Rebel Squadrons

PBF 7.09 Narrative

By FA Joshua Hawkins
Unit: The Rebel Squadrons
Fleet NL, Apr 30, 2007
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-=Main Bridge: Windstorm 44:4:1 =-

The image of the new captain of the Shadowblen, a recently acquired corellian corvette, is flickering on the screen in Josh's office. Making the last preparations and giving the clearance codes for their new journey. "Understood, Sir! It won't take us long to meet up with that convoy and help escort them. We are, however, a skeleton crew so it will make any battles difficult."

"I understand captain, and thank you. Just please do your best and send my regards to the Fleet Commander when you arrive. I'm sure he'll be pleased with his new acquisition." Josh smiles at the thought of seeing Dave's face when his convoy arrives loaded heavy with one more corvette.

"You still want me to ask for his surrender when we arrive?" The face of the captain looks very weary at this idea, wondering if Josh was drunk again.

"Yes captain, 'Per the orders of General Joshua Hawkins we demand your surrender!" will do nicely. Dave will either enjoy the joke or demote me, either way as long as you explain you were following orders, you will be safe. In which case, we'll all get a laugh out of it. Just explain to him how you came to be in our service, and all will be well Captain."

the captain blanches at the though of demanding the surrender of the Fleet commander, but realizes that it is a joke and he is following orders, he does find some pleasure in following through with this act."Aye sir! All station report ready, we're clear for hyperspace. Shadowblen out."

"May the Force be with you, Windstorm out." Josh closes the link to the communication and switches it to visual so he can watch the newly acquired corvette leave for Greeop and home. "I just hope we still have a home to return to. You're role as just a support vessel is larger than you know. You are going to help hold our home together." Josh closes the computer link and just stares blankly at a picture he has of his home, plotting the next course of action

-=Josh's office 44:4:5 12:30 =-

"Are you sure, Sir?" Josh looks up from the datapad with a quizzical look on his face.

"I am, this is something I have to do." FA Michael "MacMan" McEwen sits in front of Josh's desk his face is as emotionless as stone.

Josh stared at his friend, a man that he has shared a few battles with, someone with a wealth of advice and knowledge that he's come to respect and learn from. Now, a man who has seen his own share of battles both in the expanse of space, and behind the desk is deciding to leave the desk behind. "I suppose you could just make it an order and pull rank on me, if I was going to stop you that is. Still, I know you would never do that, and I would never stop you. If you feel that you must go, then I can't and won't stop you. Should you need anything from me, you have but to ask my friend."

Macman nods and starts to crack a smile on his facade, stands and salutes,"No my friend, I would not pull rank on you, but I am glad for your blessing. I depart in a few hours, I still have preparations to make. Permission to stand down as Second officer to the Patriot Battle Group, Sir?"

Josh Stands and salutes, lowering his arm to shake the hand of his friend. "Permission granted Admiral. Stand down as second officer and may the Force be with you. On a personal note, we'll miss you around here. Your wisdom has been beneficial to us all. You will always be welcome here Admiral."

"Thank you Josh, this is something I Must do I'm afraid." An admiral in an old uniform that is highly decorated and worn with age turns and walks out of the office for the last time. He stops before the door and slowly turns back to look at Josh, "This is for the best you know."

"I understand Mac, no one will stop you. Just stay safe please. We'll miss you until you return."

Mac nods and slowly walks out the door, leaving his friend and ship behind. Josh nods and slowly sits back down and stares at the datapad containing the new orders of his friend.

-= Briefing room: Windstorm 44:4:14 16:30 =-

"Ok pilots, our time of getting ambushed and attacked is over. Thanks to Gold Squadron and their operations they have successfully blinded the local imperials. Thanks to intel we have discovered the White Guard are no longer a pirate group, they have returned to the imperial fold. It seems their crimes were forgiven as the imperials needed supplies, people and ships. Which brings us to this mission." Josh taps a button and shuts the lights to dim and brings up the holographic display in the center of the room.

"Our encounter at Corva Yag a while back proved an interesting trip. We captured a corvette which should now be our Fleet Commander, and we learned where the White Guard's main shipping platforms are. You're mission is to destroy as much as you can and get out alive. We're sending the Prometheus in with an escort of A-Wings. A-Wing pilots, your job is to hit and fade. Destroy as many freighters, corvettes, or whatever else is there and get the heck out. Prometheus and the TIE pilots, you're job is to cover their retreat and take out what they could destroy. Be mindful! Once you start blowing up stuff they'll start sending in reinforcements. It won't be a complete turkey shoot." Josh hits a button and the lights come back on.


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