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By LCL Alextravia Grentarii
Unit: The Rebel Squadrons
General Announcement, Apr 07, 2007
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If you're looking to subscribe to the Charybdis podcast, then all you need to do is point your Podcast catching software to this link. Then you can get every episode as soon as it comes out! The drawback? The podcast is not separated out into chapters. This isn't a big deal for the first couple episodes, because they weren't very long, but future episodes will be considerably longer. So, you may want to watch this page to see when new episodes come out if the chapters are more your thing. Up to you, really.

Secondly, we weren't clear enough last time when we said, "Email us to get involved!" What we now mean is, if you want to get involved click this link: Alextravia Grentarii. Then, put in some information. What is your character's name and age? What kind of person are they? In general, give us enough information so that the scriptwriters can accurately write your character into the story. We'll have an opportunity for you all to really explore your characters in the next episode, as well.

Cheers, all!

LCL Alextravia Grentarii


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