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The Logistics Office Needs Planet Names

By COM David Vaughan
Unit: The Rebel Squadrons
General Announcement, Jul 18, 2007
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Anyone wanting a chance to have their ideas immortalised in RS history? Read on!

The Logistics Office has just recently completed a major mapping project for all historical battle locations in past ITODs and multiclub competitions (like the Minos Conflict and Outer Rim Wars). This means that very soon members will be able to peruse highly-detailed official maps of the territories fought over in the history of the RS, and also to better understand where and why current campaigns are occurring.

There is one thing missing from this though: names. Lots of them. We need many, many names for planets, stars, nebulae, even asteroid fields (not so many of the latter, but a hell of a lot for the first two, and even a not insignificant number of nebulae too).

Anyone looking for inspiration should feel free to refer to the XWA Backdrops article on the wiki that features many planet, star, nebula and other space anomaly objects from the game X-wing Alliance (screenshots taken by General Anton Nels).

The best ideas received will be established by the Logistics Office as official locations in RS history or future. All locations will soon receive their own entries on the RS wiki, including placements on the official RS maps.

Anyone interested in sharing their ideas can do so a number of different ways. Either post your suggestions as comments at the end of the news post, post replies to the forum thread, or email me directly at david at

Please don't hesitate to share your ideas, as I cannot overstate the sheer number of location names we need at the moment to make our records more complete. If you're a cadet, lieutenant or admiral --- please post your suggestions via one of the three options mentioned!


Lt. Gen. David Vaughan
Logistics Officer


GEN Chris Horn "Kicks" - Wed Jul 18 2007, 10:15am
Silva Tantus 4
Silva means - woods, forest
Tantus means so large, so great, of such a size
So a very large planet 5 times Earth size, with very large trees and thick forests.
Very large wildlife (dangerous),
Many oceans.
Can support life but No human life forms because of the wildlife
Good spot for game hunting but dangerous, Wookies like to travel here to hunt.
Neutral because of lack of life.
No military

Ferrarius Sano (Moon of Silva Tantus 4)

Ferrarius - Means of iron
Sano - means to heal
So A Moon of Iron with strange healing powers It is said that Bacta (or a similiar substance) might have been made from springs that popped up on the moons surface.

Small in size 1/10th Earth size.
Can sustain life but little grows here causing the population to have left.
Many ancestors still return when they or family are sick to perform strange rituals.
No Military, but many governments go hear to rob the healing springs.
Causes turmoil because of the strange healing powers which could make it a common hot spot in a war when opposing sides arrive at the same time for the spring water.

Caelum 2
Means sky, heaven
So i figured
Beautiful Green planet able to sustain life. Many Oceans.
Neutral in Diplomacy
3 times Earth size
No military to speak of
Peaceful population who thrive on the tourism, = beautiful resorts and recreation but very expensive
Common sanctuary of high officials from both Rebellion and Empire (causing termoil).
You want stuff like that?

COM David Vaughan - Wed Jul 18 2007, 10:51am
Hey there. ":)

Thank-you for those suggestions. I'm keeping record of all suggestions made.

You can be as detailed as you want with the information --- the most essential item I am looking for are names, so if someone presents me with ten names, or someone presents me with two highly-detailed named worlds, it's all good to me.

Again, thank-you for your input.

Anyone else who wishes to take part but doesn't want to come up with as detailed information, remember that I am primarily looking for names --- anything else is a bonus. :)


Lt. Gen. David Vaughan
Logistics Officer
GEN Chris Horn "Kicks" - Wed Jul 18 2007, 10:58am
Navitas Astrum (Navitas could be a new system name with this being its star)
navitas : energy, get up and go
astrum : star, constellation

Star for the system in which the other submitted planets and moons belong to (maybe)
5 times Earths sun, very old can be seen throught most of the universe.

COL Kane "Kid" Dev Redron - Tue Jul 24 2007, 9:43am
9)Old Metis (Old, Half Human, Half Indien (Or forest people))

Asteroid field



NDP(Non Defined Phenomenon)