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ORW III Battle 7 Results and Standings

By FA Dave Trebonious-Astoris
Unit: The Rebel Squadrons
Narrative, Mar 24, 2007
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Greetings, fellow RS members.

Battle 7 of Outer Rim War 3: The Subterrel Conflict ended on Sunday the 18th. This battle was a direct showdown between the Rebel and Sith factions. Unfortunately, the Rebel faction was just barely edged out and defeated by the Sith faction. While disheartening, we still had hope to continue on to victory this week, but earlier today the Dark Brotherhood withdrew from ORW3, which effectively ends the Sith presence in the competition. Because of this withdrawal, ORW3 is essentially over. A more detailed end of competition NL will follow this one, which only deals with last week's Battle 7.

=Battle Results=-

The winning faction in Battle 7 was the Sith Faction at 789 points. The Rebel faction came in second with 772.5 points. The RS as a club managed to garner 423 points, well over the majority of the faction total. To see the results sheet, please visit the ORW3 "results" page. Fictionally, the Sith faction has captured the Ferso and Selaris systems from us. The Imperial faction was knocked out of the competition in last week's battle. The Sith now maintain a lead of 11 systems, the Rebel faction holding on with one system. To find these fictional results, please look at the ORW3 "maps" page.


Participation in the RS, and across the board, was down this week. With only two factions involved, the competition is much less lively. The RS member with the most matches played was Devara with 27. The player with the most total wins was Reb Jaxra with 15. Several RS players went undefeated, including Raven, Joshua Mumishi, David Pasiechnyk, and Dale. RS merits have been updated for participation, and Operational Development Pins have been awarded to all participants. In addition, the following members received the noted additional medals:

Reb Jaxra - 15/5 - Endor Victory Citation
Devara - 0/27 - Violet Cluster
Raven - 8/0 - Heroic Combat Citation
Whisper -0/3 - Valiance Combat Citation
HeavyD - 3/0 - Valiance Combat Citation
Agent Yoda - 3/0 - Valiance Combat Citation
DaLe - 1/0

-=Next Battle=-

As it turned out, Battle 7 ended up being our last battle of the Subterrel Conflict. Battle 8 would have been this weekend, March 24th and 25th. This means the competition ended somewhat awkwardly at a point where the Sith had 11 planetary systems in the Subterrel Sector and the Rebels had one remaining system. In the end of competition newsletter that is to follow, we will attempt to explain this situation fictionally. Stay tuned.

Dave Trebonious-Astoris
Fleet Commander

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FA Danny "David Lee Japan" Qatar - Sun Mar 25 2007, 9:38pm
So it's like playing an entire football game and kicking ass, but leaving the field with 2minutes left to just let the other team throw touchdowns and win?

Um, why not just ice it?
FA Dave Trebonious-Astoris - Mon Mar 26 2007, 8:09pm
Yes, it is pretty much like that, Cody. I believe the real reason that the DB withdrew was because they were more interested in their internal competition than an external competition like ORW3. Their official line is that they withdrew over a discrepancy in the scoring rules. The DB believes that the scoring rules were altered after the Imperials were knocked out of the battle to the effect that the win of one battle would be worth 3 planetary systems. This would have meant that when the DB won in Battle 7, the competition was over. However, the DB are quite incorrect about that, because the rules were never actually altered. Therefore they believed the competition was over while everybody else believed it was still on. Rather than fighting the issue, they just decided to pull out.
MAJ Joshua Mumishi - Tue Mar 27 2007, 7:40pm
So we tied. Sort of.

Really, my 2 questions are: 1) Who owns the Subterrel Sector, and 2) Who owns the pie?