Rebel Squadrons

(44:3:18)Gold 2.04: Satellite Sweep

By BGN Gavin Starseeker
Unit: Patriot Starfighter Group
Squadron NL, Feb 10, 2007
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Gavin Phalon strode smoothly into the briefing room aboard the McGrath. It had been several days since the successful capture

of a spy aboard the Windstorm, but since then there had been little for Gold Squadron to do. Until now that is, as he stood

to attention at the podium. He cleared his throat; all the available members of Gold were there, on the edge of their seats;

lack of combat or flying had made them restless.

"Okay, guys, time to get down to business..." there was an audible cry of "Finally" from Chris Earthkeeper interrupting at


"EK, you're off Seek's tab. As I was saying, we finally have a mission. Seems that the White Guard have gone into overdrive

ever since that spy got captured a few days ago. If our probes are anything to go by, their ships have been trawling through

open space and near the major star systems throughout the Cluster. Seems they are putting out hundreds of surveillance


"Satellites? Like that will achieve much." Stalker said.

"Maybe, but the PBF CO too jumpy right now to allow them to remain where the Imps might be able to keep tabs on us again.

Plus, the fact that these pseudo-Imperial pirates all of a sudden have a sithload of satellites is even more of a worry. But

for now, we'll settle for buying time, rather than another sneak attack."

He activated the holoprojector and loaded system maps for the Cluster. Prominent red dots marked the satellites in each


"Nothing like a bit of target practise. All we have to do is destroy as many satellites as possible. Since their acting like

the Empire did, it's reasonable to expect mines protecting the satellites. You might even catch a ship or two while their

laying the satellites so watch out for that as well. I know it's boring, but let's face it, better to fight the enemy on our

terms than theirs.



Sorry for the late release of this mission, everyone. Real Life has impacted me somewhat, as has some of the other Goldies.

In fact, I regret that I will be out of contact for the next month or so due to RL hitting me with a new job and moving

interstate. Don't worry though, as I have a plan for continuing the tour even in my absence :) More info on this to come


In the meantime, here is Gold204. All you must do is destroy all the satellites. Easy? Well, you have to worry about more

than just the mines here...

Mission Results for Gold203:
Petr Tagge Margul: 62779
Gavin Starseeker: 45130
Gavin Phalon: 41053
Chris Earthkeeper: -1824

Congrats to PM for Top Gun!

Good Luck, and GO FOR THE GOLD!!!

Mission Due: 24th February, 2007, Midnight EST (GMT-5)

~Gavin Starseeker


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