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RID CO resignation

By COL Luren "DaLe" Ketan
Unit: Redemption Fleet
General Announcement, Jun 02, 2007
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Greetings officers,

I am sorry for the lack of anything from me in RID issues in the last month. I orginally wanted to release a full NL with a nice fictional part, but as I just can't get to it more than one week, I would like at least to inform you shortly that I am going to resign from the Righteous Indignation Division CO position. The reason for my resignation is quite simple: time. As you might know, I took over as RS Training Officer recently and I intend to build up a RS Academy. This task will require a lot of time and efforts, so to be able to fully concentrate on the task and not get distracted I am leaving both my division CO spots.
I will stay in the RID CO spot until someone new gets appointed by the RF CO. Until then I will update merits/awards as needed and I will take care of the RID 105 mission reports until then. If you should be interested in what to do at the present time, please check out the RID forum. I will update news on ended and upcoming events there in the next few days.
I will stay around after I leave the CO spot, mainly to provide missions for the RID ITOD and to help as consultant if the new CO should need it.
I will also use my experience gained in the RID to help setting up post-graduate courses fro EaW and officer issues in the RSA.

Leaving the CO spot is not totally easy for me. I started as CO last summer, seeing the RID grow from a very unactive unit, to one of the most active RS units, with currently at least one new member joining a week.
As for the things I have done as CO, I would like to sum it up like that:
As biggest accomplishment I see that we have a working more or less regular ITOD for more than half a year now.
The thing I was to lame to get finalized, is a RID web. The new layout is ready and most textes are provided, but it will need now some finishing touches to get it completed. If Gizmo won't do this on his own initiative, the new CO will have to have a look into it.
And as the thing I think I could have done more for is Multiplayer. Athough we have a few active MP players, I believe that more of you would come out now and then if the opportunities would have been more interesting.

Last but not least, I would like to thank everyone for your interest in the RID and any activity you have taken part in. All my work was and is for you guys - to make your stay in the RID as much enjoyable as possible.

At this point I would like to thank 3 officers:

RA Michael Raven, thank you for leading the RS in inter-club competitions and for your interest in past and future RID activities.

COM Joshua Hawkins, thank you for implementing features like the RID ITOD scoreboard, merits and medals quickly when asked for.

MGN David Vaughan, thank you and the RS TacOps team on all your efforts with the unified ITOD.

Now that I won't be CO anymore doesn't mean you can forget about the RID. With the soon to be released 105 mission and the ongoing 1v1 campaign tourney there is still something to do. Just please give us some time for new activities until the new CO gets settled in.
I believe that the RID has the potential to become THE best or one of the best units on the whole internet for Empire at War. Don't forget that with every ITOD report or MP match report of yours you help the cause. :)

Well, and that's all from me. Check the RID forum in the next days if you want to stay informed on 'stuff'.

COL Luren "DaLe" Ketan


FA Dave Trebonious-Astoris - Mon Jun 04 2007, 5:30pm
Dale, you will be missed and your service will not go unrecognized. Thank you for all you did and for all you continue to do. ":)
1LT Benito45 - Wed Jun 13 2007, 10:03am
How to say more that Dave has already said ?

We'll miss you :'( ^^