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December 2006 Results

By MGN Rekio Corsair
Unit: Vigilance Starfighter Group
Basic Announcement, Jan 05, 2007
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I just realized that even though I announced the results for December a couple days ago on IRC, I never actually sent an email about it.

So, for December, our first Top Gun is David Pasiechnyk, who also wrote the best narrative for this month and earned a total of 29 merits. The first Top Squadron is Dragon, who had 163 points total with 73% participation. You can review the full results for December online at:

Overall, the VSG had 41 pilots reporting on one or more missions, which is roughly 61% participation division wide. I think this was a fairly decent start given that this is the time of year when finals, holidays and family stuff keep people from flying. I was more impressed by the number of retirees that came back to fly since this shows that people are excited by the new unit and by the inter-division storyline.

In regards to the missions, except for the people who had 101b crash on them (including me) they were widely commented as some of the best XvT and XWA missions ever played. This is just another feather in the hat for the TacOps (Raven, Heavy, Himm, DaLe, and Vaughan) crew coordinated by the Logistics Office, who was given the Organizational Excellence Award for their remarkable performance and effort in executing this huge undertaking that was RID/VSG101.

As a note, several reports were received after the deadline on Dec 30. They were posted on the site as zeros anyway, those of you who got added have the Executive Officer, Major Kovani, to thank. In the future, no report received after the deadline will be posted, as zeros or otherwise.

The next missions will be out whenever Anton and Cable finish them. If you are unhappy about waiting, feel free to pester them relentlessly. Until then, feel free to enjoy the various MP competitions going on such as the ICTE (Saturdays, #outerrim) and WoW.

Lastly, a little update on me. I haven't been on IRC much because it doesn't seem to work in the office anymore. Also, remember I changed timezones back to EST when I flew back to the US. School start here on Jan 8, which blows, but shouldn't take up much more time than it did when I was in Korea.

Anyway, I think that's it. Congrats to Heavy and Dragon and a special thanks to the TacOps group for making 101 such a success.

-Maj. Gen. Rekio Corsair


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