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Redemption Fleet Newsletter, July '07.

By RA Harley Quinn
Unit: Redemption Fleet
Fleet NL, Jul 21, 2007
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Redemption Fleet Newsletter
Sunday, July 22nd, 2007

1. RF Command News
2. RID News
3. CD News
4. Zealot News.
5. Vanguard News
6. Miscellaneous Stuff.

Greetings, Members of the Redemption Fleet!
Another month has flown past, and it is once again time to see where the RF is at.

1.Fleet Command News

It is, with a deal of sadness that I announce the resignation of Reb Jaxra as Commando Division CO. Reb has been having RL time issues lately and these have forced his hand.

This means that the position of CD CO is now vacant and applications are now being taken. Anyone who feels they have what it takes to run the COmmando Division can apply through the jobs pages on the RS site.

2. RID News

It is my pleasure to announce LGN Cyrel Vandroth as the new RID CO. Many of you will know Cyrel as arguably one of our best EAW players and also has extensive command experience in the ABG. PLease make him feel welcome in his new position. He has already awarded merits and medals for RID105 and 106 shoudl be out shortly.

3. CD News.

As mentioned above, Maj Reb Jaxra has now stepped down as CDCO and applications are being sought for his replacement. 105 is complete and results should be out shortly, along with 106.

4. Zealot News.

Zealot is still trucking along. This month they are infiltrating an imperial shipyard in the hopes of stealing corvettes. Some of the ecclectic and somewhat eccentric personalities that make up Zealot have already presented some exceptionally amusing moments.
As usual, if you feel like joining this bunch of lovable nutjobs, please contact Cody or Abi.

5. Vanguard News.

Nothing new from Vanguard this month. Leaph is still actively recruiting for the RSPA. If you are interested, please contact him directly through the Starsider server.

6. Miscellaneous Stuff

If anyone has an idea for a new unit in the RF, something you feel others would enjoy as well, please feel free to email me ( any time!

General Harley "Jester" Quinn
RS Operations Officer
Redemption Fleet CO


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