Rebel Squadrons

RID 102 - Defence of Subterrel Strike Force

By COL Luren "DaLe" Ketan
Unit: Redemption Fleet
Wing NL, Jan 23, 2007
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The ships of the Subterrel Strike Force were slowly drifting through space, accompanied by about a dozen of transports and some fighter squadrons on patrol patterns. The Strike Force was awaiting the return of the A-Wings, which went on their recon missions.

Luren Ketan was sitting in his office, reading the status reports of the Strike Force's ships. It seemed that all 17 ships were fully operational and ready for orders in case the recon missions would require immediate action.
Ketan activated his ringing comlink.
"Any news from the A..", Ketan interrupted his question as the red alarm started to sound.
"Hostile ships just dropped out of hyperspace about 2 clicks in front of our transports. It seems we have the company of 2 ISDs, 3 VSDs, 4 Acclamators and 2 Broadsides. Fighters are engaging to intercept enemy bombers.", reported the RID officer on duty.
"Put me through to the Task Forces, and make sure two corvettes will protect the Redemption as fighter defense. I am afraid the captain will be trying to welcome our new guests sooner than anyone else."
"Roger, sir. Link established."
"RID officers on all ships, make sure to concentrate your firepower with each other. Don't let your ships drift away. And someone get those transports out of the line of fire. Ketan out."


The RID 102 mission has been finally released. You can download the mission file here:

To get into action you have to unzip the mission file and save it to your EaW/GameData/Data/CustomMaps folder. (If you have saved the game into its default directory, you should find the EaW directory in the C:/Program Files/Lucasarts directory)

In game choose single player - skirmish - space - custom maps , pick the RID 102 mission and you are ready to go.

Play as Rebels, and put one AI as Empire.

- Set the AI difficulty to medium.
- Heroes and superweapons: off.
- Starting units: on.
- Credits: 5000
- Victory Conditions: Destroy enemy
- Mission to be played on medium game speed. (if you haven't changed it, it should be on medium by default)

Extra objective:
Make sure our ship the ISD Redemption survives. Loss of the ISD will be considered mission failure and 1000 points will be deducted from the score.

- Take a screenshot of the screen that appears after the battle ends - the screen where you can see your losses and kills. Report your first run!

- To report the mission, send me an email with the 'first run' screenshot as a .jpg or .gif file.

(A great screen capture utility is Fraps. Screenshots will be taken by fraps into a directory you define. You can get Fraps at this site: It is highly recommended.

You can also use the 'print screen' button on your keyboard, and Ctrl+v it into the Win painting programe. )

After reporting your first run, you can feel free to replay the mission as often as possible for your best result, which you can then email me.

The deadline for the RID ITOD 102 mission is 24th February.

The ITOD scoring system can be found in the appropriate thread on the RID boards.

The thread for 102 narratives has the names of the participating ships listed.

Have fun,

LCM Luren "DaLe" Ketan
Righteous Indignation Division CO


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