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RID Newsletter - March '07

By COL Luren "DaLe" Ketan
Unit: Redemption Fleet
Wing NL, Mar 23, 2007
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Hello everyone,

has been some time since my last NL, so lets get right to it. I have some regular stuff and some news for you:

1) Multiplayer
a) ORW3
b) Galaxyweek IV
c) Battle Royale April
d) Voice chat - Teamspeak
2) RID ITOD 103
3) Promotions
4) New members
5) Ninjin CO spot open for applications
6) RID members' fictional position in the SSF

1) Multiplayer

a) ORW3
The ORW3 is still on. No EaW inter-faction matches vs. DB have been played, and unfortunally it doesn't look like there will be any played this weekend.

I will post the results for each Battle after ORW3 ends. Merits have been updated for so far participation.

b) Galaxyweek IV

If you will be looking for EaW matches this weekend and after, Galaxyweek IV started a few hours ago and will be on for one week. Feel free to come out and play. And don't worry about your results. Please listen to a few tips to help the rating of the RS and your personal rating though:

There are two kinds of rating in Ecliptical Realms' events. The club rating and the player rating. In GW, your personal rating is determined by two participation values and three performance values. To improve your participation values, you have to play as many matches possible with most unique opponents possible. To improve your performance values, you have to play well.
The club rating values are then determined by the average player rating values of that club. So,

- once you participate in the GW, try to play as many matches as possible with as many unique opponents as possible (each different player you play against counts as unique opponent)
- As you will see scoring(/game points) is determined by kills and losses of cap ships (from tartans/corvs upwards). If you should play a better player, don't get fooled when your opponent gives you time eg. in a situation where s/he holds 3-4 mines and you have one. Each of your cap ships counts as points, and when you loss your station, you loss more points with a more upgraded station.
I am not asking you to not use cap ships at all, I am just asking you to not sent them headlessly into doom and not build cap ships or upgrade your station, when it is quite certain you are going to loss (eg. when you don't have any mine and your opponent has almost all mines).

Before participating in the event, please be sure to read the rules, which can be found here:

On the left bar can be found other links concering that event.

c) Battle Royale April

During the whole April you will be able to play and report RID internal matches in the Battle Royale April. Since GWIV ends 30th March 00:01 AM EST, you can make use also of Friday 30th and Saturday 31st March to play and report Battle Royale April matches.

The rules for this event will be posted on the RID forum latest after the weekend.

d) Voice chat - Teamspeak

It would be quite good, mainly for multiplayer issues, if RID members would start using Teamspeak (short TS) or use it more (if they have it). All you need for that is the TS programe and a microphone. Note that you can use TS also without a microphone, but it will be more efficently if you will be able to speak back.

Why is voice chat good for MP? Mainly because you can comunicate with your mates and concentrate meanwhile on something else, instead of having to concentrate on typing or reading.

The RS client can be downloaded here (for free):

When you will be setting up TS on your computer, please remember that it is advisable to use the push-to-talk option, which means that others will hear you only if you push a button you set (on keyboard or mouse). This is advisable because otherwise your mates might get annoyed by eventually listening to your breath and/or background noises all the time.

I am quite interested at the time being to keep track of how many and which members are interested and able to use TS, therefore please send me an email if you want to use TS, and I will send you the info on server and password. I will be on TS this Saturday night, and I will be willing to help if someone has problems with TS. If you need help you can always send me an email or try to find advice on the IRC channel #rid

Oh, and if you don't have a microphone yet, but intend to get it, I recommend to get rather a headset instead of a table microphone.

2) RID ITOD 103

Just a reminder that the 103 is due 31st March midnight EST, which is about in one week from now. We have 10 reports so far, mostly from Shochu members. Chisha doesn't have a single report listed.

Please read the RID 103 forum post for playing and reporting instructions:

If your report shouldn't get updated on the ITOD scoreboard within 48 hours, please try to contact me directly, as I won't have received your report then.

Don't forget that you can always post narratives in the appropriate thread on the RID forum.

3) Promotions

Joshua Mumishi has been promoted to the rank of a Captain.

Jalen Ramz has been promoted to the rank of a 1st Lieutenant.

Congratulations to both, and keep it up guys!

4) New members

We had quite an increase in membership recently. Shochu and Chisha now have 12 members each and Ninjin has 11 members now. Taking it from the top of the roster, I would like to welcome the following members who joined one of the 3 main Task Forces in the last two months:

Task Force Shochu has two new members, MGN Shane Long and BGN Steve Hawkins.

Task Force Ninjin had the biggest increase of new members, due to the fact that it had the lowest number of members after the recent AWOL check. Amongst the ranks of Ninjin are now, the RS FC FA Dave Trebonious-Astoris, the RS IO GEN Joshua Hawkins, MAJ James "Corsair" Folen and MAJ Jotheb Tahn.

Task Force Chisha has been joined by LJG Magnus Calgaris.

We also have 11 members in Usagi right now, so we can probably expect a few more members in the ranks of the 3 Task Forces soon.

All in all, a lot of folks to buy us 'old' RID members drinks. :) Welcome everyone and I hope you will enjoy your time in the RID!

5) Ninjin CO spot open for applications

Because of the increased number of RID members, I have asked the RID XO Anton to resign from the Ninjin CO spot and concentrate his time in his XO position. Therefore the Ninjin CO spot is now open for applications. Any graduated RID member may apply for the position.

As Task Force CO you would be expected to keep track of the RID activity of your TF members. Also, participation in RID activities and setting up TF specific events/features will be appreciated.

To apply please send me an email until the 31st March. Please state if and how much regularly you can be online, if you are able to play MP and use IRC. Also list your skills/abilities you think might be useful for this position.
You should be familiar with what is going on in the RID.

I will be looking forward to your applications.

6) RID members' fictional position in the SSF

To remind a few of you, and to explain it to our new members, the RID ITOD takes fictionally place in the Subterrel Sector where the RS has the Subterrel Strike Force (short SSF) which is fighting the Imperials who attacked the RS home planet Blerthmore in ITOD mission 101. The RID ITOD is also connected with the ITODs of VSG (XvT/XWA) and CD (BF2), which are all part of the SSF. A webpage is being prepared which will contain all essential info on this unified RS ITOD.

To provide a deeper fictional background for offical and members' narratives, we have come up with assigning RID members to certain fictional command positions of SSF ships. Please have a look on the current fictional SSF roster here:

Now you might be wondering why not all RID members are on the SSF roster. On the SSF roster are only those RID members who reported on RID ITOD mission 101 and/or 102 and who have RF or ABG as primary fleet.
It is quite reasonable that only RID members who participate in the RID ITOD missions will be placed on the SSF roster.
You need to decide where you want your fictional character to be (RID, VSG or PBF). The reason for this is that we want to keep continuity in the fictional world of the RS. If a RID member's interest is primarly in VSG or PBF, his/her RS character would fictionaly be a pilot in the SSF (VSG) or fighting in the Minor Cluster (PBF).

If you are not on the linked SSF roster, but you would like to be part of the fictional SSF ship officers, please send me an email stating so. Remember that you need to have at least one ITOD report on the scoreboards.

If you are on the SSF roster already, please remember that the data are not final yet. Depending on how many members will send a response to this, positions may be reassigned. Also please note that a time limitation will be made up for on how many missions you can miss before you will be removed from the SSF roster.

The way the positions are assigned depends on rank, merits standing and RID tour 1 missions played.

Thanks to the RS LO BGN David Vaughan, who set up this SSF roster, worked out a system determing which RID members are assigned to which positions and who is also currently maintaing this roster.
Thanks also to CPT Joak Drysso, who worked out initially which RID members can be part of the SSF roster.

That's it from me for now. Feel free to post any questions in the approriate thread for the topic of your question or by sending me an email.

CMDR Luren "DaLe" Ketan
Righteous Indignation Division CO


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