Rebel Squadrons

Death of the STC

By RA Harley Quinn
Unit: Redemption Fleet
General Announcement, Apr 23, 2007
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Members of the STC,

As much as it pains me to say this, and despite the best efforts of STC CO Kane, it has become apparent that it is time to call time of dearth on the Strategic and Tactical Command.

Kane has worked tirelessly to try and revive this once great unit, and it's demise is no reflection on his abilities, unfotunatley some things were just not meant to be.

With the release of Empire at War, Galactic Battlegrounds has fallen binto the bargin bin, in the process consigning the STC to a page in the History Offices files.

For his efforts, I have awarded Kane the final, last ever STC Medal of Honour. Wear it with pride Kane.

Once again, I thank you all for your support of a truely great game, and if you ever want a trip down memory lane, you know where to find me.

General Harley "Jester" Quinn
RS Operations Officer
Redemption Fleet CO


MGN Xtremegene - Mon Apr 23 2007, 6:35am
*tear drops*
Farewell to you, STC. I shall remember these old & long, thinking-people's games that were 'popular' oh so many years ago. EaW certainly continues the RTS tradition proudly.
BGN Talon Starblazer - Mon Apr 23 2007, 2:04pm
/Salute STC

Had many a fun time getting my tail kicked by Jester and Xtremegene. Sad to see this unit go away.
MGN Shane Long - Mon Apr 23 2007, 7:00pm
As a former CO of the STC I am sad to see this day come. I salute all those who served her through the years.
MAJ Joshua Mumishi - Mon Apr 23 2007, 7:11pm
I was about to ask to join STC, but now....
1LT BlackHawk - Mon Apr 23 2007, 9:20pm
I hope maybe one day, it might rise again...
FA Dave Trebonious-Astoris - Mon Apr 23 2007, 9:34pm
Much love to you, STC. RIP. ":)
MGN Gavin Phalon - Tue Apr 24 2007, 5:10pm
Rebellion will always hold a special place in my heart. I was so excited that I pre-ordered the dern thing before it came out... ah memories... RIP STC ":)
CDT Mike50 - Wed Apr 25 2007, 8:02am
i never knew this squad well or even at all but i respect it all the same
LJG Casper Gotak - Fri Apr 27 2007, 2:22pm
Im right with you!