Rebel Squadrons

PBF 7.10 Narrative

By FA Joshua Hawkins
Unit: The Rebel Squadrons
Fleet NL, Jun 18, 2007
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-= ISD Arcanus 44:4:16 =-
"What do you mean they destroyed our shipping platform?! How could did they know it was ours?" Admiral Rhyler Tavus was furious at the poor soul who had to tell him the news. Apparently word had finally gotten back to the Admiral that the PBF was no longer under a complete and watchful eye. "So it seems our infiltrator has failed. Our whole operation will be compromised if we're not careful. They will be looking for revenge now we must plan an attack quickly. Find out where they are move our forces in." Suddenly the poor Lieutenant got the hint, saluted and ran for his life away from the Admiral. With that the bridge crew became active and scurried around doing their jobs and following his orders.

-= Josh's office; Windstorm 44:4:22 =-

Josh is sitting at his desk reading over datacards and paperwork from the recent events, both with the PBF forces and with things back home in Greeop. Slowly sipping from a glass filled with a strange alcohol that his brother found for his birthday, Josh wonders just when we'll be able to return home.

"Let's see, we've found their shipping yards, so that will help. They'll probably be getting help from the Aurora sector, but that will take time to get here. So let's see if we can't make them blind now and take out one of their primary intelligence stations. It's about time those bastards pay." Shuffling more paperwork around he was distracted by the door alarm. "Come!"

"Eric Reagan reporting back for duty, Sir!" Eric snaps a salute and smiles seemingly glad to back on a ship. Josh stands and salutes back, "Welcome back Reags, nice to see you've returned to us safely." Josh sits and pulls out another glass from his desk and pours Eric a drink of this mysterious, but sweet tasting alcohol. "Careful with this, it has a kick. I don't know what it is, my brother gave it to me so I can only imagine it's both dangerous and illegal. It's damn good stuff though."

"So what have I missed since I was gone?" Eric takes the glass and sips carefully and smiles at it. "You've missed a lot I'm afraid. Greeop was attacked by some unknown assailants, and we were ambushed on our way to help. We lost a lot of good people and ships that day. The Republic shield almost fell. We have a feeling the folks here in the cluster are a splinter cell, not really affiliated with the others, but still helping out. Every time we tried to leave or do something we kept getting ambushed. Thanks to Gold squadron we found a spy on board, and have since started to plan our revenge. We're making plans now to strike at one of the intelligence stations they have around. All in all, it's been a grim time for us."

Eric just nods and slowly sips the drink taking it all in. "Let me get this right, we're up against a wall, the situation is grim, and there doesn't seem to be much hope? Seems like I never left. Oh, and before you ask, no I can't tell you what I did for the NRI. It's still classified." Josh hears this last bit and nods.

"As long as you're back that's all the matters. For now, let me show you what we know." Josh spins some datacards and paperwork around and begins to explain just what's going on at this moment.

-= Main briefing room: Windstorm 44:4:24 =-

"Let's settle down please. Our recent strike on the enemies shipping yards dealt them a serious blow. We know they will be getting support from the Aurora sector soon, so we'll have to strike fast. This next mission will be a strike against their primary intelligence platforms. Thanks to the suppliers at the New Republic, and a few IOUs, I've managed to procure a couple of B-Wings for this mission. So some of you will be flying Bwings, while others will be flying TIE Bombers. You're mission is a simple one. Revenge. If it's not ours, if it's not friendly, if it tries to shoot you. Return fire. The only catch is you make it back here in one piece. We'll be sending the Vespia, Hammer and Chains of Justice in to help you out. The McGrath ,Windstorm, and Prometheus are on standby if things get to difficult. I do not know what you will be expecting. We know there's a couple of corvettes there, but we also know reinforcements aren't far away. Not to mention, they've probably found out about their shipping yards by now and will most likely be looking to attack us. So we won't be hanging around long. I want you all to get in, destroy what you can, and get out. Soon as you all return I want all ships ready to jump into hyperspace on my command. I don't want to hang around and be tracked anymore. You will get your assignments when you reach the hanger. May the Force be with you!"


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