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ORW3:SC Battle 3 Results NL

By FA Dave Trebonious-Astoris
Unit: The Rebel Squadrons
Narrative, Feb 21, 2007
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Greetings, RS members.

Battle 3 of Outer Rim War 3: The Subterrel Conflict took place this past weekend. The RS made a very strong showing, with 14 members participating. The RS scored the second-most points of any individual club involved. The competition itself was massive, with 317 matches being played. In happy news, more XvT and BF2 was played this week than previously. While JO remained the most popular game, BF2 matches made up a substantial minority, and there were more XvT matches that the first two weeks of the competition combined. More news will come at the end, but for now, read on to see the results.

=Battle Results=-

The winning faction in Battle 3 was the Sith Faction, coming up with a remarkable 1,458 points. The Imperial faction took second with 1,226 points, and the RS and Rebel faction came in third with 922 points. The RS did very well, but our allies, the NR5F and ELS did not provide much support. To see the results sheet, please visit the ORW3 "results" page. Fictionally, the Sith conquered one planetary system from the Rebel faction and one from the Imperial faction. The Sith now control 6 factions and the Rebels and Imperials now control 3 each. To check out these fictional results, please look at the ORW3 "maps" page.


We had a record-high 14 RS members participate in Battle 3. The RS member with the most matches played was Merlance, who played a whopping 35 matches. The member with the most total wins was Kaz, who went 17-4. The member with the highest winning percentage was Joshua Mumishi (AgentYoda) who went 7-0. RS merits have been updated for participating members. In addition, all participants will receive an Operational Development Pin. The following is a listing of all RS participants, their records in Battle 3, and any special medals they have won:

Merlance - 4/31 - Anchorhead Key Citation, Violet Cluster
Jester - 8/25 - Endor Victory Citation
Kaz - 17/4 - Anchorhead Key Citation
DaLe - 5/8/1 - Anchorhead Key Citation
AgentYoda - 7/0 - Heroic Combat Citation
Anton - 1/14 - Heroic Combat Citation, Violet Cluster
Jotheb - 3/2 - Valiance Combat Citation
HeavyD - 3/0
Reb Jaxra - 0/3 - Violet Cluster
Phil - 1/1/1
Hyde - 2/0
Davery - 0/2
Folen - 0/2
Max Reem - 0/2


There are several new items to report. First of all, both TFA and TRA, which are opponents the RS flies against in XvT WoWs, have joined ORW3. They will provide opponents for us to fight in XvT matches and hopefully in other games as well. You may arrange matches with them either in #Outerrim as usual or on EV. Also of note is that ORW3 now has a web-based reporting system. Just head to the homepage and click on "List Matches." When a new battle starts, there will be a link "Add Matches" as well. You may register for at this time and it is highly recommended, although not yet required.

-=Next Battle=-

Battle 4 of the Subterrel Conflict will be next weekend, February 24th and 25th. I hope that there will be many more XvT matches now that TRA and TFA are involved in the competition. Pilots, this weekend should be your chance to make a difference. RS participation is increasing, and as we continue to get more members involved and improve our skills, I believe we have a chance of defeating the Sith juggernaut led by the Dark Brotherhood. I hope to see you all this weekend in #Outerrim.

Dave Trebonious-Astoris
Fleet Commander

=The Rebel Squadrons=
A H.I.E.R. Organization: Honesty, Integrity, Equanimity, Respect


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