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RSA looking for Fiction CO and flight sims related staff

By COL Luren "DaLe" Ketan
Unit: The Rebel Squadrons
General Announcement, Jul 10, 2007
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Hello everyone!

The RS Academy has started its construction and we are currently looking for more officers to join our ranks.

The positions we are searching applicants for are:

*RSA Fiction CO

The Fiction CO and his/her staff will be asked to help with and supervise any fictional issues in the RSA, starting with setting up the fictional RSA background and assisting with course specific fictional backgrounds. Later on, the Fiction Departement will be asked to work out and set up courses to ease the introduction of RS members into the actual fictional events, as well as simple courses to help RS members improve their writing skills.

The two given specifics to RSA fiction are that the RSA is based on Tarsonis and the RSA is part of the RS and its timeline, with which the RS LO LGN Vaughan will be assisting.
Besides that, there is a big blank field for creative freedom.

The future RSA Fiction CO should:
- be able to work in a team
- be able to work on a complex project
- have no problems with spelling

Knowledge of the current RS fiction background is not needed, as the time can be taken to go through the current fiction related materials.

If you should be interested in helping us create a RSA fictional enviroment to improve the RS fiction experiences, please apply by sending me an email with a resume of past/current fiction related activities you might have.

*RSA Flight Sims TD Instructor

The Flight Sims TD CO CMDR Eric Reagan is looking for instructors for any of the four SW flight sims (XW, TF, XvT, XWA).
If you should be interested in setting up courses to help improve RS members flying skills, please apply to CMDR Reagan.
You should posses at least average playing skills for at least one of the flight sim games.

*RSA Mission Builder Instructor/s for XvT and XWA

The Mission Building TD CO COL Mathow Bizegar is looking for persons to work as instructor/s for mission building and teaching for XvT and/or XWA.
If you should be interested in assisting with the creation of missions for the Flight Sims TD and to help interested RS members become mission builders, please apply to COL Bizegar.
You should posses the ability to create a complete mission on your own for either XvT or XWA.

If you should have questions before applying, please have a look here for the RSA outline: ,
and contact me and the appropriate TD CO.

Please try to send your applications before 21st July, which should be enough time for seriously interested applicants.

We will be looking forward to your applications.

COL Luren "DaLe" Ketan
Rebel Squadrons Academy CO


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