Rebel Squadrons

RID ITOD 101 - Battle of Blerthmore

By COL Luren "DaLe" Ketan
Unit: Redemption Fleet
Wing NL, Nov 30, 2006
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-=Rebel Squadrons’ Domed Command Complex, Blerthmore, 44:2:27:03:01=-

The sound of the alarm woke LCM Luren "DaLe" Ketan immediately getting him to his feet within a second.
"Red alert! Imperial ships have entered space around Blerthmore. All men to their stations!"

Luren Ketan grabed the ringing comlink: "Ketan."
"Over forty Imperial ships have entered the area." informed him the RID officer on duty.
"Contact all task COs to assemble their officers and leave for orbit. I'll be leaving for orbit as soon as I get to my shuttle.", replied Ketan while he was already on his way to the hangar where the Lambda-Shuttle Kamo was placed.

The RID officers just arrived one day before for some briefings and meetings of more relaxing nature, which were the reason why Ketan wasn't sleeping in vicinity of the hangar. While he was making his way through the crowds of people floating the corridors, he contacted the Shuttle Kamo's pilot: "We'll be leaving for the Redemption as soon as I get to the hangar."
"Kamo will be hot and ready." came as reply from the shuttle's pilot through the comlink.


"Entering the ISD Redemption's hangar."

Ketan was having a last look on the state of the battle before he prepared for leave to the Redemtion's bridge:

On the side of the RS there were:

Calamari Cruiser: Rebel Fist
ISD: Redemption
VSD: Resurrection II
2 A/FRGs: Titan and Chiin'tal
2 Gunships: Bayonet and Daunter
2 Golan III Stations: Raptor and BASE Stalwart, which were orbiting Blerthmore

The Imperials had still left 13 ships:

ISD: Emmisary
VSD: Necromancer
INT: Prohibitor
4 FRGs: Thorn, Wasp, Cleaver, Harpoon
2 Tartains: Despair, Extinguisher
CRV: Pyrotechnic
2 GSPs: Hymn of Battle, Phoenix Rising, Maw


"Lets destroy these remaining Imperial ships!"


So, the RID ITOD 101 mission is here, calling for your help to defend the Rebel Squadrons. The install and settings instructions can be found below.

We now will be able to add ITOD reports to a scoretable in the RS ITOD section:

On the above link you can also download the 101 mission. Just click download next to ' RID 101 '.

We will also have a score system for the ITOD, giving you the opportunity to play for better scores after your 'first run report'. I'll send details concerning that later, for now send me your 'first run report'.

Btw, I will also be adding the older 4 missions and their reports into the RS ITOD section, so they will be available for downloading later.

As for the settings and stuff:

To get into action you have to save the mission file to your EaW/GameData/Data/CustomMaps folder. (If you have saved the game into its default directory, you should find the EaW directory in the C:/Program Files/Lucasarts directory)

In game choose single player - skirmish - space - custom maps , pick the RID 101 mission and you are ready to go.

- Set the AI difficulty to medium.
- Heroes and superweapons: off.
- Starting units: on.
- Credits: 5000
- Victory Conditions: Destroy all enemy ships

- Take a screenshot of the screen that appears after the battle ends - the screen where you can see your losses and kills!! Report your first run.

(A great screen capture utility is Fraps. Screenshots will be taken by fraps into a directory you define. You can get Fraps at this site: It is highly recommended.

You can also use the 'print screen' button on your keyboard, and Ctrl+v it into the Win painting programe. )

- Send me an email with the 'first run' screenshot as a .jpg or .gif file.

The deadline for the RID ITOD 101 mission is 30th December.

LCM Luren "DaLe" Ketan
Righteous Indignation Division CO
Usagi Task Force CO


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