we're just waiting on Heavy and Himm to finish them up.

Command Staff
Something I forgot to mention in my email, is the VSGCS. For now, I would prefer to handle everything hands-on, so I have no plans to appoint a XO, SO, or TCO. However, I do appreciate the enthusiasm of the members who have come to me offer their assistance and expressing an interest to become more involved in the operation of the VSG.

As of now, Dagger, Dragon, Phalcun, Ragnarok, Red Dragon, and Resurrection Squadrons are the active squadrons with Marshall serving as the training unit. In regards to squadron placement, I did my best to work around conflicts where pilots where in multiple squadrons or their squadron was decommissioned. If you would like to request to move to another squadron let me know. Note: You cannot be assigned to two squadrons at once.

Basic membership requirements of the VSG are that pilots report at least once every three months. Even reporting a zero counts as participation and will keep you from being AWOLed. Your squadron commander may enforce stricter guidelines, but these are my minimum requirements from everyone.

The VSG merits system is very different from the IBG and RgF merits. The RgF and IBG merits will be frozen to preserve your past accomplishments and the new VSG merits will start fresh. You can view the new merits system in more detail at:

Top Gun/Squad
Since the new merits measure overall activity for both pilots and squadrons they will be used to determine the Top Gun and Top Squadron for each month. The traditional Top Gun, Top Squadron, and Best Narrative medals will continue to be awarded each month.

Balance of Power
Also remember that a very significant change to note is that VSG missions will be based on the Balance of Power expansion pack. If you don not have a copy of BoP, you need to acquire one. Additionally, members looking to acquire either XWA or XvT/BoP should contact me for further assistance (i.e. there is a way for you to get them for free). Also let your friends know this so we can increase our membership.

The missions will also be conducted differently now that both XWA and XvT/BoP are supported by the same unit. Two missions will be available each month; one for XWA and one for BoP. Pilots can report on both missions and it is my hope that you do. The PHP mission reporter ( has been modified to accommodate both missions.

First Reports
The mission reporter also features a "first report" option. From now on, we want you to report your first attempt at any mission you do, regardless of your performance. It is imperative that you remember to report your first report. I can't really stress that enough.

Lastly, please note that according to the fictional storyline, the RgF and IBG still exist for the moment and fictionally speaking pilots are currently on shore leave at Tarsonis after the completion of the respective Tours of Duty. That sounds confusing, so be sure to ask Vaughan or myself if you need someone to clear that up.

So in summary:
* Merger completed.
* 101 out soon.
* Report once every 3 months.
* IBG/RgF merits unchanged.
* Merits determine Top honors.
* We use Balance of Power now.
* You can fly both missions.
* Report your first attempt.

If you have any comments or questions, please contact me so that I can address them.

-Brig. Gen. Rekio Corsair


CPT Redfren - Sat Nov 25 2006, 2:56am
Thanks for providing all this information I look forward to the comming events I'll start my work on the training right away.
MGN Adam Mieter - Tue Nov 28 2006, 12:38pm
Yeah, me too. I better go back to the sim, before my bones get too rusty...
2LT Jackson "Blackjack" Porter - Sat Dec 09 2006, 9:23pm
Thanks for the explinations here! They help answer a few questions I had about the game and what exactly goes on, and what exactly one can do in the game!