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ORW3:SC Battle 2 Results NL

By FA Michael Raven
Unit: The Rebel Squadrons
Narrative, Feb 15, 2007
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-=Battle Results=-

The winning faction in Battle 2 was the Imperial Faction, chalking up over 1,000 points mainly due to a dominance in JO across the competition. Fortunately, the RS and more generally the Rebel Faction came in second place; with the Sith faction taking third place. Total cumulative scores for the event weekend were: 1277-823-753. To see the results sheet, please visit the ORW3 "results" page. Fictionally, the factions have faught back to their original standing points; with each faction maintaining four planetary systems. To check out these fictional results, please look at the ORW3 "maps" page.


Taking into account the first week and second week standings for RS members, the total cumulative scores for each member are as follows:

Week 1:

Jester - 3/21 - Anchorhead Key
Blastfire - 6/2 - Anchorhead Key
Agent Yoda - 3/0 - Valiance Combat Citation
Raven - 7/0 - Endor Victory Citation
Dave - 0/5 - Valiance Combat Citation
Olith - 0/11 - Heroic Combat Citation
Starseeker - 3/0
Odin - 1/2 - Valiance Combat Citation
HeavyD - 1/1 - 3
Kane - 1/1 - 3
Jotheb - 1/0 - 2

Week 2:

JO - 52 matches

Jester - 1/22 - Anchorhead Key
Gavin Starseeker - 0/18 - Anchorhead Key
Anton - 1/8 - Valiance Combat Citation
Kaz - 1/0
Sair - 1/0

EaW - 27 matches

Raven - 17/0 - Alliance Dagger
Joshua Mumishi - 5/0 - Valiance Combat Citation
Jester - 2/1
Gavin Starseeker - 0/1
Kane Redron - 0/1

BFII - 3 matches

Reb Jaxra - 0/3 - Valiance Combat Citation

JA - 3 matches

Kane Redron - 0/3

-=Next Battle=-

you can see we are attempting to make the listings look more 'fashionable' for these NLs, listing each person's game, wins/losses, and the medal awarded to the individual for participation. Please note, that for ORW III the time spent waiting for matches using the !signup feature is being counted toward total time, as well as the actual match time. Please refer to the medals page on the Wiki or our OO for questions. RS Merits have been updated.

Battle 3 of the Subterrel Conflict will be next weekend, February 17th and 18thAs . Fortunately for our flyboys, we have managed to acquire an additional clubs from the well known WoW competitions; TFA. Grab your flight sticks and make sure to attend Outer Rim War III: The Subterrel Conflict, Battle 3, and bring your A game.

Commodore Michael Raven
Executive Officer


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