Rebel Squadrons

Commando Division NL January '07

By COL Luren "DaLe" Ketan
Unit: Redemption Fleet
Wing NL, Jan 19, 2007
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Hello everyone,

let's get straight to a summary of activities that are and will be available to you:

3) Multiplayer activities
4) IRC
5) Open positions


As you might have noticed, both the MMOC for BF and BFII have been released. Info on each mission can be found on the CD boards.
Let's see some more reports coming in. :)

In case of problems/questions, use the boards or contact the MMOC moderator.


The MMC is supposed to be a MP MMOC without the O for Offline. The rules are as follows:

- The current BFII MMOC map MMD, is to be played by two players in co-op. (both players need to have the map installed)
- Map to be played Conquest - Galactic Civil War area.
- Both players play the map as Imperials.

- AI bots per team: 22
- AI difficulty on Elite
- Heroes: off
- Player names: off
- Reinforcements: 200 percent (300 in game)
- No time limit
- Awards: on

- Each player will be able to play as often as he/she wishes with as many partners as he/she wishes.
- A two men team sends an email with the best score (team VPs) to report. Each player may play with another player for another report.
- Each of the two players will receive 6 CD merits for a report.
- The player with the higher performance reports with screenshot to DaLe.

- The two men team with the highest VP score earns 1st place.
- Deadline is 4th February.

Contact me if you should have questions concerning the rules. Standings will be updated on the CD boards.

3) Multiplayer activities

a) Conquest Week
The BFII Conquest Week started today and will be on until Thursday midnight (EST). I will try to get some matches in, and hopefully so will you. :)

If you never participated in a Conquest Week before, but you would be interested in, then contact me, Whisper and/or Reb Jaxra. Us three are online quite often, and either of us will be able to show you how to get matches in.

As usualy, ICTE will be tomorrow Saturday from midday to midnight EST on the IRC channel #outerrim . It is possible get BFII matches in, and remember you can also play against fellow RS members.

c) ORW3 Practice Scrimmage
The Outer Rim War 3 (ORW3) is about to start soon (plan is in about 2 weeks). If you don't know, the ORW3 will be a longterm inter-clan MP competition, which will take place on the IRC channel #outerrim. For more info on the ORW3, have a look here:

This Sunday (21st January) will be held (midday to midnight EST) on IRC channel #outerrim a Practice Scrimage, to try the ORW bot and stuff. I recommend to visit this event to have a look at the competition and to get used to IRC before ORW3 starts.

4) IRC

Many of you probably haven't used IRC before. ORW3 will be every weekend, so I advise you start using it. :)

Two programes that can be used for IRC, are mIRC and Xchat . You can find tutorials on how to use both of them here:

Xchat might be a bit easier to use. In case you should have problems getting IRC run even with the tutorials, try pjIRC or jIRC (on the link above), which are web browser based applications for IRC.

5) Open positions

Hereby I take now applications for the following two positions:
Avatar Platoon CO
Cronos Platoon CO

A platoon CO will be expected to stay in contact with the platoon's members, to be around regularly and of course to make the RS a better place.

If you would like to become a platoon CO, send me an email with info on:

- why would you like to become a platoon CO
- what do you expect from the platoon CO position

Feel free to list any RS/non-RS experience you might have that might come in handy.
No previous command experience is required if you are eager to learn new things.

LCM Luren "DaLe" Ketan
Commando Division CO


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