Rebel Squadrons

Righteous Indignation Division NL January '07

By COL Luren "DaLe" Ketan
Unit: Redemption Fleet
Wing NL, Jan 09, 2007
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Hello everyone,

sorry for the amount of time it took me to send you an email. I had been busy with RL and also waiting to get permission to release the RID 102 mission. Unfortunally the VSG flight sim missions are not totaly completed yet but hopefully I will be able to provide you with the RID 102 mission within this week.

Concerning the RID 101 and a few other things:

1) RID 101
2) Medals
3) Merits
4) Multiplayer events - RID Space Battle Royale

1) RID 101

We had a very nice outcome of 24 reporting RID members in the 101 mission. No other than GEN Michael Raven took first place with no losses and a time of 1:46. MGN Cyrel Vandroth followed on second place with no losses and a time of 1:59.
Congratulations to both and thanks for pointing out an issue I forgot to mention in the 101 instructions. In 102 and future missions only average game speed will be allowed. :)

The top Task Force was Chisha, which had also the highest percentage of reporting members (9 of 12).

Four narratives have been written for the mission. You can find the narratives on the RID boards. Thank you for writing them.

RID merits have been updated.

2) Medals

Thanks to our IO Joshua Hawkins, the RID has now it's own section for medals:

Amongst the new awards are ITOD ribbons for 1st to 3rd place, reporting as member of top TF and a few combat awards.

The combat medals will be awarded also for the ER events that happened so far, once I find a bit time for it.

3) Merits

The merits system has been updated a bit. You can check it in the appropriate thread on the RID boards.

4) Multiplayer events

a) Invasionweek IV

IW4 finished last week with two participating players:

DaLe - 5 matches
Xque - 2 matches


Just to remind you that, ICTE takes place each Saturday on the IRC channel #outerrim . Merits for it will be awarded as stated in the appropriate thread on the boards.

c) RID Space Battle Royale

From now until 31st January you will be able to participate in the RID Space Battle Royale. Here are the rules:

- Only Space maps are allowed
- Games have to be even 1v1s, 2v2s, 3v3s, 4v4s, 1v1v1s, etc.
- No AI allowed
- Only RID members shall participate in matches
- Matches are to be reported by winner by sending a screenshot of the destroyed station to DaLe
- Maps should be appropriate to number of players (eg. 2 player map for 2 players, etc.)

Settings for the matches shall be:
Starting units: ON
Heroes, Superweapons: OFF
Credits: 4000
Victory Conditions: destroy enemy station

For balance reasons, in EaW two matches should be played, with sides changing faction after the 1st match. In FoC one match is enough (as players can pick factions as they wish).

For each played match each player will receive 1 RS merit and 1 RID merit (+1 RS merit and +1 RID merit for win).

To make things a bit more interesting, every player will be able to collect Battle Royale points for his/her Task Force, as follows:

For each match played each player will earn 1 BR point for his/her Task Force,
unless matches are inter-Task Force. For each played inter-TF match each player will earn 2 BR points for his/her Task Force.

Inter-TF matches are those where no player is playing against a member of his/her TF. So, examples of inter-TF would be eg.: TF 1 member vs. TF 2 member in 1v1, or TF 1 member + TF 2 member vs. two TF 3 members in 2v2, etc.

I will update ongoing results at least twice a week in an appropriate thread on the boards.

LCM Luren "DaLe" Ketan
Righteous Indignation Division CO
Task Force Usagi CO


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