Rebel Squadrons

(44:2:23) Gold ITOD 2.01 Narrative

By BGN Gavin Starseeker
Unit: Patriot Starfighter Group
Squadron NL, Dec 28, 2006
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Date: 44:2:23 Time: 2130 Hours
Aboard the Calamari Cruiser Windstorm

Lieutenant General Joshua Hawkins paced up and down his office aboard the Windstorm. Every so often, he would open the door of the small cooler unit nestled beneath his desk and examine its contents. Every since the battle and subsequent retreat from the White Guard Fleet, his personal collection and ration of drinks had slowly dwindled. Yet, the more he thought over those events, what he could have done, who had died, the more he stared at the inside of the cooler. But at the same time, Josh's mind mulled over the reassuring words of Mike "Macman" McEwen, as he tried to come to terms with the events of the past few days. He also reasoned that it would be a long time before supplies arrived from Blerthmore.

Josh stopped pacing and sat heavily down at his desk. As he activated the personal workstation to begin working on the next move of the PBF, the door chime sounded. Whatever emotion he felt was gone from his voice as he called "Come in!", but he secretly welcomed the distraction.

Brigadier General Gavin Phalon entered the room. Although Josh had purposely avoided seeing any pilots since the retreat, he was thankful to see one now, especially the experienced CO of Gold Squadron. He rose from the seat and saluted the veteran, who returned the gesture, somehow with both respect and yet a small amount of amusement. It wasn't in Gavin's nature to remain serious about everything all the time, even in this difficult time for the PBF. Gavin sat down at the spare chair with a easy grace.

"Yes, General, what can I do for you?" asked Josh.

"Well, Sir, the pilots and I at Gold Squadron have been talking over the recent battle and retreat. About how the Imps knew we were there at that time and how to attack us. Whether General Kineer could have known, or whether he was a spy." said Gavin. A vision of a mutiny flashed before Josh's eyes, but only for a second. Gavin wouldn't do that.

"Well, Gav, he seems pretty genuine to me, If you mean that I made the wrong decision..." said Josh.

Gavin chuckled at this.

"No, it's not that. Whether it was the right or wrong decision at the time doesn't matter now.

"What matters is what we're going to do about it. The Imps must be spying or monitoring us in another way. That is why I'm here. General, I ask for permission for Gold Squadron to investigate how the White Guard Fleet is able to track us, and put a stop to it.".

Josh was reluctant about this, however.

"I'm not sure about this. I mean, the Crimson Ghost, Echo Hawk and the Warden are in no shape to fight right now, they're already on their way back to Blerthmore now, so I've already lost some of our capital ships. We need all the pilots we can get right now to defend the fleet until they return. Especially so, as we can't rely on reinforcements from Blerthmore."

Gavin was undeterred. "Sir, we've been hammered in the last few days. The enemy knew exactly where to strike us, and how... as if they expected us there. If we don't find out how they're doing this, then I don't like our chances, regardless of how we respond. We could lose more than two frigates and a corvette. Permanently." The usual excitement from Gavin's voice had vanished, something Josh had rarely seen. "Whatever is done from here on in, the enemy's ability to track us must be stopped."

Josh weighed the possibilities as he regarded Gavin with a pensive look on his face. "You realize that any operations you conduct will be from the McGrath. I can't spare any capital ships for a mobile base of operations."

Gavin took that in with a nod. "Understood. With the current state of the fleet, the last thing we need is to further weaken our position. 'Sides, I could never cope with moving house. New sheets are always itchy."

Josh had to smile at that as he stood up and stiffened formally. "Alright, Gav, you have your wish. General, I formally release Gold Squadron to conduct an investigation into Imperial troop movements, surveillance operations and fleet strength. Anything you can do to hamper Imperial operations will count for something, believe me." Gavin stood and snapped a formal salute before turning for the door. He stopped as Josh cleared his throat.

"Anything else, Josh?" asked Gavin, curiously.

There was a twinkle in Josh's eye as he said, "Who ever dreamed up this plan in Gold Squadron can have my last bottle of Corellian ale. I like his thinking." Gavin smiled as he accepted the bottle from Josh. "I'll be sure to tell him, sir. Good night." Josh watched him go, before sitting back down. He wondered, vaguely, why this small gesture made him feel so much better.


Date: 44:2:25 Time: 1600 Hours
Aboard the Calamari Cruiser McGrath

Gavin cleared his throat as he gazed at the pilots under his command. Gold Squadron had reassembled after their debriefing aboard the Windstorm a couple days ago, and the meeting between Gerneral Hawkins and himself. He took a last-second look at his notes before speaking.

"All right gentlemen, listen up. I know that you're anxious to know what I've called you here for. The reason is the recent attacks by the White Guard Fleet. Some of you will no doubt remember that name."

He paused for effect, catching the eyes of both Major General Chris Earthkeeper and Brigadier General Stalker Koehler. Both had served with Gold Squadron during PBF Tour 4, and had previously fought against the White Guard. Koehler closed his eyes as he remembered the deaths of friends and the devastation wrought throughout the sector.

Gavin continued, "Essentially we need to know how the White Guard Fleet was able to find us, both when they attacked and when the damaged starships were sent back to Rebel Squadrons Headquarters. We also need to know what connection the White Guard have with Imperial Remnant forces. The first time we met the White Guard, the two didn't get along all that well. That may be different this time. Either way, we need to know, if the PBF is going to stop them this time."

Again, the pause. Stalker raised his hand.

"So, maybe the Guard and the Imps are working together?" he said.

Gavin sighed. "At this point, Intel has not been able find out, Stalks. But you can frakkin' bet we are going to find out."

Stalker seemed to chew on the answer for just a moment before responding, “We?”

“Right,” Gavin continued. "I've gotten permission from the PBF Command Staff to conduct an investigation into these matters. The higher priority objective at the moment is the sudden ability of the enemy to track us. Deep Space probes, hidden transmissions, however their doing it, this is the first thing. Otherwise there may not be a Patriot Battle Fleet, or even a Rebel Squadrons, to come back to."

He let this hang in the air, reflecting only for a moment about the obvious melodrama of the statement. "Once that's done, we'll turn to relationship of the White Guard and the Remnant."

Earthkeeper piped up. "Maybe we could turn them against each other, General."

Gavin chuckled at this. "Perhaps. We should look into that assuming the White Guard and Imperials are in bed together. If they are anything like the old Guard, loyalty to promises made means nothing. We can use that against them.”

"For now, though, we'll be giving the PBF some breathing space so that we can repair and rearm, and get back our damaged warships. We've been getting reports lately of heavy Imperial traffic in several systems in the Minos Cluster. Suffice it to say, the reports and holos we've been getting from probes in these systems suggests multiple convoys. They could be resupplying WG ships. So, we'll be hitting the next one to arrive in the Drenner system. Whoever they're supplying is going to miss out on their next ration of Nerf steaks.

"The squad will be divided up for this mission; 3 pilots will be assigned X-Wings to command the strike force. They will cover the 3-ship Y-Wing force as they assault the convoy. The convoys escort is likely to consist of corvettes and gunboats, so stay on your toes."

There were a few mutters and moans from the squad as they wondered who would have to pilot the Y-Wings. Gavin ignored this as he continued.

"At the same time, keep an eye out for any ships that could be carrying secret data or documents. This will prove very useful for determining the White Guard/Imp connection, or possible research data on new deep-space scanners. Whatever you find, we use, to put it mildly. 2 Y-Wings will be on station to disable any such ship. Transport Striker will then arrive to conduct a boarding. Other than that, this should be pretty easy. Any questions?"

There were none. General Petr Tagge Margul called out "Shotgun on an X-Wing!". There were a few chuckles amongst the Squadron, including Gavin.

“Well you'll be happy then PM, because its your lucky day,” Gavin said. He shifted his gaze towards Gold Squadron's Executive Officer. “Ace?”

“Go ahead CO,” Farlander responded.

“You're honcho on this one. You'll be flying the Xs. Margul and Seeks will be on your wings.”

A smile crept onto Ace's face. “Roger that Lead. You can be sure we'll take care of business.”

“Excellent.”Gavin said. “Stalks and EK, you boys have won the Pregnant Yak sweepstakes and will be taking the Y-wings in on support.”

Chris let out an audible groan as Stalker nodded in confirmation. “You really do like to pick on us oldies, don'tcha Gav?” Stalker commented.

“Indeed Stalks, indeed,” smiled Gavin. “Let's just say that your years of flight experience better prepare you for dealing with those boats.”

“Good thing we still have my special Y on board or I'd be Sith out of luck,” quiped Earthkeeper. “Much as a usually hater her, we do have a good time every once in a great while. Guess I'll have to hope that this time out is one of the good ones. Ohhh yeah, a really goood time!”

“Chris, I'm not sure the squadron needed to hear that...,” Gavin said. “And... no extra socks in the cockpit this time out, roger?” Earthkeeper's jaw nearly hit the floor as the rest of the squadron burst into laughter.

Gavin gave everyone a few moments to gain their composure before continuing. “Ups, while I know you'd prefer to be in a fighter, I'm going to need you expertise aboard the Striker on this one. Think you can handle chumming it up with some grunts on the transport?”

“No problem CO, I'm happy to serve as needed,” said Anton. Nels. “Though I've got dibs on one of the X-wings the next time out.”

“Fair enough. Well, that's it, then. We are a go in 45 minutes, so prepare to saddle up.” Gavin stopped for a moment. “Ace, bring them home safe. Fly fast, shoot straight, and as always, GO FOR THE GOLD!!!"

As everyone turned to leave, Gavin stopped the younger Gavin Starseeker before he could reach the exit.

"Hey, Seeks, forgetting something?"

Starseeker gave a quizzical look at this. ", Sir?"

Gavin tossed the bottle of Corellian Ale at him, which Starseeker fumbled but caught. "I owe you this, kid. Just don't let me catch you bringing it with you on missions." Gavin gave the recruit a wink.

Starseeker could only smile as he saluted, almost as an afterthought, before racing after the others to prep for mission launch.


Date: 44:2:25 Time: 1700 Hours
Aboard the Calamari Cruiser McGrath - Hanger

"What do you mean you cant fit me in the ship?! I've flown Y-Wings before!"

"The thing is, General," the chief tech told Earthkeeper, "the Y-Wing that you've been using was specially designed for your larger frame. That particular Y-Wing is currently disassembled. We didn't know you'd be needing again so soon. After all, the last time you said you never wanted to see that, what was it you call it...? Oh yes, frakking piece of bantha poodoo ever again."

Chris couldn't believe what he was hearing. "If this happens again, I'll be sure you get to fly in space. Without the benefit of a suit or ship, is that understood?"

The chief tech rolled her eyes, "Completely, sir."

“Is what understood Chief?” asked Gavin as he came walking up on the pair.

Before the tech could answer, Chris cut in. “Gav, look what they've done to my Yak!” Earthkeeper yelled pointing over to the out of commission Y-wing sitting in the far corner of the hanger. “That Y-wing and I have a special relationship! Plus we all know that I have a larger frame than the average pilot. How the Sith am I supposed to squeeze into one of the other regular fighters?”

Phalon took a moment to assess the situation before giving an answer. “You're not. I'm switching you up with Anton on this one. You get to ride with the grunts on the Striker.” He turned to address the tech, “And Chief, make sure you get the General's Yak bumped up on the priority list for repairs. Gold is short on pilots as it is right now, and I can't afford to lose anymore due to needless discrepancies. Now we have ships launching in the next few minutes, so I suggest you get back on task.”

“Roger sir,” responded the chief tech as offered a salute and then returned to her duties.

“Gav, thanks for sticking up for my baby there. But... you're sticking me on the transport? Sith! Chris complained. “Well, in that case, can I at least bring the extra sock?”

“Frak, bring it if you want Chris,” Gavin chuckled. “But remember, you'll be in tight quarters with a bunch of hardened commandos. Just keep that in mind.”Both officers exchanged salutes and Earthkeeper then turned to leave. “One more thing EK.”

“What's that CO?” replied Chris.

“Try and find some time for a little more exercise now and again. That way we wouldn't run into these... issues in the first place.” said Gavin.

Chris looked taken aback for a moment. “Come on Gav, cut me some slack. I've been hitting the jump rope religiously over the last week or so. Dropped about four kilos too.”

Gavin leaned his head to the side as he examined Earthkeeper's profile. “Keep Jumping."


That was the narrative for Gold 201! Although the tour started several weeks ago, I'll be posting the narratives and results of each mission here on the website.

Although this is a Gold Tour, I heartily encourage anyone to fly it! You can download it from the PBF Website, under "Old Missions".

Have Fun!

~Gavin Starseeker



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